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  1. Save your money for bigger step.
  2. It would be fair to sell it as an export item from UK -(minus) UK VAT. Or coffee grinders are without duties in UK?
  3. This is just the beginning unfortunately. I will avoid hassle as well to buy and sell from UK in current circumstances pity.
  4. This grinder will always do that with dark oily beans. SSP burrs help in some extend though.
  5. I replace elements using dremel and drill press to make holes instead of welds. Here you can find a new element. Procedure is something like this:
  6. Interesting thing about these 2 bolts is that here we do not fight against rust but against gunk and scale, when a particular machine hasn't be opened for last 20 years view there is unpleasant.
  7. With Gaggia there are always extremes, I have plenty of quality tools and experience with refurbing them.
  8. Torx T35 + hammer + good socket wrench + penetrating oil, done hundreds like this. Good Luck!
  9. yes, oxide layer saves aluminum to dissolve quickly into water.
  10. A new Gaggia boiler doesn't have layers, coatings inside from factory, all you see when you open it after use is oxide layer.
  11. If the shaft came loose from the gear box, this could happen. I am sure Niche team will solve your problem.
  12. They share same boiler and brew head, same big solenoid and small OPV. Victoria has a pressure gauge and more electronics inside. I have suggestion for you though, buy this rebranded Gilda for french market on great price: https://www.maxicoffee.com/machine-expresso-manuelle-aircraft-ac805-p-31168.html
  13. Only passwords are encrypted
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