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  1. Received the pressure gauge today, cheers RS Designer, adjusted down now. Just messaged LondonDynaslow to pass the baton.
  2. Hi, I'd love to borrow this some time. Only just heard of the OPV mod for the Classic. With me getting my first non manual grinder for Christmas, (Been on a Porlex for years. ) an old Cunill Colombia that needed some work. Thanks.
  3. Would love to get a loan of a pressure gauge to adjust my Gaggia Classic.
  4. First experience with TheCoffeLink and boy are they good. I do not often come to forums to write reviews though I had to make an exception here. Wonderful service and rock bottom prices 1x Cunill Grinder Blades 1540 SKU £19.50 £19.50 1x CUNILL ADJUSTMENT SPRING OLD STYLE - ORIGINAL 1055 SKU £1.95 £1.95 1x CUNILL ADJUSTMENT LOCKING PIN OLD STYLE - ORIGINAL 1053 SKU £3.95 £3.95 1x CUNILL ROUND GRINDER FOOT - ORIGINAL 1075 SKU £1.95 £1.95 Sub Total: £27.35 Tax & Shipping Shipping: £7.95 Discount: -£0.00 Tax: £5.88 Total: £35.31 I challenge anyone to find a new cheaper cunill burr set. NDD too.
  5. Wow. What can I say, some of the best service I have received anywhere/anytime. I purchased my first commercial grinder before Christmas of ebay, an old Cunill Colombia. (Otherwise branded as Space, Iberital MC5.) It was not in the best shape and needed a few parts to get it up and running, including new burrs. Looking around the burr sets were around £30. Looking at a few outlets like Happy Donkey, espressounderground and ebay. Long story short I contacted thecoffeelink yesterday morning trying to find out the specific parts I needed as I was not sure of the exact model I had. I received a reply almost immediately and proceed to have a back and forth, with Patricia at TCL sending me parts manual .pdfs and me sending photos of my machine. We got to the bottom of it and with my spares in the basket along with the brand new burrs, the total was still less than anywhere else for the burrs alone. Not sure if you guys are wise to TheCoffeeLink though I can not recommend them highly enough. Oh and I ordered at 5pm last night and my parcel came this morning. Amazing.
  6. Had to come back to say so glad I tried Compass. Seems I have saved the best big house till last. Probably just me, though with the likes of Rave, Hasbean e.t.c. all their blends have a sameyness to the taste. First noticed it with Starbucks years ago when I first started buying beans, the big houses coffees are very same tasting for me. I went for an Espresso selection and chose Hill and Vally, Sweet Bourbon and Brighton Lanes. All wonderful and up there with my old favourite Happy Donkey for a good honest Italian espresso along the lines of how it should taste. I.M.O. What stands out for me is even though each to me gives a good espresso tasting how I like, they all taste unique. Brilliant stuff. I went for a second Rave Coffee Espresso selection, the week before I went with the Compass one, and for example when my wife asks for a coffee, even though we have three Rave blends, it's either "Do me one of those Rave one's" or "I'll have a Hill n' Valley, Bourbon...e.t.c." Please do not change a thing Compass, top notch stuff. Looking forward to trying more.
  7. Consider this "cheeky" me, officially back to lurking until I deem elsewise. What a stupid attitude you have. You do realise the majority of traffic here will never post? And still many come here frequently to learn more of their passion, even get to know certain characters on here, the helpful, the knowledgeable, snobby and antagonistic. Carry on all. T'is a good forum.
  8. Actually once you see my posts after too much coffee you will probably understand why I mainly read forums and rarely post.
  9. Seems I should have said hi earlier with the response I got in a thread for daring to ask for a forum members discount code. No one said you had to have a certain post count for this code. Just because you aint singing at a football match does not mean you are not supporting.
  10. Yes been here learning under the radar for four years anything wrong with that? Wasup bitter that I am a longer standing member than yourself? I have tried Has bean, Rave, Happy Donkey, coming around to try Compass for the first time and why not ask for a coupon from the forum I frequent. Nice helpful post there, move along please if you have nothing positive to input. Still would like this discount code please. *Edit. Thank you for the code kind sir. Ordered a Coffee Compass Espresso Selection, chose Sweet Bourbon, Brighton Lanes, and Hill and Valley. Buzzin'
  11. Been a lurker here for a while and learnt a lot so decided to say finally say hi. Have a Gaggia classic and been using a Porlex Stainless Steel & Ceramic Hand grinder for a few years now, though awaiting delivery of my first electric grinder an old commercial Iberital De Recanvis like the MC5 it has the old square shape rather than round, pretty sure it will be the 60mm flat burrs. Got it off the ebay for fifty eight delivered, pretty good, really excited to get her all cleaned up and settled in. Fingers crossed the burrs are ok. Cheers all.
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