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  1. @zp16 sounds good to me Will we move to pm to arrange payment and collection?
  2. I can appreciate if the offer is too low and @zp16 wants to pass. But the (hopefully not too cheeky) offer still stands. I am mostly interested in the grinder, but I know you are not allowed to ask to split in these forums, so I am happy to offer a little extra for the pair.
  3. Hi, would you accept £215 for them? I live near Edinburgh so collection is no problem
  4. Thanks for all the replies! @RoA19 how have you found the espresso quality since getting the machine home? I would say you have definitely snapped up a bargain!
  5. I am definitely not tech savvy when it comes to coffee machines, but I am confident it will be sturdy enough that I can't do too much damage having a poke around. As for checking the machine out for the first time, are there any tell tale signs that I should be looking out for? So far I would just be checking to make sure it doesn't leak! Thanks again!
  6. Hi, I've been looking into buying a Piccino, but could someone please advise on how easy (or more likely difficult) these machines are to clean and maintain? So far from reading, there is no difinitive answer on how to descale Fracino machines, other than sending them back to manufacturer. And as a complete novice, how do I properly look at a second hand machine before buying to see that it has been properly cleaned and cared for? Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks @ashcroc, I'm still new to this and working out the forums @kyoczek, I live not far from edinburgh. Would I be able to arrange a visit and see the machine working before buying?
  8. I am guessing that I'm probably 3 months too late... but is this still for sale?
  9. To answer all questions so far: It would definitely be used for milk based drinks mostly, although I do enjoy an espresso after dinner so a good extraction is important. I have based my searches so far around the £400 - £500 mark, looking at single group machines with good steam capabilities. It would be for my kitchen so space saving would be good, something around the size of the Rancilio Silvia would be ideal. Shamefully, I have not done a lot of research on grinders yet, but from reading I see that it is an equally important piece of kit for coffee quality.
  10. Hi, I have been looking into machines and I really like the look of the Rancilio Silvia. It seems robust while capable of producing good espresso and a decent microfoam - I enjoy practicing latte art although I am still terrible at it! My only concern is around the single boiler and having to surf temperatures when making coffee's. If i have a few friends round and need to make 4 - 6 coffee's, is this going to be overly taxing on the machine? And will temperature surfing turn this into a 30 minute nightmare of trying to produce good coffee? Would I be better suited to something like the Fracino Piccino? Cheers
  11. Hi! I've been a barrista for a little over a year now, so know how to make a half decent coffee from work. But I am looking to get a machine that is going to allow me to do this from home. After a little bit of research, I realise that this is not as simple (or as cost effective) as it seems! All the same I am hooked and know I will get my money's worth in the long run...... the question now is which machine is right for me?!
  12. Excellent post for putting things into perspective! Thanks
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