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  1. Receipt I do as it was an Amazon purchase. Warranty wise I've no clue to be honest, I know it's 5 years but no mention of transferable or not.
  2. Good afternoon everyone, Having had a rather large shift in life since the Pandemic I've found the year old Moccamaster not getting much use and SWMBO has advised my coffee gear is taking up too much room. It's in very good condition and comes with it's original box.
  3. I had a preview of what was going to be 11 about 4 weeks ago, can't confirm if it's the beans they ended up with but the ?11 was a lot nicer than 10. It's was heavily in the roasted section of the taste wheel, mild smoke taste with a roast aftertaste.
  4. Is anyone else consider purchasing one of these when they finally get relseased on the 1st of Febuary? Finding I have less and less time between little ones, working on the house and work to get a quick cup of coffee done, so very much tempted by one of these. Reviews of the Breville named ones seem very positive.
  5. Tried it in the v60 this evening and it's pushes it further into the burnt tobacco maybe a little smokey taste region for me. It weird how that would sound unappealing to my old coffee self, but it's definetlythe region of taste that I prefer now. It reminds me a little of a good USofA cup of joe from a diner while we travelled West Coast USA.
  6. I'm pushing it trying to get 16g in the Sage DTP.
  7. Just the though of espresso forced me to make one! Roasted on the 11th. 15g in, 35g our, 30 seconds. Side note I really dislike the Sage 54mm filter, much rather be able to push 18-20g of benas. The grind smelt largely of almond/marzipan. The espresso came out with a nutty/coca flavour, can't really brake it down any more taste wise. Will try again in a day or two, might make a pourover this afternoon or an americano to see how it changes. I don't think there' a better value bean than the MC thought.
  8. I'll give mine a try this afteroon, I found 8 to be nicer in pour over than espresso, 9 was a bit hit and miss in both. Will make an espresso after lunch with it. I don't have milk or alternatives anymore so can't comment on the milk versions, although I did try some barista milk on 8 and it made a lovely drink.
  9. I meant to try the MC10 now it's been sat a few more days, but I'm struggling with my Brazillian beans from CC. By struggling I mean, I can't move away from them! The Brazil Fazenda Passeio Icatú Natural Proces is really to my taste, nice burnt/tobacco taste finishing with a plum like taste. The Black Friday Brazillian beans where somethig else, probably the nicest I've had in a long time. Sadly when I had to rush away from home I had 250g left and had to ask the wife to freeze them. She popped them in an empty HasBean bag and froze them, on using them they've lost a lot of the taste I've found. I'm definetly a massive fan of CC, I think it's mostly down to my liking a darker roast with less delicate taste.
  10. Had my order arrive last night, the Brazilian coffee I had was roasted on the 7th so all good to go and use, the 10 was too fresh.....well not too fresh for a quick espresso. Bloody lovely far nicer than the 9 in espresso form.
  11. 01. dfk 02. dfk 03. lake_m 04. Asgross 05. Steveholt - Ceado E37, backed first 50 Niche 06. Nopapercup 07. Jaffro 08. Haz_pro - Brasilia Rossi RR45 - Backed first 50 09. MatBat 10. Dayks 11. TonyCoffeeNewbie 12. MalcolmH 13. MediumRoastSteam 14. Syenitic 15. PPapa (Santos 4, Feldgrind, first 20) 16. 322 17. Russ 18. Gary G 19. Kilo 20. Rhys 21. pj.walczak 22. Djhep 23. donblacc 24. thenag 25. drawntowin 26. Rytopa 27. GeoffS 28. Deejaysuave 29. AliG 30. Rob666 31. jlarkin 32. markant -HG-1-first 50 33. davidbondy 34. Nuggy 35. oop north (I was number 3 ) 36. Kevj 37. BaggaZee 38. PineappleMonkey 39. eddie57 40. MWJB 41. Timmyjj21 42. Apatche64 ( first lot) 43. Ninelives (I was number 100) 44. mines_abeer 45. ATZ 46. Chocky - (I went for a black one!) 47. Norvin 48. Phil104 49. salty (midnight black) 50. LukeT (white, somewhere in the first 50) 51. GingerBen (Black one) 52. db8000 53. martinierius 54. aoxomoxoa 55. brabzzz 56. soxley 57. Dormouse - black 58. Jon_Foster 59. AndyJH 60. iulianato - Black version 61. JayMac 62. Kennyboy993 - Black 63. Tohenk2 - Black version 64. burmanm 65. Stevebee - Black version 66. Kyle T 67. olivier - Black version 68. headgoboomboom 69. ClaretPeter 70. Gatty 71. Deeez Nuuutz 72. Oblivion 73. Jameszee 74. RoA19 75. Stevie-Heathie (black model) 76. Teejay 77. dan1502 - black model (for work) 78. richwade80 - black 79. Cloughy - black version 80. Moots - Black version 81. jonners 82. Paul K - Black Model 83. FuzzyFeltDeath - Black model
  12. I'll join in this celebration. Sadly, I'll have all of three of four hours to use it before I'm away for a few days. Good things come to those who wait and all.
  14. :good: Off to refresh Indiegogo constantly until bed time.
  15. SPAM Has your indiegogo status changed, as I've nowt on DPD or that. Enjoy thought!
  16. After them updating us without asking, installing hope in us all, I'm planning a march towards HQ. Wondering if making effigy's would be going too far
  17. Anyone had a status update to locked today? After teasing us 1136-1202 contributors here I am refreshing my Indiegogo and nothings changing! I'm even down to a hand grinder only now ready for Zero day!
  18. Update 43 If your contribution ID is between 1136 and 1202, can we ask you to give it one final check as we will be locking them in on Monday. We have been shipping out grinders everyday this week and we plan to do the same thing next week. We really appreciate all of your patience and your grinders will be with you very soon.
  19. Out of interest when did the black become avaliable to order?
  20. Hmmm my black is still stuck on Contribution Placed indiegogo status. Order number is below 525 and being Black I expexted to be one of the first on the black bandwagon.
  21. Contribution Placed on my black one, and I thought I was fairly quick to order a black one. My order is low 500's, and I know over 500 have been built, just no indication of how many black and where in the black allocation I sit.
  22. I'm not far from Chester and work there. With the impending arrival of the Niche my trusty Wilfa Svart will be available if you'd rather buy second hand and see it in person? Sadly as far as I'm aware there are no real good coffee beans for sale in Chester, I've heard the shop in the centre is rather expensive and nothing to write home about, so as people have suggested on-line seems to work better.
  23. Am I correct in thinking contribution ID isn't the same as order position? I'm in the 1160's. I would also imagine us that went for the black ones would have a different place in line as they came later?
  24. My free bag of Tanzania Blue Mountain arrived via Yodel this morning. Only tried it via espresso so far, and to be honest it made a really nice double for a mid morning hit.
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