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  1. Good choice, All the best ☕️👌
  2. Hi, the best entry level machine in the real espresso world is Sage duo Temp Pro, you can even get a new one for around 250£ while on offers and it’s a way better than anything within the price range, those smeg and similar are just a delonghi from £100 in expensive case , nothing more. Gaggia classic pro the latest version also very good, but only at offer price similar to sage dtp otherwise not worth it £400. Sage dtp what makes it best in class is the speed that heats up, the temperature stability, ease of use and cleaning, professional steam wand and the all accessories that comes together plus a relatively small footprint. Negative side: small drip tray and not so great for continuing use for making more than few drinks at a time, you may need something better, more powerful. Important is to have a good grinder too, or if you plan to use pre ground coffee you may just save your money and buy smaller plastic delonghi, saeco, gaggia etc with pressurised basket. Just my taught. Good luck
  3. Tonino


    If you don’t have a grinder don’t buy non pressurised basket, the results will be even worse. You may need to change the coffee itself instead. Maybe buy some from local cafe shop just ask them to give you 100-200g pre ground to try their blend same as what they sell there. With non pressurised basket variables you change are weight and most important grind size, so obviously the grinder is the most. Get a grinder highly recommended, even just a sage one you still gonna get there, without one you are not doing anything. I started with saeco poemia, wanted better experience, bought a grinder first and after some time got a sage machine, very happy ever since. Good luck
  4. Tonino


    Hi, you can order one and it will fit no worries. Don’t need to tell sage that you are using the machine with non pressurised basket in case of warranty repairs, never be 100% honest with them exactly how they are with us, just tell them what they want to hear. You need a good grinder and beans so you can make a proper espresso with your machine. Good luck
  5. Hi, I think you did just fine. It’s not necessary to move forward unless something goes wrong with the set up. For a personal(family) use Sage machines are good enough to serve you many years, as most of other cheap like delonghi or gaggia, saeco, krups etc entry levels , however Sage is the Best in that class. Some other names like suggested here might get you a more professional and more deeper details about espresso world but it depends if you really need that. Any Sage product bought on discounted price is a real deal. Either way you cancel or keep you order, maybe you need to get separate machine and grinder , that’s all. Machine itself is capable to produce really good espresso, let’s said you decide to keep it and after a some times you want to deep dive into the caffeine world then all you need is an advance grinder. So you keep your barista express and buy a separate grinder but you can still use the build in grinder for a decaf beans or family member prefer lighter roasts for example, or perhaps you may never need to upgrade.
  6. Well the Barista integrated grinder is absolutely fine for espresso, however if you want to grind for french press or drip better buy Sage Duo Temp Pro and SGP or Mignion or Baratza, whatever suits you and within the price range. Sage machines are good, only trouble is finding parts but this should not be a reason to stay away from them when buying new with 2 years guarantee or more depending where you buying from. When I was looking for a espresso machine I was in doubt between both and decided to buy separately, no regret so far. The beans are everything not the machine.
  7. Just get the Sage Barista and you will be fine, for home espresso it’s great.
  8. Hi, sage has stainless steel thermocoil boiler and plastic tubes for low and high pressure, depends of the model there are some brass valves and switches too, I am not aware if there are any aluminium parts that water gets contact with but even if there are I would not be worry too much. There are so many appliances and cutlery in use everywhere made from aluminium, don’t think if it’s so dangerous it would have been completely banned from use by now, or maybe I am wrong, other opinions will be interesting. Regards
  9. Yes, a good point I have missed that, thank you for correcting. Romanian model pre 2015. So comes to 4 main models and now only two variants available to buy as new : £200 made in China and £400 Pro version made in Italy.
  10. Hi, there are basically 3 different models to separate them: pre 2015 made in Italy, 2015-2018 made in China and those are one to avoid, than 2019 model called also a Pro which is build in Italy and has all the futures that classic is known for plus probably better quality overall. I don’t know the model numbers but you can google it and plenty of info, best way to differentiate them is by the look of the front panel and the 3 buttons on it. Price wise when new the Chinese version is around £200 and the Italian 2019 Pro is around £400. Gaggia classic is really great machine but I can recommend you to look at Sage Duo Temp Pro as a straight forward competitor, plus if you get it on offer you can buy and grinder as well all in £400 or less , perfect for starter kit. Regards
  11. Yeah, it’s directly connected to the boiler (coil) , and scale builds up can cause a trouble for sure. I am not 100% in my case that scale has cause me some trouble, I have been doing all the cleaning and descaling as per the instructions plus using only filtered water from Brita Jug, recently been ok but if I do more than two drinks gets stiff again. No leaks or anything else. I will use it like that until something stops working, than will send to them for repair. I suspect there may need some silicon lubricant somewhere and everything will be as great as new or even better.
  12. Slumber Jack Italian espresso beans from Ireland , my latest try and I like it. Bought a bag from TK max , no roast on date but long BB date. Beans look very good , fresh smell and taste great. Recommended.👍
  13. Hi, 60ml it’s not 60g, it’s more like 47-50g, I measured many times. That is what I usually like but from slightly less grounds 15-17g into the cup around 47-50g or 60ml of espresso all for around 28sec +-2, using same machine. All these numbers does not matter much as long as you like the drink that you have at the end. Cheers
  14. Hi, yes steaming a milk after a shot than the machine it’s auto purging, than you try to pull another shot and takes longer , seems like there is no enough water or pressure. That is happening few times to me and I think it’s down to descaling. What happens exactly to me was pulling a shot fine, than trying to steam a milk and steam not coming out, just waiting few seconds and nothing. I had to run a bit of hot water through the wand first than steam was ok. After few descaling process everything back to normal. I can suggest you try something: Pull a shot , steam milk, than run some hot water through the wand for 5 sec before you pull your next shot and see if any better. For descaler if you are using a Puly descaling powder may not be strong enough, I was using them for a while and than I did try the good old OUST Sachets , works best. Also don’t forget to remove and clean the shower too. Good luck
  15. Hi, 18g of coffee is too much for the dtp basket to begin with. Try lowering the dose and see how it goes. Also every time your change the grind settings on sgp you have to adjust the time too, think about grind settings between 10-14 depending on the beans and I will highly recommend you to change them. Single origin beans will not produce a perfect espresso as a cup on its own. You can try more suitable blend, I can recommend you a Costa beans or lavazza super crema or Rossa, or maybe Kimbo prestige just for reference and to play with the machines. Once you find your sweet spot than you can adjust up or down but don’t jump too large in the scale. The sgp it’s not precise grinder at all but small adjustments matter. From your experience I can suspect an issue with the beans more than anything else. Good luck
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