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  1. Morning all, looking to buy some beans from Coffee Compass, ideally Hill & Valley and Gusto. Can someone kind enough send me the discount code please. Much appreciated
  2. Plenty of suppliers on the net Lawman. As for repairing I quote Boris Johnson "you can't polish a t**d"
  3. Hi joey, will try and sort one out this w/end
  4. I know what you mean joey, I for one do not wish to strip my machine down again in the foreseeable future. A real PITA
  5. Is yours red at the moment?
  6. Thanks Syenitic. Just a Gaggia TS with a lot of TLC
  7. Many thanks ashroc, much appreciated
  8. Thanks joey, wouldn't say it was the fastest refurb. Took it out of service August 2017 and did nothing with it until Easter holidays when I stripped it down. Then took the panels to be sand blasted and powder coated which were completed beginning of May and I assembled everything last weekend
  9. Many thanks Mildred, I'm happy with it
  10. The grind needs some adjustment but it is tasting better
  11. My set up Restored my TS over the last few months. Build thread in the Gaggia forum
  12. I know Chiang, when it was on the island the OH said 'it's not staying there is it?'
  13. Possibly Stanic, but I do have a fair sized kitchen as well
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