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  1. My old code is not working, please could I be sent the new code? Thanks
  2. That is good to know, I need to descale mine after it’s six month break.
  3. Thank you, I’m trying the suggestion in the Beans forum to try Decadent Decaf bundle first then some of the other ones too. Thanks for the warm greetings and help.
  4. As I’m now on decaf too, I’ll check out the different suggested roasts. I decided to try Decadent Coffee bundle first as a change from the individual packs I normally get from a Coffee Compass (their parent company).
  5. Hi, the coupon I’ve been using the past few years no longer works. Please could someone message me the new code please? I’ve been away in Australia for work the past 6 months and need to order more coffee now that I’m back, and I like their decaf beans now that I’m having to drink decaf. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I’ve been lurking a few years on here and thought I should register. I’ve been using an old Gaggia Classic with a Rancilio Silva steam wand for the past 7 years along with a Porlex Tall Grinder. I moved over to decaf a few years ago for medical reasons and am always looking for good tasting decaf beans. I’ve mainly been using Coffee Compass, but am willing to try others.
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