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  1. That’s my early morning espresso, wasn’t bad at all and very easy to dial in. 👍☕️ Bought from local tk Max just before lockdown, they seems to have a good selection of coffee beans.
  2. 2.5 years with Duo Temp Pro and Smart Grinder, no problems to date and I enjoy coffee every day ☕️ Today was the perfect time in current weather 🌧 to descale the machine, proper procedure everything, now ready for more coffees 👍 The stuff I use found works best for me.
  3. Last purchase from Tesco of costa beans were horrible old and stale, I had to return them. Then went to m&S and bought from their own beans, Colombian arabica and Italian espresso both fresh and tasty, good price too. 👍
  4. Hi, you can try costa beans if you like lavazza these may be to your taste, I do enjoy them a lot, also Slumber jack Italian espresso or full swing are good beans if you can source them from somewhere. 👍☕️
  5. Hi, all great tips how to. I can also recommend to get some food grade silicon grease like this one FilterLogic CFL650 Silicone Grease/Lubricant 10g Tube for Coffee/Espresso Machine Seals gaskets portafilter https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078S86H3F/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_NcuOEbXHVZQKJ And apply some on the plastic tube and the new rubber seal, it will keep it in place and also acts as added sealant. It seems like hard water has caused some water leak over the pump and probably damaged the coil inside. Regards
  6. Hello coffee friends, I apologise if I had offended anyone, never mean to, I did only shared my personal thoughts and experience. Sage machines are designed exactly to deliver best possible experience for both new and experienced coffee lovers, all useful tips you share here applies to all brands coffee machines, that actually was my point of comment, been a sage machine does not require using a fresher beans that if you make coffee with la marzocco or Rancilio. “The sage makes great coffee when you get it right, but it's an annoying beast who will undermine you until you suddenly
  7. Hi guys, thanks for sharing your tips, there are helpful but I think you have some observations wrong. Sage coffee machines are absolutely great in making a home espresso. They heat up super quickly, keep their temperature constant and are very easy to operate, clean and maintain. The only negative I can think for the entry level sage like bambino or DTP is that they are not really suitable for making more drinks at one go, but they are not supposed to. Sage are appliances type coffee makers that are the best in their class. Gaggia classic it’s a machine and is even capable of making a co
  8. Either way this machine is the best in its class even for the full price. Gaggia may be better but only if you going into pro part of the espresso making, otherwise for day to day home use the dtp is a way better coffee maker, easier to clean, to feel with water, easier on the temp, it’s just more user friendly, personnel preferences shared, no offence towards Gaggia guys, I also like classic but found dtp more suitable for one or two espresso per day.
  9. Hi, both set ups has theirs plus and minus but the end results will be very similar. Either way you go you won’t be disappointed, sage coffee equipment is the best of the appliance type on the market. , anything above takes you to the pro world of coffee and anything below takes you back to the very bottom of the line. The beans are most important thing when making a coffee. I am a dtp and sgp user since two years and don’t see any reason for change or upgrade. Regards ☕️?
  10. Good coffee corner, well done. What grinder did you order? This on the picture is just fine for using it with double wall baskets but you get a lots of fake crema, but still better coffee than instant one. Regards
  11. Hi, If you use double wall baskets even with finer grinds the result will be same, a lots of foam like crema, but the taste will be better. Fine grinds, fresh beans in single wall basket and you can get pretty good espresso with this machine. Regards
  12. Hi, If you use double wall double basket this foam will always form, if you use double wall single basket is less foamy but less body too, less coffee obviously, I don’t know why happens no matter the grinds size, fine or coarse. I have many delonghi ecp machines that use double wall baskets and they produce much better fake crema on top. If you want a proper espresso with dtp you need a good beans and a grinder that can grind fine enough for espresso. Regards
  13. Hi, yes Puly doesn’t work with Sage dtp very well if at all. A good descaler I found that works great is Oust all purpose sachets, if the pump is dead you can replace it with new one, these are most popular pumps ULKA EP5, Ebay sellers got them for a good price. Only things that may worry me with sage are the electronics, if sage can’t supply, only option is used one from broken for spares machine. Hopefully it’s just a descaling issue. Good luck
  14. Ops, forgot to mention you need to turn to the right to undo it, opposite to the normal nut. Size is 10mm . Also you will need to go through the grind settings up and down while you cleaning, like this you get most of the grinds residue. There are some YouTube videos about opening sgp maybe good to see them before you try again, just to familiarise yourself with the machine . Regards
  15. Tonino


    Sage recommended using heir own brand, and they had told me not to use vinegar anymore, they use to recommend it in the past but not anymore. I have tried many brands and found that the Oust all purpose descaler works the best. I also use some Caffiza pils for the group head, and take the screen out and clean it properly, doing that every two months and using Brita jug filtered water, two and half year so far so good. Regards
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