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  1. I don't think the sale section is indexed by bots.
  2. If we want the area clean, IMO 50+ posts plus 6 months from reg date. Reasons, you should contribute and be known in the community. Best regards, V
  3. L&R

    Is this a PID?

    No, it doesn't have PID algorithms and switch by relay, it will be clicking all the time.
  4. What is the problem w the pucks.
  5. Don't feel it like my place simple version
  6. Cool Let me introduce you Mr.Zer0
  7. Thank you, that theme(look) is bearable. BR
  8. An old school Major to play with
  9. Nice, why don't you offer such steam arms?
  10. Not surprised. Enjoy it!
  11. I feel lost here, hopefully we will get used to it.
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