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  1. Mine arrived yesterday, will be weekend by the time I get them. So will be rested and ready for use in V60.
  2. Mime arrived saturday, looking forward to trying them.
  3. Also has 50% share of 3fe I believe, or did
  4. Mines arrived as well, thanks guys.
  5. Mine arrived yesterday, collected them today will try them tomorrow. Thanks for all the work getting this done.
  6. I don't mind the extra cost.
  7. Mine arrived last night, haven't open yet will try them later. Just a heads up for any not living in uk, I use a drop shipper ?( parcel motel) to deliver here to ireland gives me a uk delivery address maybe others have a similar option for there country just makes it easier for likes of this.
  8. Mine arrived thursday, will let them rest a bit. As bringing a bag to Spain Tuesday.
  9. Mine picked up, behaved as well didn't open the card yet.
  10. Mine's waiting on me to collect in morning. Thanks looking forward to this over the weekend at work.
  11. Not sure if this is still open but would be interested as well 1. FBS (500g) 2. Daren (500g) 3. Rdl81 500g replace my lsol 4. MediumRoastSteam, 250g, replace LSOL, omniroast 5. mcrmfc (250g) 6. Deeez Nuuutz - 500g to replace LSOL 7. Kman10, 500g (as request post above) 8. Salty, 500g - to replace LSOL 9. Systemic Kid 500grms - to replace LSOL 10. working dog 250g to replace LSOL 11. dan1502 500g possibly as well as LSOL depending on the ongoing quality and needs to be good for espresso too. 12. Potolom 250g 13. Flying_vee 250g to replace existing lsol 14. Gerrard Burrard 250g in addition to LSOL 15. Jaffro (500g replacement for usual LSOL) 16. PPapa (just like Dan: 500g possibly as well as LSOL depending on the ongoing quality and needs to be good for espresso too) 17. Jon_Foster (either 250 running alongside current sub or 500 to replace it) 18. iulianato (500g) 19. Gatty (500g to replace current LSOL) 20. mmmatron (250g in addition to LSOL) 21. HBLP (250g) 22. Elcee 250g (to replace existing LSOL 23. Imtnom3rcy (500g to replace current LSOL) 24. Rhys (500g to replace current LSOL) 25. MarkT 500g to run alongside LSOL 26. Hairy_Hogg (250g if Filter only to run alongside LSOL OR 500g if good for both to replace LSOL) 27. shannigan (250g in addition to LSOL) 28. AmandaH (250g) 29. wintoid (250g) 30. Nod (500gr) in addition to LSOL 31. JP19810 (500g) if replacing LSOL 32. bean_there (250g) in addition to LSOL 33. Novaprospect (500g) 34. Taxiboy (250g may increase to 500g)
  12. Mine arrived friday night, just tried a v60 nice brew.
  13. Mine arrived last night, just having a v60 tasty cup.
  14. Mine arrived, still to finish last months so they will get some rest before i start them.
  15. Mine arrived yesterday evening quick delivery to Ireland, will leave to rest as got some from The Barn this week as well.
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