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  1. I wish I lived in the area. Perfect offer from a nice person.
  2. Last Classics from series RI8161 probably made in Italy all parts for RI8161 are compatible throughout the years. BR
  3. Very happy so far. Cimbali DRM burr set inside. Got it for Black Friday for less than 1000 pounds.
  4. Check the electronic board and starting capacitor.
  5. I can second that this was a Gagia Classic without solenoid and aluminum boiler.
  6. 150 - 200 IMO for Romanian pimped Classic
  7. First of all sort your grinder, probably new burrs are needed, this grinder has to choke the machine at its finest settings, this is your main problem. BR
  8. Probably your Rocky doesn't grind fine enough for espresso as it should. Is it new? Zero point can be calibrated as well:
  9. Brew pressure at 8.5 bar static, use fresh beans.
  10. 1 for me and a few more for the other members that are latheless like myself.
  11. Buy some Pullman and make them 51.6
  12. Stickers are interesting, I am waiting for my Royal and after powder coating will put some stickers on it
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