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  1. So, I put everything back to the original configuration, turned it on and crossed my fingers (and didn’t have the fuse on the boiler). It did heat up and after what seemed like an eternity the heating stopped. sSo, I reconnected the PID and repeated: the boiler kept heating on the steam setting until between 165 and 168 degrees with the residual heat taking it between 170 and 174 degrees - this seems very hot but based on what @AndyDClements says above, it doesn’t seem that unusual? The temperature flicked down and started heating again at about 114 degrees, then back up to ~170 degrees.
  2. Thanks @BenH and @Nightrider_1uk. I think I could keep on going forever with various parts. I wouldn't be surprised if it were the thermocouple as the wires are so fragile and need twisting so much. I will try to put everything back to normal and go from there. This feels like falling down a rabbit hole!
  3. Hello all. I’m sorry to resurrect this but despite everything that I’ve tried below, when switching the Gaggia to the steam setting, it still carries on overheating at which point I switch the machine off before the fuse breaks. I have previously installed an Auberins PID and left it in passive mode for quite a while, which just displayed the temperature on the display, but didn’t alter or affect either the brew or the steam temperature at all. For ages it worked fine. At Christmas I completely disassembled the machine, opened up the boiler and the solenoid for cleaning
  4. So, the final bit of information I can give! I now only have a problem with the steam temperature, the PID keeps the brew temperature at 105 degrees Celsius I've changed the steam thermostat for another which doesn't seem to have had a noticeable effect. The steam still seems to cycle from 127 degrees Celsius to 163 degrees Celsius, reaching a peak of about 170 degrees which is clearly too hot. This didn't happen before I pulled the machine apart so after getting confirmation from Auberins that the SSR and the PID device were wired correctly and bringing back the PID settings to factory
  5. So, the next instalment of the saga but I think I'm now getting close to a resolution. Auberins sent me the factory settings (why mine were so far out, I have no idea) and adding all of those seems to have stopped the boiler continually heating. However, as said elsewhere on this forum, they said that the PID doesn't affect the steam temp. On the steam setting, it now goes up to about 163 degrees Celsius when the heating stops (but goes up to a maximum temp of about 170 before starting to drop again) and cycles all the way down to 127c. From memory before I pulled my machine ap
  6. Yeah I seem to have snagged one of the white. Hadn't even thought of eBay and won't but it's clearly interesting that demand strips out supply by so much and for so long - I've just looked in horror at the first listing for Niche Grinder on the Bay being a white UK for £900 I can only think that they've literally got one factory and that's the limit of their production but like others say, in the grand scheme of things, scaling things up is one of the easier elements compared to the R&D, prototyping, etc.
  7. Hi all, I've had a Vario since 2014 but didn't really use it a lot until 2017 - it took me that long to get my coffee game going Still in great condition and used once a day. Today I ordered a Niche, so I'm very much looking forward to that. Does anyone have any ideas how much would be a fair price for selling it when the time comes? @mctaff, I saw your post from a year or two ago - did you sell yours in the end? Thank you!
  8. The Indiegogo website went pretty unresponsive from about 2.58pm. I managed to get on at about 3.12pm and managed to get a white one - I was pretty relieved, especially as at one stage it said there were 90 of them with 350 black. I've just checked (11.40pm) and everything has gone.
  9. Thanks @Rebel - have done. Thanks @Boomingfast - I've checked all of the wires carefully but I'll have another look in the morning - I'd thought there could be something in the PID box but it doesn't seem to be the case. I've also asked Auberins about the PID settings, from the 0001, 0036 and 0089 settings - if anyone can see anything obviously wrong, please do shout! It's definitely that the boiler seems to run independently of the PID on the steam setting - the PID doesn't seem to have control of it at all. 0001 Su 105
  10. Thanks @PACMAN - I hadn't seen that thread so it's helpful to know someone is having the same problems, even if I don't understand much of what's being discussed. I don't really need the steam heated to such a precise temperature - the factory settings are fine, so presumably I could leave the PID for the control of the water but take off the connections for the steam?
  11. Hello all, I've had another look at the inside of my machine and specifically anything to do with the steam thermostat. It seems on tightly enough but not too tightly. I've swapped it for another OEM steam thermostat which I've got from parts and that has the same effect. The two connectors coming off the thermostat: The double-wired one goes to the boiler next to it (the connector by the steam outlet valve) and also to the control panel, essentially number 10 position in the bottom right of the panel (the lower rocker of releasing the hot water switch) The single-wired o
  12. @DarkShadow should have it by today or at the latest tomorrow.
  13. I'd just add to this that what everyone is saying seems to be what I experienced as well. I gave my boiler a good dunk in Puly water as there'd clearly been a leak in it at some point. It tripped out the house three times in a week but seemingly came good about eight days later. Best of luck!
  14. Hello everyone! I've spent the last few weeks pulling apart my 2004 Gaggia. I've disassembled the boiler and descaled it, the same with the solenoid and other parts and also used the shell of a non-functioning 2011 unit I was given by a neighbour who had (shock horror!) transferred to a Nespresso. I've bought a stainless steel shower plate, added an improved shower screen, a silicone grouphead seal and today adjusted the OPV so that it gives 10 bars. Essentially this is what I had yesterday before I started putting everything back together and today everything is working pretty close to p
  15. I've just finished mine. As I think it's mentioned further up thread, it's a bit battered and leaks a bit of water inside the dial but it seems to function fine and just needs a bit of a shake after use - the hardest bit for me was detaching the double spout of the portafilter. Needless to say the OPV needed a fair amount of adjustment downwards. Getting the top of the OPV valve off wasn't too hard - I ordered the correct attachment weeks ago from Amazon weeks ago but it hasn't come. While I was stripping the machine for a major refurb I loosened it slightly and I think that made it possi
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