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  1. Received the tamper and stand. Thanks @Gavin
  2. No issues, it was a fair game.
  3. Hi Kyle T, Thank you. I want that if still available. Regards, Semih
  4. Hi Gavin, would you accept £20 delivered?
  5. Sorry for late reply but I decided to wait bit more. I hope you sell your grinder, soon. Wishing you a very nice day.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Where is your location? Would it be possible to pick up?
  7. Hi Caffeinated_fiend, I would like to offer £110 delivered. Not sure if warranty is transferable. Any idea? Thanks, Semih
  8. Hi all, I am looking for so called adjustable 58mm "smart tamper". Its basically a bad copy of ONA coffee tamper. I added a photo below. If anyone has one who wants to get rid off please let me know. I could buy it from China but do not want to wait. Thanks, Semih
  9. Hi John, Would you please share any review for this machine? I searched the forum but got only your post. Machine sits on Gaggia classic and Rancilio Silvia place with Bezzera quality on top so look good to me.
  10. Thanks for sharing but it looks to good to be true..
  11. Thanks AndyJH. I will be silently waiting my turn. If anyone pulls out the offer please let me know.
  12. Hi AndyJH! My offer of £250 (and I’ll collect it as soon as we tie the deal) is still there if no one else offers more! Semih
  13. Hi, would you please let us know the price?
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