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  1. I also made a wildcard blend out of all of the odd priming grammes which somehow came out at exactly the same weight as all of the A-E cups – down to the .1g. It was surprisingly nice. Would've been happy to get it as a blend from a roaster. I suspect I must've looked quite suspicious to any nosey neighbours who might have seen me trying to divide the sachets worth of third wave powder on a plate with a knife. I only wanted to make up half of the 3.8 litres.
  2. Well that was interesting. Completely confirmed my pre-existing preference for type D. It stood out miles ahead of the others from first opening the bag and grinding through to tasting. Surprised C wasn't a bit more punchy but I guess that's the difference between process so again good to have that comparison. E was just god awful but interesting to think how it does compare to some takeaway places. I wasn't getting anywhere near the bloom he had or the need to clear or sweep or whatever it was called. Would that be the grind being too course maybe? E was the only one which really bloome
  3. Yes please. I’d not heard of you before but your site and offering looks interesting so will be good to try – and Whitstable is great. 👍
  4. Thanks, it’s nice of you to offer but there’s no need to sort anything out - the beans should still be fine
  5. I second this. Can’t actually remember buying mine but have had it for years now and am always surprised how good it is. Fairly cheap too. I got a glass lid for it too for using as a slow cooker though I’ve not used it so much as a slow cooker, takes too long. The reduction in cooking time with a pressure cooker is nuts. Works well as a steamer too.
  6. Got mine, the packaging isn’t sealed properly and beans can fall out. I think I’d read somewhere that @Black Cat Coffee were using some new packaging so might be worth double-checking it’s sealing ok. Not tried the coffee yet but it smells nice.
  7. Really liked this one. Good to find one outside of my usual African preferences – I'll keep an eye out for Costa Ricans in the future and see if there's similarities with this one that I like. I found a lot of different notes in this at different stages, all completely off by the looks of it. I could get where the meaty comments were coming from, it sounds horrible in a coffee but wasn't, maybe just not the best way of describing it. For one morning only I'm sure the whole beans were smelling of liquorice, not just aniseed but a warmer, sweeter liquorice. Quite often I was getting the so
  8. I had exactly the same issue a month ago. Got mine in the first group buy so maybe a month ahead of you on the issue. I found the info around what needed to happen and when you had to change filters a bit confusing. Basically mine had become very slow at filtering, taking about 15-20 mins to replace 1 glass out. The lights flashed like yours on one occasion, I wasn’t sure what that meant so reset it and it seemed to carry on without flashing again for another month. They started flashing for a second time and the chat bot / manual suggested changing the carbon filter first. I was rel
  9. Not sure if you have to or not but Osmio have a video on their channel about how to empty it if you’re going away for 3-4 days. I guess you don’t want water sitting in anything for 10 days really.
  10. Sly

    Decaf Beans

    I've currently got a bag of decaf beans from Origin has been pretty good but it doesn't look like they have it now. Is called Liza something but was a lot more expensive than the James Gourmet one mentioned above. I'll definitely try that one out next time I'm ordering decaf. Oh and agree about the rave decaf – I've tried both the Colombia sugarcane decaf and whatever the seasonal decaf was and both were pretty underwhelming.
  11. 1. ZBK2. EricC3.Mark 704.hhgclark5.SDM6. ratty7. filthynines8. Jackabb9. AmandaH10. Marcros11. Salty12. Sly13. 21. 22. 23. 24.
  12. Sly

    Robusta - Any good

    Most of the Nespresso blends use robusta too. Yeah, I quite liked Taylor Street too. Their flat whites were always good and they usually had a cheaper, decent filter on the go. They had quite a casual feel vs all the corporate stuff around them. Annoyingly I had loads of full stamp cards with them when they closed up. Their last minute crowd funding attempt as they knew they were going under was pretty shitty though. I guess it was a desperate move. It didn't sound like some of the staff were big fans of black sheep either... https://london.eater.com/2019/8/29
  13. I can completely get what people are saying about tea, but maybe in the kind've astringent mouthfeel of it as well as the taste, though I'm not getting the long after taste with it. I've been brewing it as an aeropress. Is there any guidance on how to get the best from this one?
  14. There was definitely one on eBay over the last few weeks wanting £500 as a 'buy it now' price. It looked like a very standard example of a second hand machine and in no way pristine. There's none on there at those sort of prices now so in that sense prices seem to be coming down again.
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