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  1. So had this happen to me today, oddly enough though after a descale it just won't build pressure properly. Same beans and settings as pre explosion but doesn't manage to get to into the espresso range then just drops right down as it pours. Im all for cracking it open and fixing it but no idea what could possibly need replacing at this point. Any ideas?
  2. Evening all, got our sage barista express yesterday and its a great piece of kit. However mine and my partners skills are lacking to say the least. I spent a good few hours fiddling around trying shot after shot and milk after milk. In the past 24 hours I've gone through a whole bag of beans! I'm pulling a drinkable shot only about 60% of the time, I'm either not tamping enough or tamping too much which I'm sure will come with time. Milk i am borderline hopeless on and just can't seem to get the paint like look. Not that milk will be for me as I drink espresso or americanos. I did also get lucky earlier as when i changed to the new bag of beans I knocked the grind size up and dose amount down and got a perfect 18g and ideal coarseness. Basically I want to take myself and my other half down to a little barista training course in town (Nottingham). Where would you all recommend as I am aware of quite a few places offering them but not sure which'll be best.
  3. Not quite the postie but my beloved DPD man bought me this today, how nice of him! 3 shots attempted so far, 2 unsucessful first was over pulled and was very bitter, 2nd was under done and came out very sour. Fluked my matest one and it came out miles better than my nespresso I upgraded from.
  4. Appreciate that I will stick to cleaning it every 2/3 weeks then. I'll either use waitrose essentials water as we shop with ocado anyway or tap water. We have owned the same kettle for nearly two years and there isnt a drop of limescale in it but will still descale every six months either way.
  5. Yeah I have and aeropress and v60 up till now for my filter side of things so understand the importance of fresh coffee. I placed an order in for this months dog and hat sub but luckily for me I live in nottingham so have access to some greater roasters (Cartwheel, outpost and 200 degrees) so will be popping into town today to pick up some beans from them. I had already found a few videos of people pulling with the Sage BE so have a vague idea. I need to try and get the machines dose setting working as best i can so i can play around with it for each bean to get it close enough to perfect, as my other half is already complaining her morning coffee will take longer to make let alone making her get the scales out everytime. How often do you descale/ use one of those cleaning tablets in it? Im actually chuffed with the bargain i got, 270 for a manufacturer refurb model with 1 year warranty I can't complain at that
  6. I have ordered myself a BE this evening, price was too good to pass up on and my other half refuses to let me buy a machine and separate grinder. It's arriving Wednesday. Do you have any tips etc? it is my first time ever using an actually machine as we have upgraded from a nespresso.
  7. where is collection from?
  8. Doubtful but may as well register my interest in case it miraculously falls through twice I’ll take it. Could also potentiall collect depending on location.
  9. Now Im gonna have to try both this weekend! had a couple of brews now from my aeropress with the 200 degrees beans and its the best coffee I've ever had at home. Think I need to tweak tho and make my grind a lil finer.
  10. CalumY

    Rave flash sale

    Thanks for posting this btw, got my first brewers today so ordered up a started pack to get me some variety and I can try and find my preferred flavours.
  11. I've never heard of or seen cartwheel, will need to give a try this weekend I think. Thanks
  12. Yeah once I know what im doing Ill defo be getting some from outpost. V60 still waiting on my gooseneck and filters, not sure why they didnt come with todays order so this evening shall be playing with the aeropress. Going to try 2 min cool down on kettle, then 2 min steep time with a fairly fine grind.
  13. I do much prefer the coffee form outpost (only ever had in) but 200 degrees being closer and it’s liekly the whole bag will be used expirementing and working out how to use the Brewers seems a waste as it’s not the cheapest. That and I don’t have time to go all the way into town so just picked up some 200 degrees for now. One thing I am struggling to find is what grind setting I need to use on my mini for both aero and v60 and help?
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