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  1. The names you mentioned are machines and the Sage is a company that make appliances , that’s the major difference but price is also different, right. I never looked to spend more than what I did for my set up, ( Sage duo temp pro and sgp), now more than a year I am so happy with them that I don’t even think of changing them at all until they are dead. You can look at sgp on YouTube there are very informative videos, Whole latte love and Seattle coffee gear are both very good channels to watch. Sgp imo can grind perfectly fine for an espresso shot , I can’t compare with higher level prosumer machines, but for a home barista on a budget it’s a win win.
  2. Sage own grinders are also good for espresso and if you are drinking one or two coffees a day SGP will suit you well, best user friendly grinder on a budget, wide range of settings too. With a good grinder and good beans even Delonghi or Krups or Saeco Poemia will pull a great shots. Smart Grinder Pro is a kind of a base from where you need to look upwards if you really want to get real espresso experience, anything less won’t get you anywhere.
  3. Hi, you can see bottom part of the wand tiny peace you need to unscrew this, you can use set of pliers but wrap around a cloth to prevent damage to the wand. Once you remove and clean it purge it without attachment than screw back in by hand only. Regards
  4. Thanks a lot, I will give them a try. Now have a bag of Bird and Wild espresso blend and I like it, it’s different from my regular espresso but it’s ok, did try their seasonal blend but it’s too flowery for me.
  5. Plus 1 for removing the water filter and using bottled water or Brita jug, I just got rid of my filter and somehow espresso tastes better even the beans are week old since first opened the bag. I will descale monthly just to be on a safe side, water is super hard in my area.
  6. Tonino

    Which black?

    My preference would be stainless steel but if I have to get a black one I would go for matt colour, will match my tamper mat at least:)
  7. Hi Guys, any recommendations for beans from Redber or any other roasters suitable for espresso (lungo) on its own , I like a chocolate taste, full bodied with thick golden Crema and medium roast preferably. I Did try from Rave starter pack but didn’t like them, maybe bad badge was sent, now I like to try from a different place. Anything that taste similar to Lavazza rossa or super Crema would suit me perfectly fine. I usually never drink coffee outside home and can’t compare the taste of the big chains or artisans coffees, latest are on the list to do things when out and about. Thanks in advance. ☕️
  8. With respect to all, just personal opinion. Rave coffee for example was the worst beans I ever tried. Despite been labelled as roasted few days ago, and I waited another few days I had never manage to get drinkable espresso, where lavazza Rosa bought from local Tesco always make a great cup. I know many don’t like lavazza , maybe there is a reason but , lavazza has more than 100 years of experience doing coffee beans, they have technology and know how better than anyone else in the business, so they know how to preserve the beans so once you open the pack it’s pretty much like from your local roaster., and that is my point, anything else it’s down to personal taste. No argument, just sharing my thoughts, you guys have a lot more experience than me.
  9. If you are buying from supermarkets best beans to try for espresso are Lavazza Rosa, or Super Crema. They both produced lovely golden crema and full bodied espresso shots with nice chocolate taste. One of my favourite beans, and they are fresher than many “freshly roasted “ beans.
  10. I am doing 15g in and 54g out all that for 29 seconds including 10 sec pre infusion. Drinking as espresso on its own taste really good, and it’s not too strong. For latte and cappuccino I use 10g ground Lavazza decaf and pressurised single basket, time around 25sec probably 45g coffee, add some steamed milk and taste absolutely amazing. Cheers
  11. Yeap, that’s what I am after ☕️
  12. You are welcome ☕️
  13. Down to personal preferences the red Lavazza for me are the best beans on the market for its price. I only buy small 250g bags and use them within a week time. They are always fresh, Lavazza knows how to make them and when you open the bag they are same as freshly roasted, many ppl will disagree here but that’s my experience. Taste is typical Italian espresso, chocolate flavour, caramel, just the right taste and a lots of crema. Here how I use my set up: SGP settings: Grind size: 12 time: 13.6 sec for around 14-15 grams into single wall double basket on Duo temp pro Some adjustments may need it after the 4th day 14sec and size down to 11 ect Extraction ratio 1:4, that’s how I like it, I do double shots around 60ml and takes around 28-30sec, crema colour is golden brown- nocciola, smells so nice that my neighbors always make a compliment when they are walking past
  14. For the parts only electronics are the one that worries me, the rest of the parts are similar to all other espresso machines and widely available online and repair shops. That machines are now well aged so should have some spares or repairs one for sale on the web. Hopefully no need than but never know, my one it’s on the second year of warranty but even after that time I am planning to run it till I can, suits me well and no need to upgrade, coffee is great.
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