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  1. Thanks @Emmodd, safely received. I hope to do it next week but obviously I’ll keep hold of it until the next person wants it. Thanks to @Hedgehog1979 and others over the years who’ve previously bought and replaced the kit. 👍🏻
  2. Brill - cheers. I’ll be in touch one way or the other in the next week or two.
  3. Thanks @MartinB. Let me see where I get up to with these two and I’ll be in touch - how much does a shell cost these days?
  4. Thanks @HDAV. I’ll give it a good check when I start - I like the idea of not having the wobbly bottom but equally don’t want to lower the quality of the case - Gaggia seem to have been doing this for several years with the increase in plastic parts. When I took apart my 2004 right back to the parts, I was totally unable to open the boiler, even with huge T-handle hex screws, so I took the one from the 2011 and was able to open it easily to descale and replace the o ring. I might follow Daniel Witonski’s advice at some point with the original if I can find out what type of mallet he uses:
  5. Thanks @Abcan and @Agentb: I've clearly given away my lack of understanding with the different Gaggia models and while I can see why they changed it, I didn't realise that for subsequent updates they'd changed the (poor) design of the tabbed version connecting the side frame and bottom to a better one where the floor sits on the folded edges of the side. I'll have a look at the glue option mentioned in the thread @Agentb linked to, as that's the easiest, I'll see where pop rivets or spot welding take me if that doesn't work. I was given a long-disused Gaggia Classic from ~2011 recent
  6. Hi all. Does anyone have any ideas about the post above? Thanks so much!
  7. Apologies in advance if this has been covered before! I bought my Gaggia Classic a few year ago and continue to make mods on it. I had it in the car at some point and I think that caused the (slight) problem I have now. The bottom ‘plate’, the one with the circular hole in it for the boiler group head, is wobbly on the left-hand side. There seem to be some ‘tabs’ along the left and right-hand sides which attach to the side body of the Classic. The ones on the right are all fixed but the left-hand side aren’t collected to the slide and so the plate slopes and can be pushed
  8. Thanks Uncletits, I hadn’t seen this. I’ve DMed the current person as I haven’t got enough posts to write on that forum yet. Like many people, I suspect my pressure is far too high - it’ll be really interesting to see.
  9. Hello all, A long time lurker here put I haven’t posted before. Over Christmas I’ve literally pulled apart my 2004 Gaggia Classic to just the body and managed to put it together again. I couldn’t open the boiler even with T-handle hex keys but had a 2011 GC in my cellar that a neighbour donated to me years ago and that I’ve never done anything with and which came apart beautifully to descale. There’s a new stainless steel group head in there, shower screen and I’ll continue to use my bottomless portafilter The next jobs are the OPV and then getting the Aubins PID to work properly (it
  10. Hello everybody. I've been a lurker for a while but finally joined I thought I posted yesterday but it doesn't seem to have appeared. I've got a Gaggia Classic to which I've added the standard Rancio steam wand and I splurged on a Malkoenig grinder. I also got an Aubin PID sent from America which a friend installed for me after doing one of his own. The new thermostat is installed and the display seems accurately to measure the temperature. However, it only seems to measure the temperature, it doesn't seem to influence it - the kit looks installed correctly and I've fiddled
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