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  1. Hello Frank, thank you for your post and the information. I bought the set used and wrote the information that was given to me here in my sales post. Since these seem to be incorrect, as you write, I will now contact the seller who sold me the setup. Therefore the set is no longer for sale and I ask the mods to close the thread. Thank you!
  2. Hi Rhys and all CF-members, i also have a "Terranovered" Versalab M3 and it is absolutely no problem to dose the whole bean quantity at once. Not even with lighter roasts. As price I imagine for the hopper with cover 180 GBP, for the dosing system with slides and rings 230 GBP. Greetings Thorben
  3. Good evening, the doser and the hopper can also be purchased separately. Have a nice evening and many greetings Thorben
  4. Hello CF members, I would like to sell my Titus dosing tool for the Versalab M3 and the Titus Grinder. It can also be used with an EK43, but a different mounting plate must be purchased. The set includes the original Titus-Dosing Tool, including mouth-blown Titus-Hopper, the mounting plate, rings for adjusting the bean quantity and four chutes. Three stainless steel chutes are included, one chrome-plated, another matt and the third untreated (still with protective foil). The fourth slide is an original Versalab slide. All the necessary screws are located under the adhesive tape in the picture. Such a set costs new about 780 GBP/880 €, I have in mind 410 GBP/460 €. Many greetings Thorben
  5. It is now sold to a very sympathetic CF-User
  6. Good morning coffee friends, to speed up the sale, I'll reduce the price to 1700 GBP plus shipping. Many greetings Thorben
  7. Good morning, I have just written an e-mail to @goodq asking him to look into the thread and to confirm the sale. I bought the mill at a higher price, but to speed up the sale, I intentionally set the price lower. Many greetings Thorben
  8. Yes, the thread about the EK43 is very long and informative. Greetings, Thorben
  9. The beautiful EK43LE is still looking for a new home! Open to (sensible) offers!
  10. Hello coffee-lovers, I have a completely new set of LWW bean cellar (shorty version), asking EUR 275,00 plus shipping. The article location is Cologne, Germany. It is the "limited" version, i.e. with black anodized CNC machine! finished funnel, black wooden block and a brush (which was only included in this version also). Further information about the CNC-manufactured funnel: https://lynweber.com/for-the-want-of-a-nail/ Unpacked it should look like this: https://www.home-barista.com/forums/userpix/15785_2017-06-13-13_19-32-03_167.jpeg Everything is originally packed and has not yet been unpacked, here original photos from the set: I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, Many greetings Thorben
  11. Good morning, for sale is in our opinion the most beautiful version of the EK43 - a Mahlkönig EK43 Limited Edition. Only 222 of the EK43LE were built, all of them were sold out within a few days and are offered very rarely. We fulfilled a dream and bought the machine from "goodq" (https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?42884&p=569898#post569898). The many reports of experience on the Internet do not promise too much - the grind is great and the espresso or coffee tastes delicious. Unfortunately we underestimated the size of the mill, especially the height including the hopper. Unfortunately, we cannot place them sensibly in our kitchen with sloping roofs and therefore give them back with a heavy heart. The #211 for sale was only used in the normal household, is about 1.5 years young, was used little (about max. 20 kg beans) and was cleaned regularly. It is technically in a perfect condition and visually in a very good, used condition. Price is £1700. I would prefer to pick up the mill in Cologne, Germany, but shipping to european countries would also be possible in two packages (one for the hopper, one for the mill). I would then have to ask for the shipping costs individually. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Many greetings Thorben
  12. This one will fit, if you want to use it for single dosing: https://www.manufactum.de/marmeladentrichter-edelstahl-p1461780/?a=41418&h=1&s=marmeladentrichter
  13. Seems like the EG-2 is in developing: https://www.facebook.com/lynweberworkshops/
  14. We recently bought a Vetrano 2B EVO which works flawless, but it had seriously large gaps, which we reworked at home. But besides this problem, it really is a great machine.
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