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  1. I must say I'm a big fan of the mystery bag, I've had 8,9,10 probably over 20kgs by now! I've had 11.5 resting for a week and I really enjoyed my flat white this morning with it. I'm more than happy to keep it as my regular Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. Got the same parcel, great service indeed! Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. Ordered 2kgs, can't wait to try it Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. Sorry I'm late on this one...Happy Birthday MM!
  5. Sorry I'm late on this one...Happy Birthday MM! [emoji322][emoji512]
  6. Did mine as well a couple of months back, it's a bit of a faff as it doesn't go back in easy, think I was pulling my hair out for an hour or 2!
  7. cloughy

    Rave Coffee

    Hmm not sure [emoji848] will see if I can find out
  8. cloughy

    Rave Coffee

    Thanks for all the suggestions [emoji1303] have given 18/36 in 30 secs a go but still getting alot of smoky bitterness. Bought 2 bags as well to stock up for xmas but might see if I can send the other bag back as it's awful. Back to coffee compass.
  9. cloughy

    Rave Coffee

    Anyone had any problems with signature blend? Just opened a bag that has rested for 11 days and it's bordering on foul! It's so bitter and no matter what setting I have on my niche, I can't seem to improve things. Been using mystery 9 for the last couple months but thought I'd try rave again for a change. Have been aiming for 18/50g in 45-50 secs but just can't get a drinkable cup even with milk added 11 days rest enough? the mystery 9 was very forgiving and could use it after a few days if I was desperate Thanks
  10. cloughy

    Lelit Bianca

    As above, I bought mine from BB and the service was fantastic, first machine I wasn't happy with and they sent another out the next day. I was surprised they did that, many other companies wouldn't of.
  11. Freaking love this thing! my technique with the grind cup has now been honed so not making a mess anymore! I'm not great with taste differences normally but the step up from the SGP is enormous, the crema is alot thicker (same mystery 9 bean I'm using since making the grinder switch) and it's just a nicer tasting coffee. Didn't calibrate just dialled in straight out of the box. It's so much quieter than the SGP too. So pleased [emoji4]
  12. Finally a grinder to match the level of the Bianca [emoji4]
  13. Thanks, yep [emoji1303] the metal banding was a pain to get off!
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