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  1. Sorry for my delay in responding. Have been quite busy here. My problem occurred above 100C so I switched the probes between brew and steam and that solved the problem. I will order a Vesuvius probe to have on hand. Machine is performing well, certainly meeting all my expectations.
  2. I'm experiencing an A4 message and no steam pressure on my US spec Minima. This after transporting it 1500 miles. It was properly packed but I suspect the service boiler temperature probe has failed. Appears to heat normally until around 230F then the readout jumps rapidly to an indicated 300 and A4 pops up. Where can I source the probe? I'm in Canada for the summer and would like to get the machine back on operation. A model number or other identifying information on the probe would be really helpful.
  3. Looks great. Easy to read and follow on the phone. Thanks.
  4. I'm in the US and ordered these a few months back. Quite pleased and pair nicely with the Niche and ROK grinders. Not sure of availability to your market. https://www.ebay.com/itm/20ml-50ml-70ml-100ml-Dia-37mm-Clear-Glass-Bottle-Screw-Aluminum-lid-Borosilicate-/282818950399?var=&hash=item0
  5. I would think Paolo would be the person that might know of plans for US sales. I have perhaps the only Minima in the U.S. It is a beta model that I absolutely love. I do feel there may be some differences between US spec models vs. European models due to voltage differences. Regardless I'm a very happy Minima owner.
  6. I have a US spec Minima beta. I love it. It has performed flawlessly. It was a lot of bang for the buck as a beta machine, and still looks like a lot of bang for the buck in production. I don't know if it's one of the best in that category, but I'm sure happy with mine.
  7. Please accept my sincere apology.
  8. Does this have the same connotation in the UK as it does in the US?
  9. Research and buy used. Know that you will grow out of it - probably sooner rather than later.
  10. Thanks everyone for the helpful replies. I think I'll follow Dave's advice and leave it at 9. It is screeching a bit but not really a bother and we are certainly enjoying the coffee.
  11. What pressure should I be reading on the brew head pressure gauge on my Minma? I think it might be a bit high at 9 bar. Where is the OVP and how it it best accessed if I need or want to adjust the pressure. These are probably rather naive questions, but this being my 4th express machine but first E61. I'm loving it and producing great espresso, but there was and is a learning curve. I think the arrival of a Niche in (hopefully) February will be a welcome grinder upgrade.
  12. So a reasonable tamper arrived from Ebay with the expected improved results. I have a distribution tool and "better" tamper on order, but could be a while before they arrive. Also got in the queue for a Niche in February. I'm a bit partial to conicals and single dosing and based on all the feedback on the Minima I'm quite sure that will be an improvement in the cup and work flow.
  13. Thanks Dave. The unit looks quite interesting. I contacted them to see if they are or have any plans to distribute to the US or Canada. We will soon be spending time in Nova Scotia on a well that has elevated levels of arsenic and are looking for options for coffee, drinking water and food prep. The arsenic levels are low enough to not be a concern for other uses. My understanding has always been that RO has a bad rep for coffee, but we did use RO water in a beach house where the tap water was safe but really not pleasant to drink. We are latte drinkers and the RO was a vast improvement over tap. Certainly bottled in reusable containers is a viable option as well. All advice and recommendations are appreciated.
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