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  1. For fitting pre 2015 expansion valve in GC2019 you will need the valve, a Teflon tube with connectors and a brass 1/8 fitting for the pump. It won't be cheap but worthwhile. BR
  2. The whole OPV assembly is cheap so if something goes wrong, you can fix it easy.
  3. Yes it works, just cut ring by ring from the spring and measure the brew pressure till desired value. I made a few Gaggia Babies this way(same plastic Philips safety valve inside). BR
  4. Diagnose wasnt so quick, but after moving cables I noticed PID was going crazy so loose therminals were suspected and viola.
  5. Because I bought it, just wanted to share with you the problem, almost all terminals of the PID module were loose. After tightening the screws all works as it sould. Vibratory pumps are tricky 😅
  6. I drink tea out of home so no disappointment.
  7. In size yes, in quality no. Rancilio baskets are better.
  8. Naked PF and steam tip from same producer, well crafted gadgets. All in stainless steel !
  9. There is not difference, I would keep the oone with bigger solenoid inside(if fitted previously) BR
  10. I have bought things from https://www.lamacchinadelcaffe.com/en/index.html as well. They are responsive to messages and ship fast via DHL. BR
  11. backflushing w cafiza in a blind basket, descaling w citric acid through the water tank. 3way needs both. GC is fine with both procedures. BR
  12. Looks ok to me, use cafiza and citric acid if you want to clean the 3way valve.
  13. Having 5 will use next in line and putting aside for the big one
  14. Wow half of the day you drink coffee and the other fresh beer, that is so cool!
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