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  1. Doesn't really matter, if you have choice buy a machine with big solenoid,stainless steel casing and PID pre-fitted.
  2. I never feel confortable w one grinder for two merhods, so now I use Versalab for espresso and Max for filter or vice versa.
  3. If you want my opinion I used to have Niche, Ceado 37SD w SSP burrs and currently have Monolith Max and Honne(Versalab). Max produces much better long shots than Niche, I have good memories from Ceado too. You can try Lagom P64, no meter burr size it is a decent unimodal grinder. Cheers!
  4. Ground by Monolith Max HU burrs
  5. Only a replacement will solve your problem, watch out for Selecta deluxe and buy one for spares, at least for 50 quids you will get a whole machine, not a switch only. Good luck
  6. MDF 1 has AC motor 155W w/o gear, full aluminum housing, MDF2 is dc 100W geared motor, plastic housing. For me only version 1 is interesting.
  7. If you will feel better this is only one wall of all :). MDF1 s are for decor mostly but they work well for 30y old machines, how many of current grinders will live this much?
  8. I am not saying Niche is not well devised, its developer made the best out of given pool of parts, nice housing+ wooden elements hence good looking in the kitchen , cheap motor and gear mechanism(plastic cogs and bushings based), good Mazzer conical burrs 191C and of course perfectly constructed grinding chamber. Probably they made lots of money that is also normal if you find a new niche. I have limited experience with Niche I have opened only two units, what about you? Cheers!
  9. never drink more than 35ml espresso
  10. Yep custom! Pictures say more then thousand words. Back to the topic: Yes, you can use a screwdriver(cordless drill) to run your manual coffee grinder at least Niche does so
  11. Yep cheap because you will find in DeWalt lets say far better gear mechanism, if you can not understand it by seeing above pictures then I am helpless, I am afraid.
  12. My shots are 40-60sec incl preinfusion and they are great for me.
  13. Sure, DFK41 find the difference in both engines: This you can find in a cheap electrical screw driver: http://oldintranet.puhinui.school.nz/Topics/Machines/HowStuffWks/www.howstuffworks.com/gif/sd7a.jpg and this is a Niche heart https://www.facebook.com/avx.hu/photos/pcb.3487435068031448/3487434011364887 The only difference is DC voltage!
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