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  1. I would check the capacitor in the grinder.
  2. One for steaming and other for brewing. I can't move bigger machines from home
  3. Today I used Niche Zero in almost commercial environment. We had a small event in the University where I work and I had to prepare 100-150 coffee drinks with Niche and Silvia/Gaggia C. Niche Zero did it great and didn't let me down for a single shot. I used 3 type of beans so needed to adjust a little when switching them. Students and staff really enjoyed free fresh coffee too.
  4. Mine tip is with 3 hole, still don't like it. Planning to upgrade the whole arm. Any ideas for compatible steam wand and tip afterwards?
  5. There is no need to disconnect. This light had to be brighter, on the front of the machine and to shine when Niche is working.
  6. Happy Birthday MildredM!!!
  7. If you don't have much space in the kitchen, you can consider a manual grinder, keeping it in a drawer.
  8. L&R

    Gaggia Classic + Grinder

    You need to have a few more posts to have access to the sale section. There you can find Classics. BR
  9. This is the best version made in Italy and w commercial(bigger) solenoid inside.
  10. L&R

    Steam problems

    More likely 100 ml for the Gaggia alu boiler.
  11. Watch the video above, you may want to clean the boiler assembly as well.
  12. There is a difference but all your routine should be in check beforehand.
  13. Pump is ok, clean your solenoid valve and shower screen and plate. BR You need only basic tools like screwdriver, 4/5 mm allen keys.
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