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  1. Good Morning! I'm looking for something different in my cup... could you possibly PM me the discount code for Coffee Compass? Many thanks!
  2. If my grinder is currently set for an 18g VST basket, will that grind work for a single dose basket (eg. the stock Gaggia one)? My wife prefers the smaller single shot in the mornings, whereas I am on the double. Switching between the two is proving difficult, with the double dose grind setting choking up the single basket. Is that just to be expected? All input and suggestions gratefully received!
  3. I bought an identical one myself off eBay a couple months ago from a different seller. Got it for £310 including shipping but w/o hopper (I wanted the short one). It also needed new burrs, which I’m about to put in today. Very happy with it overall. Seller claimed to be of the guys who refurbs Costa Coffee branches and this was an ex-shop model. Dunno the truth about that or the legality of him stripping out and selling the machine. It works brilliantly, although it arrived covered in old grinds and rather grimy. Good of luck with it!
  4. Hello @Norvin! Glad to discover you are still making these. May I also ask if you could kindly put me down for one, as and when time allows? For a 58.5mm naked pf and an 18g ridgeless VST basket. Many thanks! beethoven
  5. Looking for a tamp mat with a lip (for worktop edge). Anyone have experience with either the Cafelat splat or Rocket mats?
  6. @NickR would you accept £200 if I were to pick it up from you this weekend? Let me know if this is agreeable and when would be convenient. I could arrange pick up on Saturday if you’d like. Maybe PM for details if we have a deal?
  7. Hi @NickR is this still available? Could you possibly send me the height dimension? Thanks
  8. @coffeechap Apologies but I think I’m going to opt for something a little more portable for my manual option. Thanks anyway - maybe @The Asgard is your buyer!
  9. Hi, I can do £130 if you’d be willing to meet me in Windsor or nearby area on Saturday morning? Will PM you to discuss.
  10. Hi @jerbla If you’re still interested in selling this and if it’s available, I could pick it up from you this weekend. Let me know. Thanks!
  11. Hi @coffeechap, is this Lido 2 still available? Thanks!
  12. I'm looking for my first decent grinder, having owned only a basic Krups burr model in the past (broke after a year) and now a dreadful blade machine (gift from well-meaning but uninitiated friends). Started a thread here yesterday which generated some helpful responses (thank you @les24preludes @MildredM). Looking to expand on these suggestions in this section of the forum... Basically need something for espresso and the occasional Aeropress. Budget of £350 and happy to take pre-owned if it's in good nick. Space is a considerable issue in my kitchen, as are aesthetics (active branch of the Kitchen Police in my area). Am considering a used Baratza Forte but concerned by what I've read on this forum about warranty/repair issues and customer service. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome please! Oh and I'm keen to find something quite soon, aka impatient. Thanks in advance.
  13. Apologies - total noob! Thanks anyway.
  14. Hi! Is this still available? Happy to collect. Many thanks!
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