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  1. Yep, thanks I'm like more than 3 days without coffee. I just had a tea cup for this weekend. My colon is calm, just little stings .. but promising to recover. I want to monitor my performance and mood through the day without coffee and how do I do when I daily consuming coffee. But anyway coffee is really nice and calming. But also I want to measure that if coffee just get relaxed and suppress my energy .. etc.
  2. No, I was able to extract similar espresso shots. But all are sour .. the coffee itself is light roasted. Yes, Lavazza isn't a dark, but it's in the full city range, they are full in medium roast, near to be dark roasted and they are delicious. I know I have little problems with the basket, that I have a 20g one, where sometimes I dose 18g, but for ensuring this problem, I dosed 20g, with the same results. Anyway I'm off coffee these days, those sour shots inflamed my colon, I have to take a rest from coffee for couple weeks at least.
  3. really the mignon do some clumping !! but i don't free those clumps, i just tamp and extract and the espresso get out nicely. yep, me too i have an opv and the espresso shots got more improved a lot. anyway i should change the beans, that's for sure. then if the problem continued then i have to check the machine. i know the ratios are important but at least i know how to control the ration of the espresso, whether to have it short extraction, which means more intense espresso or long shot which is lighter espresso for tasting and do a small latte cup. or in the middle which is just the exact extraction and that's for a nice cappuccino
  4. I tried different grind settings, same result, long shot short shot .. But I'm sure that those beans are light roasted and I don't know how to deal with them. Yep, absolutely, I just need to buy one lavazza bag and be happy but my colon got inflamed from tasting all those sour shots. I'm not feel well, didn't sleep well, and my abdomen isn't stable today. I didn't drink anything from last night, even this morning, so I'm off caffeine. I found one last night .. but even with that I have an experience with more darker roasts which was nice to me, so the problem mainly is the light roasted coffee.
  5. I actually don't have a scale right now, but with the eureka mignon previously, I weighted a double shot with 11 seconds time and it was 18g. Now, if I go more in time then that would be like 19-20g. Because the basket itself is 20g so I can't go more than that. Yep, I just did that just the previous extraction and I really couldn't enjoy that espresso cup.
  6. Yep I think that's the problem, the coffee I just purchased are from local roasters, I really wished I just bought the Lavazza super crema and that's it! It's roasted pretty good to really near to dark roast which provide rich chocolaty flavor. But these local coffee are light roasted and very sour. You're right, as the coffee are really fresh, but I had to grind it really fine, as I have eureka mignon. I did these two steps just the previous extraction, and yet it was really sour.
  7. OK, with this technique you do, how would you compare the shot to a double boiler machine? Do you recommend me to get an entry level double boiler machine?
  8. Hello, I've most the time getting sourness with espresso extractions on the OSCAR II. I actually didn't know it was because it's a HX machine and the temp is very high for espresso and then there's instability in temperature in brewing espresso and that causes sour in the espresso shot .. So now what's the solution to this problem?
  9. wow that sounds so delicious, thanks for the recommendation i'm actually not from usa, but I buy my stuff from amazon and ship it to my address in the US then they forward it to me in saudi arabia. so what about those canisters ? you mentioned that the bag comes with the coffee that has one way valve is the best store place for those beans. i guess most of the beans i buy come in a bag that has one way valve. so i guess i don't need one but if i bought something that's 1kg of beans, if i keep them in their bag then they would go stale .. so i think i need one at least ..
  10. Alright, I agree with you and I really want to try a blend or single origin from coffee compass. But about the storing issue, I selected two of these canisters on Amazon, should I buy them or not: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00167TT94/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A1B7M9EQGNCLQA&psc=1
  11. Yep, actually I liked the roasters in the UK, but I thought of something that is on the commercial level; like, Lavazza, kicking horse, danesi .. etc. I wanted to know if there is something that is worth of purchasing. I already like the Lavazza, it's the most economic option, because it comes in 1kg bag. I would really like to buy something that is from special roasters. But I want to know where to find something that tastes like the Lavazza super crema, because that coffee is so delicious and bold. There are reasonable number of local roasters, actually one I bought from them two bags of 250g of fresh roasted beans, that aren't so bold but more towards fruity light flavors. Hmmm, I think I would buy for now some coffee from our local roasters and them buy two bags of Lavazza beans and store it correctly for long term use.
  12. You're right I cancelled the death wish bags .. what was I thinking of !! According to the reviews on YouTube, it has not much flavor and a lot of caffeine. I have to open a new thread about nice beans to purchase. Thanks dude,
  13. Yeah, this time I changed my style with only Lavazza beans. Now I just about one Lavazza bag, one death wish and two 250g bags from local roasters.
  14. OK, that seem to be good 1kg for 14 pounds, reasonable price, but they don't ship to my country. I have to update or renew my freight forwarder subscription. But actually should it differ from one of our local roaster? I even don't have an experience with local roasting, but I should postpone the update at this thread until I receive the package from the local roaster then I can give my opinion. Another idea, actually I bought from these roasters at USA, they US local roasters and have good things I tried two blends and they are good. At this site: https://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/coffee They have a lot of blends .. How would you rate them? I think they are good professional roasters from different states at the US regions. But they to me aren't very different in taste quality than Lavazza beans, seriously Lavazza blends are so delicious .. well at least to my records
  15. Yep, I searched the Coffee Compass, they are not so expensive, they have a good price tags. And as the members here recommended this site, then their coffees should taste as delicious. But I'm in Saudi Arabia, even so I think that shouldn't be a huge problem because they would ship my order right away and if coffee are freshly roasted then shipping time shouldn't take longer than 2 weeks which is good time for ontime fresh roasted coffee to get the nice aromas. So thanks for the recommendation lol I just searched for "Tynemouth Coffee Company" and the area around it is full of coffee cafe's and probably roasters as well ! I just ordered 2 bags of 250g from a local roaster and really excited to try them, one of our telegram members recommend it to me. It would be my first experience with local roasters. The same containers are on Amazon and cheaper relatively to the price of the pound/dollar and also easier for me to ship with my other orders from Amazon. Yes, you're right. But the Lavazza still an economic choice for me, but for the record, I should try other beans and compare them to the Lavazza quality. I ordered the Deathwish beans, they are so popular and more expensive than Lavazza .. and also wondering about ordering another bag more. Hmmm now I have more choices to order from UK ... Can I find anything good you recommend on Amazon? it would be easier for me this time as I'm preparing an order on Amazon. What you mean exactly? You mean that Coffee Compass give a "Mystery bean" you mean here that it's mystery for unknown roasting process, coffee origin .. etc? And hence, you mean that as it mystery then they should give me storage problems? I'm not sure if the freezing is as good as storing them sealed airtight in the room temperature?!
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