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  1. L&R

    Pl81t grace

    I would reduce pressure as well, it is not so difficult. Have in mind to apply a little heat to OPV before undoing the core. I have done it on Victoria and Elizabeth.
  2. Does it have gap between resistance and the nut? Although it is like new indeed.
  3. Sorry I am not experienced in this but on my torch is written 1400C on flame and 650C on heated surface, so far more than temp the resistance in normal work.
  4. You can try silver brazing wire and a high temp torch.
  5. I am attaching the new type of elements for comparison
  6. Yes replace it, first elements weren't welded, after many leaking like this they started welding the resistance to the nut. Came across several leaking like this. Welding would work as well but I haven't tried it. Good luck
  7. I am very happy with mine. No issues so far, bought it on sale for less than 1000Euro last year.
  8. As far as I know they are Invented and patended by DRM, implemented in Cimbali grinders, after them Versalab, Titus etc. but the idea is the same.
  9. Because topic went to different direction this rotor works best with beans flow and anti-popcorning.
  10. not for me compared with flat burs and drm, but for medium and above is good
  11. I would buy your Rancilio remainings for spare, they are not compatible with Classic though. Probably only pump can be used. Best regards
  12. Made a mistake in the first post, sorry. I meant Royal has better output.
  13. I had them both, decided to keep Royal and another grinder with DRM burrs like Versalab, Niche is cool, but according to my taste preference I will stick with flat burrs.
  14. I used to have 2 NZ, Royal and Ceado E37S, so speaking from experience, going from NZ to Royal is definitely downgrade. Yet if you don't have space and want to spare 1k euro, Hedone Honne is a good option.
  15. My Wega had 5 holes steam tip and it was very difficult to work with(for me then).
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