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  1. Having done lots Classics I would say you need a vise and a monkey wrench.
  2. This machine is in compact dual boiler class, compare it with similar designs like Lelit PL92T. I like its retro look
  3. I have one of these as well. Not bad machine I would say. I had to lower brew pressure to 9 bar static from default 12bar. BR
  4. L&R

    Gaggia Classic

    Not on old style ones, but it is around millennium.
  5. Yes drop in price is possible in the future when they increase the volume of production. Lots if spam from ex perts though.
  6. Sand blasting and power coating is your solution. BR
  7. Thank you Dave, I know these machines that are on mild steel frames, but did not expect so many rusty bits in Minima it looks like 10 year old.
  8. L&R

    Acaia Lunar For Sale

    Arrived safe and sound. Great seller.
  9. L&R

    Niche Zero Black

    Yes, grinder is on my desk and can be packed in original 2 cardboxes and shipped. The price is 480Eur + 20Eur shipping, it is actually 30E(just checked w DPD) but I will cover these 10. I can't cover PayPal tax unfortunately. Best regards
  10. Disregarding leaks that could happen on every single machine why there are so many non SS/brass nuts, bolts etc in Minima. This picture is lil bit frightening.
  11. Columbia Magdalena/Costa Rica Tarazzu, so I can produce now equally good shots with La Pavoni and Vesuvius and I am wondering why we need complicated machines......
  12. L&R

    Niche Zero Black

    Not in a hurry sorry but I will refuse the offer. BR
  13. L&R

    Niche Zero Black

    480EUR + shipping(probably 20-25EUR)
  14. L&R

    Niche Zero Black

    Hi, I have one like new but white(it has still protective stickers on it 2019 Feb). EU plug with its original box, can ship via DPD to Slovakia. BR
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