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  1. Not the best choice to change from different grind settings in your case coarse to super fine. Niche will be far more convenient to do the job.
  2. I have them both, the difference in them is the burrs, aerspeed has stainless steel pourover oriented burrs 38mm and aergrind has classical Italmill burrs inside again 38mm. I like using aerspeed with my AeroPress because it is really fast 30sec for 17 gram and output at this grind setting a bit coarser than espresso is very nice. Aerspeed is not good for espresso though.
  3. Aerspeed or Comandante, M47 is espresso oriented unless you use brew replacement burr. Have them all
  4. My method although I use a smaller torch. http://tumblebones.com/product/bernzomatic-ts3000kc-self-igniting-torch-kit/
  5. For Aeropress best results I have had were with a little bit coarser than espresso settings, like preground coffee in supermarkets so to speak.
  6. Nice valve, is this from Kitchenaid DB?
  7. L&R


    The major distributor of coffee equipment in France. All good with them!
  8. Because I used to have PL91 its temp sensor was on top of the boiler, now I have PL92 and the sensor is a probe inside the boiler. I don't know if this was changed throughout the years but for me they are not similar and Elizabeth is more stable. No live temp data on the LLC as well probably not to confuse end customers with dropping temperature during the shot.
  9. Most of the 38mm grinders have 5 dollar chinese burs inside(like sus420) if you could swap them to italmill 38mm(I have tried it already) you will hit the espresso range. Aergrind has Italmill fitted from the producer.
  10. Aerspeed is really good for aeropress it grinds fast and consistently, uses standard burs and basically it has a good construction, use mine when on road because fits perfectly in the press.
  11. Yes bigger solenoid is a good upgrade, but if only you have it in hand.
  12. There is not significant difference among them, the only thing that matters for me is smaller solenoid on 2010+ units, but this doesn't effect coffee in the cup.
  13. preinfusion made in this way is not right
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