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  1. Hi, you can try those beans too: Beanpress - Strada Blend - Modern Italian Espresso - Medium/Dark Roast Coffee - 340g Whole Bean https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07PM5DFQ8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_K01lDb05B4818 they are my favourite now, really tasty as espresso or with milk too. They might be out of stock but keep an eye once they have them back you can give them a try, highly recommend them.
  2. Hi, you can try Italian coffee beans like lavazza illy, Gimoka, you can buy from supermarkets or from amazon, sometimes you can just walk to your local costa or Nero and grab a bag of their own beans , I actually like costa a lot. Other option is tk max they have some beans, I like to buy from them Bird and Wild’ espresso blend, or just try whatever you like.
  3. Hey you can use double walled basket for when you have no access to proper grinder and you will get much better results, a lots of fake crema but taste and body will get closer to the real thing. I never touch the Minion grinder but it’s on my list for a future purchase if I ever need to change my equipment, but I am sure you gonna love it . Regards
  4. Hi, amazon and eBay filters are different from the one he describes and you will need to buy a filter holder separately to make those old type filters fit, maybe just use Brita filtered water or bottled mineral water . For discaling Sage May force you to use their own powder but you will be fine with Puly or anything else that it’s not harmful for stainless steel. Portafilter it’s normal to be tight when new, don’t worry. Great choice for set up btw. Regards
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