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  1. deal. I might even be able to come pick it up tonight if you're available?
  2. Hey Cloughy, how's it going? I'd like to make an offer for £175 for the "without" option. Please let me know if you're happy with this offer, and I can come and collect from you this weekend (probably Sunday). Ps. The Super Jolly you sold me a few months ago is treating me well! Thanks
  3. Hi. I'm sure it can. Just a bit of faff lol Fortunately nothing to worry about here!
  4. Yes, I can confirm that. He also carry a around a coffee mug on his person at all times.
  5. Just picked it up, all seems to be good (Y). Thanks!
  6. Yup, thank you for the advice. Bad bearings seems to be the main red flag, but i'll keep an ear open
  7. I'm sure it'll be fine. I've PM'd you to sort out a time etc. I'll give the machine a quick inspection when i come over to collect, if you don't mind. Thanks Banjoman
  8. Provided everything is in good condition, the fact it's 12 years old shouldn't be an issue provided it wasn't used as a commercial grinder. Do you or @coffeechap happen to know it's history?
  9. I think there is a way to find out through the serial number, I'm sure someone here can help. Happy to move to PM, just for the forum rules, I'll take it at asking price.
  10. Hi Cloughy, Very interested in this grinder. Just a couple of questions if that's alright. 1. How old is it please? 2. Apart form the scuff on the back and top left, are there any other scratches or cracks? I live in Reading as well, so I can come pick it up this weekend. Thanks
  11. 10 for effort. In fairness, you did have an "L" plate in front of the machine xD To be honest, I draw like a 3 year lol.
  12. Thanks Before reading around, I never realised how important the grinder was. I always thought it was all about the machine itself. How silly!
  13. Very nice. An office full of caffeine addicts by the looks of things haha
  14. "Jealous" doesn't quite cut it . Congrats, enjoy your set up!
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