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  1. I'll be back communiting from next week if you're still interested? I'm due in Costco for a tyre change on the wifes car at somepoint in the next week or so and can pass the posthouse roundabout most work days with ease.
  2. Quick update SiL can't drop item off due to COVID rules and being an NHS worker.
  3. If you'd meet me at £130 I would sell for that, as I'm working from home now due to COVID I have my sister-in-law who works in Chester who would be able to drop it off if I give her some fuel money!
  4. Having purchased my wife some tea from CoffeeCompass a few times I thought I'd buy some of the Assam, it's quickly become my go to when I fancy a good strong cup of tea first thing. I like a Lapsang Souchong but find I can only drink one on the odd occassion.
  5. Sold in For Sale forum last week.
  6. Ok, will contact you via PM now.
  7. Sure can will PM a paypal address and get them out later today.
  8. All gone, thank you for looking. Roasting dates in picture, most 01/06 In order of coffee in picture, 347g - 351g - 374g - 278g Free apart from postage cost. I would say max of two bags per person due to ease of postage. 1kg 1st = £3.70 2nd = £3.10
  9. No, I belive it's mainly down to how 'wet' the mahogany and dark mahogany beans are in the first few weeks. They've been well dried before putting back in place but they still have the minor surface rust. To be honest I've not tried to polish etc to remove the rust as it's never been much of an issue and doesn't seem to have developed when using a lighter roast.
  10. Well spotted! It was back in place on going into the box
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