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  1. jonnycooper29

    Sage DTP

    Payment received. I’ll do my absolute best to post tomorrow and will [email protected] updated! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. jonnycooper29

    Sage DTP

    Dealing with payment and other details now. I will of course provide any tracking information I receive[emoji3526] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. jonnycooper29

    Sage DTP

    If we say meet in the middle and do £160 including delivery? I’ve not sent anything this big before via courier, but I know the machines come well packaged beforehand so should be ok. I don’t however have the outer brown box it came in so it’s obviously quite clear what is inside the parcel, would this be ok? And I realised yesterday when going through everything that the single shot single wall basket is not in the box, but I know it is somewhere so will dig it out tonight. I was planning on sending it Parcelforce too.
  4. jonnycooper29

    Sage DTP

    @ronsil were you interested in this machine? Yes I am, for my son in law. Would you take £150 delivered? Because of a Forum software error currently Moderators are not able to participate in the for sale section. Everyone is aware of this fault & hopefully it is being worked on now Ron
  5. jonnycooper29

    Sage DTP

    Reducing the price to £150[emoji3526]
  6. jonnycooper29

    Sage DTP

    Forgot to mention that I’m open to offers[emoji16]
  7. jonnycooper29

    Sage DTP

    For sale is my first ever espresso machine, the Sage DTP! It has been fantastic over the last year, but I’ve now got a La Pavoni and can’t see myself using the DTP anymore.. It is in great condition, with only the cosmetic marks you would expect from a used machine. It’s always had filtered water through it and been descaled every 2 months. All original accessories are included plus a motta tamper. I have also customised the PF to be bottomless. I am looking for £170 plus postage (I have the original packaging), or collection in Bristol. From amazon so no transferable warranty I imagine. It’s literally just over a year old too so don’t know what that means for Sage warranty either.
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