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  1. I bought a magnetic Asso one recently and have found it works well to grind into and also only leaves a small ring around the coffee. limited mess with a WDT tool as well thus far. Seems very well built to. https://www.assocoffee.com/prodotto/anello-dosatore/?lang=en
  2. Alex_L

    Lelit Bianca

    I emailed them twice about a couple of minor things (including a missing user guide) with mine and have yet to hear back a month later. They were much more responsive pre-sale...... I’d recommend taking the water tank off as I moved mine recently to the side (great feature) a few months into ownership and discovered a nice small dent in the back panel which was hidden by the tank previously. Minor aesthetic issue undoubtedly but not hugely impressive QC.
  3. Alex_L

    Lelit Bianca

    @DavecUK Thank you. I’ll take a look but I’ve been following the shower screen one regularly since I got it. I will for my own sanity put together a list of maintenance tasks for the Bianca as there doesn’t seem to be a consolidated one.
  4. Alex_L

    Lelit Bianca

    It’s on from 5am - 11pm everyday so never touched cold so will see how it’s looking. It’s a great machine but the manual is somewhat lacking on maintenance instructions. I’ve noted the following from my own reading and looking at the lelit YouTube channel: - cleaning and sterilising the water tank - disassembling and lubricating the e61 after chemical back flush - Shower screen cleaning - NEW: ball joint lubrication for steam / water taps Are there any other regular maintenance tasks I should be completing?
  5. Alex_L

    Lelit Bianca

    Hmmmm. When I first noticed the dripping I hand tightened it which stopped that but could still notice a hiss after steaming so used a wrench to tighten about half a turn further. My assumption being it shouldn’t be hissing by design (I asked Bella baristas opinion but never heard back). Given how new it is I assume the o-ring can’t have gone already (taking account obviously that I haven’t lubricated it in the 4 months I’ve had it)?
  6. Alex_L

    Lelit Bianca

    Thank you. That makes sense and something to add to my monthly to-do list!. I think the chrome nut was a bit loose when it arrived (it was just about hand tight) so hopefully a combination of tightening it and lubricating it per your advice will solve the problem.
  7. Alex_L

    Lelit Bianca

    I’ve now had my Bianca now for 4 months and throughly impressed with it and enjoying experimenting with the flow control but have concluded I need a grinder upgrade. A couple of questions for other owners: 1. I’ve noticed that the steam wand occasionally leaks water and a bit of steam at the nut below the valve. I’ve tightened it maybe half a turn with a wrench to stop the water dripping but wasn’t sure how tight to go as I can still hear a hiss if I put a damp microfibre cloth around it after steaming? 2. I’ve also noticed the ball joint on the steam wand isn’t perpendicular to the
  8. Hi, After some advice for my parents. They have a gaggia classic which is failing (it's been repaired before so a replacement is needed) and a eureka mignon silenzo grinder. They're looking for a new machine to replace the classic. They exclusively drink milk drinks (4-6 lattes per day) and the gaggia has always struggled to get really great milk. The key things they'd be looking for: 1. Something that is easy to use. Turn on in the morning, warm up and just use. Weighing in/out isn't for them, they don't single does etc. 2. Improved milk steaming. Whilst the classic can do mil
  9. Ok. This is what I meant as I recall reading softened water was a good input for it and we have a big water softener for the house but no soft cold water taps in the kitchen as far as I know.
  10. Mine arrived late afternoon yesterday. I’ve set it up this morning and currently running the water through before using. Very neat and easy to setup. Looking forward to trying the outputs. I just need to work out how to get soft water into it as I think our kitchen taps are hard water @adamkovacs1126 @DavecUK thanks for sorting out such a great deal.
  11. Given the current WFH situation for me I may end up just buying with the regular offer for the forum as our bottled water supply is depleting faster than expected - I reckon I’ve got a weeks worth at current consumption levels.
  12. 1. Alex_L I’m going to take the plunge. Thanks to you both for organising this and the discount given neither of you are buying this time!
  13. I backed it on a whim. I’ve ended up backing quite a few kickstarters over the years. Most have delivered and only 1 has completely failed. None have delivered on time is the consistent theme. I do now stay away from anything involving internet connectivity or a web service as those always seem particularly risky.
  14. I was thinking that but I know when it turns up I won’t be able to resist opening it ?‍♂️ Has anyone seen any actual reviews of it yet?
  15. I’m backer 806 so looks like I have quite a while to wait. Given I’m probably about to buy an osmio zero, it might be a bit redundant when it does arrive.
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