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  1. Update: So as mentioned I bought the bodum bistro burr grinder (as it was on offer for £35 from Ocado). This on it's own, with the supplied pressurised filter, made a big difference to the quality of my coffees. I also bought and modified a non-pressurised basket and the shapeways 3d printed part for the grinder to get a finer grind. Both worked really well and the grinder can now easily go fine enough for the new basket (i'm still fine tuning but somewhere around the 3rd notch is feeling about right) and the quality of my coffees have improved a lot again. This is easily where I wanted to get to, with what was actually a much smaller outlay than I was expecting (granted i got lucky with the half price grinder). No doubt after a while I might want to dial it up again, but for now I'm super happy so thanks a lot everyone for your help! edit: also worth saying, the mod for the bodum was very simple to fit, literally took 30 seconds, though it looked like it was probably possible/easy to put it on the wrong way round, not sure if/how that would've affected how it worked, but worth being careful with that, but pretty simple if you're aware
  2. Thanks for your help everyone! So I've managed to find that Bodum grinder for £35 on Ocado (https://www.ocado.com/webshop/product/Bodum-Bistro-10903294UK-Electric-Coffee-Grinder-Red/94561011?from=search&tags=%7C20000&param=bodum+grinder&parentContainer=SEARCHbodum+grinder) and also bought the 3d-printed mod. Seems like it's a decent first point of call, and at that price no huge loss if/when i eventually upgrade. I've also bought the basket recommended here, will report back once I have everything in place!
  3. That's really interesting - I was aware that the pressurised filter was something of a compromise but wasn't aware that was something I could change. Would this be the right thing? a quick google threw up many many options! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Replacement-Portafilter-Basket-Espresso-Machines/dp/B073RC6BX1/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1521823692&sr=1-1&keywords=La+Pavoni+basket+51mm My fridge has a water tap which has a filter - would that be sufficient or should I be going bottled?
  4. So I have an integrated whirlpool machine (ACE010) that came with my flat and I figured it would be a good opportunity to get into making decent coffee. I knew I needed a decent grinder to get anywhere but I've ended up in a google wormhole which has led me here at 1am. I don't want to spend much more than £150, less ideally and I'm not obsessive about coffee so something that will get passable results will suffice. What i cant figure out is what is too little money to be worth even bothering with but also what is too good/expensive to be worth using with my (I think quite limited) machine.
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