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  1. It lasted 30 seconds. It tasted a bit sour if i am honest
  2. Many thanks for your advice thus far! So, i dont have the 0.1g scales yet, but I weighed it today. #11 grind @16 seconds yielded 20g of grounds post tamp. the brew came out at 6 seconds and weighed 74g.
  3. Ok, I have scales. Do I grind then measure in the handle jobberydoofer? obviously only the coffee grinds minus the weight of the filter?
  4. Thank you for the replies! I first tried has-been El Salvador finca washed bourbon... And now Raw bean mexican finca aurora. The dose size was set by the machine itself. I started at 14 as the machine says and actually gone down to 4 on the grind scale that was probably the worst tasting one! [h=1][/h]
  5. Hi there, today I have been trying to get a decent cup of coffee from my machine. i have gone through two bags of fresh coffee, whilst experimenting. I reckon i have had two cups out of the two bags. Ive followed the instruction on screen, grind level etc tamping all that stuff, but they either fill the cup no crema or a measly amount. Some that look just right that are so sour its undrinkable. I have got the extraction to 9 seconds but still, it is vile! Any help offered would be appreciated!
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