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  1. You will burn it for sure, you will need a step down transformer to use it w 220V.
  2. Every SSR can fail. The best thing you could do to protect your machine is to have double protection. When I use steam SSR I put Silvia cut off thermostat in place of steam one or just leave a thermostat to switch steam temp and to protect the boiler.
  3. You should ask Square Mile to compensate you for the nice advertisement you made for them regarding consistency of their Red Brick blend.
  4. I am happy with my travel grinder MBK Aergrind for V60
  5. Gardelli Colombia Finca La Aurora
  6. Signed, that is a good idea. Would like to try them for filter of course.
  7. version1 Your not OEM burrs are not for espresso version2 You need to align them using marker method(search youtube)
  8. If possible do try a grinder with well aligned big flat. Cheers!
  9. Hi Alex Welcome to CFUK.
  10. Doesn't really matter, if you have choice buy a machine with big solenoid,stainless steel casing and PID pre-fitted.
  11. I never feel confortable w one grinder for two merhods, so now I use Versalab for espresso and Max for filter or vice versa.
  12. If you want my opinion I used to have Niche, Ceado 37SD w SSP burrs and currently have Monolith Max and Honne(Versalab). Max produces much better long shots than Niche, I have good memories from Ceado too. You can try Lagom P64, no meter burr size it is a decent unimodal grinder. Cheers!
  13. Ground by Monolith Max HU burrs
  14. Only a replacement will solve your problem, watch out for Selecta deluxe and buy one for spares, at least for 50 quids you will get a whole machine, not a switch only. Good luck
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