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  1. The picture of the "blanking nuts" gasket/seal looks exactly like mine when I disassembled the machine. BTW I did not need to remove the bottom plate to remove the steam boiler. I did something like Dave suggested with about 5 turns or so of tape and did not over tighten the nuts.
  2. Looks very much like my beta machine and the water that accumulated resulting in a corroded and overheated boiler wire. I felt that there was some leakage evident around two of the plugs in the bottom of the steam boiler. I removed them and the seal (rubber o ring?) had deteriorated on both of them. I suspect the best fix would be an appropriately sized silicone o ring which I did not have. I used a likely excessive amount of Teflon tape on the threads and around the grooved base of the plugs. This appears to have been successful. I have this machine in Nova Scotia and will be storing it for 6 - 7 months starting the end of November when we return to the US. I plan on bringing parts and supplies back in the spring to fully repair/replace the various seals on the boiler. I like the Minima. It was a beta and as expected has not been problem free. It makes good espresso. If at some point it becomes challenging to maintain, I likely would not replace it with another Minima.
  3. So fully disassembled the OPV and there was what appeared to be thread compound around the valve seat. Cleaned it and at 9 bar it's completely quiet. Feel a little stupid that it took me this long to complete this simple task but very grateful to Dave and the forum for all the help.
  4. Thanks. Will follow up with the shared advice. I don't consider this a significant problem but it is a bit of an annoyance and am concerned that it may create other issues.
  5. I have a US spec Minima beta machine. Appreciate all the help I've received from members with the machine. I have a few other observations with the machine and would appreciate member feedback. My machine stays on 8 hours or so a day. During that time the pump will come on periodically for a few seconds. This happens several times an hour or more. I recently noticed the machine "uses" water when it's idling. The water in the reservoir dropped about 1 cm in a 4 hour period. I also notice the cups sitting inverted on top of the machine are wet on the inside and there can be a bit of moisture accumulating on top of the machine. My Mini Vivaldi does not do this. Would this be considered normal? What would be the source of water evaporation? I use a quality medium grind coffee from a local roaster. The pucks are wet, sometimes stick to the screen and rarely come out intact. Is there a cure for this. Again, not the case with the Vivaldi. Finally, the OPV after much adjusting and tinkering is still screaming at me. Is there a replacement that would be perhaps higher quality and externally adjustable? Thanks for any help or advice.
  6. Yes, less than a year. Would love to have the specs. I'm very happy with the Minima.
  7. My steam boiler temp probe started faulting at higher temps. Switched the steam and brew probes and have not had a problem. I'd like to know the model/source for the new probes as I anticipate a future probe replacement.
  8. Thanks Dave. I'm using 15 and the coffee is good. ?
  9. Thanks Dave. I had printed an earlier manual. This latest one shows 4 and 5 as sequential settings rather than the previous manual's 4 and 6. I'm setting it now for brew boiler priority. I'm sure this will solve the problem and was almost certainly the way it was set before. A further question - the brew boiler offset at 17C. Is this something you determined in testing? This is my first E61 group (other machine is Mini Vivaldi). Again, many thanks for your help.
  10. I have a US spec Minima Beta machine. I've had a few expected issues with the machine all of them have been relatively easily addressed. Recently one of the brew boiler wire connections melted, likely due to a small leak at one of the boiler fittings. After fixing it I reset the machine to the PID settings recommended in the manual. Machine is now tripping the 15 amp breaker in the power strip - no problem when directly connected to the wall receptacle. This is not a big deal, but I do typically have the machine on a 15 amp timer and would prefer not to fry the timer if the machine is now drawing more amps. The F02 PID parameter is set to 6; unfortunately I did not note the previous setting :-(. This setting appears to prioritize the steam over the brew boiler and I'd think the brew boiler would typically have priority, but 6 is recommended in the manual. Some information I found for other PID machines show the F02 setting providing a 15 vs 20 amp setting, but I can't find information specific to the Minima. Sorry for the wordy post but would appreciate any feedback and recommendations.
  11. Sorry for my delay in responding. Have been quite busy here. My problem occurred above 100C so I switched the probes between brew and steam and that solved the problem. I will order a Vesuvius probe to have on hand. Machine is performing well, certainly meeting all my expectations.
  12. I'm experiencing an A4 message and no steam pressure on my US spec Minima. This after transporting it 1500 miles. It was properly packed but I suspect the service boiler temperature probe has failed. Appears to heat normally until around 230F then the readout jumps rapidly to an indicated 300 and A4 pops up. Where can I source the probe? I'm in Canada for the summer and would like to get the machine back on operation. A model number or other identifying information on the probe would be really helpful.
  13. Looks great. Easy to read and follow on the phone. Thanks.
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