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  1. My experience is slightly different here. I reduced the dose according to the beans blends. Some darker roasts or the one that have more robusta in than I like I do 15-16 gr and espresso tastes fine. For better beans or older ones 17-18 gr in dtp works really well for me. My last beans challenge: 16gr in 40gr out for around 30 seconds. Espresso is good ☕️?
  2. Hi, if you have IKEA store near by, you can pop up and look around they have really good selection of cups and likely you may find something suitable. I am using some of theirs for flat whites and lattes , happy so far. The taller one doesn’t fit under the Portafilter but you can brew espresso in smaller cup and add after to your desired drink, they are also good for iced coffee. 200ml of water in both to get an idea how big they are. Regards
  3. Well buying another sage with built in grinder will not be a real upgrade. Better just buy another grinder, I am not a specialist and can’t recommend, but soon people will help you. I am using dtp with their smart grinder and very happy but I am not deep diving so much in the coffee art so pretty good for me. If I need another grinder I may get Eureka Mignon Specialita , there is an offer for £379 at the moment , over the budget but I like it a lot.
  4. Hi and welcome to the coffee game. I can understand you very well as Lavazza Rossa were my favourite beans for decade, however since this summer the quality of beans has worsened to the point that I stopped buying them and don’t even want to see them anymore.. Now I talk old Rossa and recent Rossa - rubbish one. Lavazza seems like are doing something dodgy because even their pods aren’t good as they use to be . The nearest beans to old Lavazza Rossa you will find are Costa Mocha Italia beans from supermarkets, Tesco sells them now for £2.50 a bag of 200gr. They are really good for Italian style espresso, and they are not dark at all, also Rossa is not dark, all those are medium but no dark. Lavazza Super Crema is dark. If you like Rossa do not buy 100% arabica like Oro or Espresso in The black bag, they will disappoint you well. I can recommend you a beans which are my favourite now, also can recommend them to the coffee masters here because they are freshly roasted in Ireland and are from a small specialty coffee company called: Slumberjack - Italian Espresso , they also have some other blends and singles. You can buy online at amazon/eBay or visit a TK max stores but they don’t stock them all the time. These are superior blend coffee beans. Here some pictures of them and the coffee I had.
  5. You can still use the delonghi grinder but make sure you are using it only with pressurised baskets, those with one hole on the back. Like that you won’t get best of your DTP machine but can still drink a tasty espresso as long as your beans are fresh and freshly ground.
  6. Tonino

    Supermarket Beans

    Buying from supermarkets, TK max stores have really good selection of imported beans from around the globe. You can find exotic Italian, not the most famous, Spanish, German, French, even from across the pond. There are some examples from a small coffee shops and roasters, I had once from Ireland “ Slumber Jack “ espresso blend, very tasty coffee. There are pre ground too for the ppl without grinders. Worth looking at it. Regards
  7. I always run some hot water through it after steaming milk and wipe it with a damp cloth, never gets dirt or get blocked. ☕️
  8. Hi, the best entry level machine in the real espresso world is Sage duo Temp Pro, you can even get a new one for around 250£ while on offers and it’s a way better than anything within the price range, those smeg and similar are just a delonghi from £100 in expensive case , nothing more. Gaggia classic pro the latest version also very good, but only at offer price similar to sage dtp otherwise not worth it £400. Sage dtp what makes it best in class is the speed that heats up, the temperature stability, ease of use and cleaning, professional steam wand and the all accessories that comes together plus a relatively small footprint. Negative side: small drip tray and not so great for continuing use for making more than few drinks at a time, you may need something better, more powerful. Important is to have a good grinder too, or if you plan to use pre ground coffee you may just save your money and buy smaller plastic delonghi, saeco, gaggia etc with pressurised basket. Just my taught. Good luck
  9. Tonino


    If you don’t have a grinder don’t buy non pressurised basket, the results will be even worse. You may need to change the coffee itself instead. Maybe buy some from local cafe shop just ask them to give you 100-200g pre ground to try their blend same as what they sell there. With non pressurised basket variables you change are weight and most important grind size, so obviously the grinder is the most. Get a grinder highly recommended, even just a sage one you still gonna get there, without one you are not doing anything. I started with saeco poemia, wanted better experience, bought a grinder first and after some time got a sage machine, very happy ever since. Good luck
  10. Tonino


    Hi, you can order one and it will fit no worries. Don’t need to tell sage that you are using the machine with non pressurised basket in case of warranty repairs, never be 100% honest with them exactly how they are with us, just tell them what they want to hear. You need a good grinder and beans so you can make a proper espresso with your machine. Good luck
  11. Hi, I think you did just fine. It’s not necessary to move forward unless something goes wrong with the set up. For a personal(family) use Sage machines are good enough to serve you many years, as most of other cheap like delonghi or gaggia, saeco, krups etc entry levels , however Sage is the Best in that class. Some other names like suggested here might get you a more professional and more deeper details about espresso world but it depends if you really need that. Any Sage product bought on discounted price is a real deal. Either way you cancel or keep you order, maybe you need to get separate machine and grinder , that’s all. Machine itself is capable to produce really good espresso, let’s said you decide to keep it and after a some times you want to deep dive into the caffeine world then all you need is an advance grinder. So you keep your barista express and buy a separate grinder but you can still use the build in grinder for a decaf beans or family member prefer lighter roasts for example, or perhaps you may never need to upgrade.
  12. Well the Barista integrated grinder is absolutely fine for espresso, however if you want to grind for french press or drip better buy Sage Duo Temp Pro and SGP or Mignion or Baratza, whatever suits you and within the price range. Sage machines are good, only trouble is finding parts but this should not be a reason to stay away from them when buying new with 2 years guarantee or more depending where you buying from. When I was looking for a espresso machine I was in doubt between both and decided to buy separately, no regret so far. The beans are everything not the machine.
  13. Just get the Sage Barista and you will be fine, for home espresso it’s great.
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