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  1. You could try Orphan Espresso (you pay postage but the sterling-dollar rate is good currently) or, of course, eBay - if not the UK site, then eBay.it
  2. IT security researcher/educator, recently retired and now keeping house for my composer wife
  3. I have not had this on my own machine - mine went up to about 1.3 bar at one time (not recommended). I think it would probably not be a thermostat in any case, although it might have been fitted with a pressurestat somewhere along the way (from your description it is similar to mine, about 25 years old). I must say that the pressure gauge is a very useful addition; you might also want to put temperature strips on the group to watch how hot it gets and how effective your cooling measures are. Congratulations on an excellent choice of machine. Whatever happens in the future, you'll never be bored.
  4. Recently retired but for my last year I used a Europiccola with a Porlex to grind for it. It was certainly a conversation piece. I would tell people that if it was good enough for James Bond it was good enough for me
  5. I will have to do this from memory as I got rid of the Evolution a long time ago. I think there are a couple of nuts that can be undone with Allen keys, dropping off the group head. I don't remember any further but it wasn't complicated beyond that IIRC. I think the whole assembly ws a bit lime a Classic but without the 3 way solenoid so a Classic owner should be able to help you further. The best advice I can give with the benefit of hindsight is to upgrade as soon as you can.
  6. Coffeechap - Londinium 1, Cremina, faemina, caravel, lapavonis, elktra microcasa, VA athena DavidBondy - Londinium 1 Systemic Kid - LI - Arrarex Caravel drude - Londinium I* dfk - Arrarex Caravel and if the bloke from Gumtree answers back, the possibly a La PAv aaronb - Londinium I Jollybean - Arrarex Caravel Heligan - Londinium I TonyW - Londinium I Coastal coffee - gaggia factory 106 dogday38 - gaggia factory 105 Taxiboy- La Pavoni europiccola Soll - Bezzera Strega ( Feeling a tad intimidated with all these L1's around) NickR - Londinium I Geordie Boy - Bezzera Strega Chris Wilson - La Pavoni Europiccola tribs - Quickmill Veloce Prototype Orangertange- L1 and La Pavoni aFiercePancake - Arrarex Caravel (Type I), 1970 Olympia Cremina 67, 1979 Olympia Club VTG - Gaggia Achille iroko-Londinium I GVDub - Londinium I, Arrarex Caravel (Type 1.1), Arrarex Caravel (Type 1.2), Zerowatt Caravel Ursula jonners - 1972 Olympia Cremina Delfi -La Pavoni Europiccola MarkyP - Londinium I eurorocket - Londinium L1 sjenner - Londinium L1 Hazza - Elektra Microcasa Suferick - Europiccola (pre-Millennium)
  7. Had an Oscar for 18 months or so, thoroughly recommend it. If any UK dealer offered it there would be a larger user base.
  8. Yes, that's what I use currently for want of anything better
  9. Fascinating thread. As a home brewer I would not pasteurise my beer (which has, of course, been boiled before fermentation, and proper hygiene will prevent any problems) and as a cheesemaker I am still looking for a good source of unhomogenised milk, raw or not. Can you ever see the high-end cafes offering a raw milk cappuccino?
  10. Jailbreak is really an espresso blend, so might be a bit acidic for moka. I would recommend Rave's Signature blend. the other week I ran out and had to get some stopgap Lavazza - cue loud complaints from my wife about the inferior taste (even through milk and sweetener).
  11. Roughly 4.5 grams per 'cup' capacity, grind 2 notches coarser than espresso on the Porlex or 2 macro clicks coarser than espresso on the Vario. Use cold water, not knowing when water vapour will start to rise and start capturing the aroma, but on a low to mid heat on my electric hob. When the coffee starts to come through, turn hob down to the lowest setting; when (or, using your skill and judgement, just before) the 'rush' starts, turn the hob off leaving the pot on it. This is what works for me and produces a superb short, strong, aromatic, non-burnt cup of coffee. I need to dilute it for my wife who prefers a longer drink. YMMV
  12. I had one for a while. You need to find some way of preheating it or your shots will tend to be sour, and you will get better crema if you overfill it. Subject to these precautions, you could get some decent espresso out of it. Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk 2
  13. And it will fit the Classic just fine. Now you have to decide: flat or curved? Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk 2
  14. suferick


    I always pull by weight rather than volume - you never know how much crema there will be
  15. Cooling flush? There's nothing to it on my Oscar. As I grind the shot I flush into the cup, warming it and cooling the brew water. After locking in the portafilter, empty the cup and pull the shot. As a part of your normal routine it becomes second nature. Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk 2
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