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  1. 1) Bought second hand 2) Not been serviced with regards to the pump (in my ownership that is) but has had grouphead seals replaced 3) Yes it's been regularly cleaned and descaled. Living in a soft-medium water water area 4) The steam wand is Rancilio 5) The general condition of the case and exterior is very good. Especially considering its age
  2. Was just thinking that... £150 ONO is the new starting offer guys. Could a mod edit thread title to reflect please? or remove price altogether to prevent having to edit again going forward please?
  3. Hey guys, I've finally been allowed to upgrade but I need to get my current set up sold first. I have a Gaggia Classic (2006 model) working and in great condition for its age. Also has the Silvia steam wand upgrade. OPV mod has not been done. Basically, this is a virgin Classic with only the wand done. I have an Iberital MC2 available also and can bundle it together for £250 all in. I am in the Manchester area but also available in Warrington area. Collection preferred but delivery may be possible depending on distance (would drop off myself but prefer not to have to do that). Pics are below but also have labelled up some of the accessories. A = Additional grouphead gasket B = Triple basket C = Double basket (Original) D = Single basket (Original) E = Blind basket (for backflushing) F = Double basket - Pressurised (Original) G = Naked/bottomless portafilter H = Portafilter - Double spout (Original) I = Brush J = Dosing funnel K = Additional shower screen L = Milk steaming jug
  4. Looks like I need to source the pressurised basket then haha Probably use that suggestion though to pre-grind them for her or to use pre-ground from supermarket, etc in the other portafilter. Might just look to replace the MC2 then... Used to annoy me how much it used to retain and drift. I accept the difference between the bean but wasn't expecting it between grinds as I seemed to get with the MC2
  5. Cheers for the quick replies already guys... With regards to grinding... It would be nice to switch between grinds for different brew types as it would allow me to ditch 2 grinders (Iberital MC2 for espresso and Cuisinart DBM8U for the rest) and replace with 1 (Mahlkonig Vario perhaps??). However, I can cope with the two if needs must. However, what did annoy her was having to dial in the grinder every time we got a different bean type. So would a different grinder be more suitable to the job of consistency or should a change to the portafilter be required? Use the default dual spout for example?? May be a change in basket? I understand that coffee is almost an exact science but I need a happy medium to please her and myself so she can just grind coffee and get good results without being burnt or washed out. I am happy to play with the bottomless portafilter and dial in a little but the variation on the MC2 (and ground retention) just seemed to be horrible and annoyed me how there was so much difference with every bean. It may be that we both have our own portafilter setup. - Mine: Bottomless, good extraction, etc - Hers: Different portafilter, basket... Able to cope with ready ground espresso (Lavazza arabica, fresh ground purchased from local shop, etc, etc) We almost require very different equipment but as the Gaggia is an intro machine there must be an element of home-user and not just enthusiast in mind. There must be a solution... There always is Thanks Glenn... Will drop him a PM
  6. Hi chaps, Not been on here for a very long time. My Gaggia Classic has also been away for about 2 years but hoping to get back on it. First up... I think a service will be in order before I get straight back in to it. Any recommendations of who can do this (Manchester area) or what I should be doing myself? Also, to prevent it from ending up back in the cupboard I need to get it as girlfriend friendly as possible. Recommendations on new grinder, etc? Currently have an MC2 but adjusting it for each grind will become a chore for her (as it did previously, hence the cupboard and a *sigh* Tassimo machine taking its place). I have a naked portafilter for me to get everything honkey dorey but should I be sticking with the basic Gaggia portafilter for her? Been looking at MrShades PID kits... Should I be looking at these if making girlfriend friendly? Also, OPV mod... Should I be looking to do this if I'm intending on making user friendly? Will NOT be using pods. OR... Do I look to sell the Gaggia and get something else? Cheers in advance guys Gaz
  7. Been away from the scene for far too long but unfortunately it looks like my Gaggia Classic may have lost its spot in the kitchen to a more girlfriend acceptable... Please don't chastise me over this one... A Tassimo machine! :-( However, I have now been playing around with the mighty Bialetti Moka pot that I had bought me as a gift (by my girlfriend who stole the Gaggia space!). I assume it was in compensation haha. Anyway, I got the 6 cup one but am making far too much coffee for just myself in this and using up an awful lot of ground coffee. Anybody have any idea how much coffee grounds is used in each of the Moka pots? I've had a good look around the forum and the Bialetti website but that information does not appear to be documented. Specifically, I was looking at the 2 and 3 cup versions but the 1 cup would also be useful :-) Maybe even build up a definitive list on the post if we can so this info is readily available for everyone :-) On a lighter note... My Gaggia Classic (pre-Philips) and Iberital MC2 may be up for sale soon in the Manchester region.
  8. That is what I'm finding with the Iberital. You put 14g in and end up with 12.5g in the portafilter unless and it takes forever to grind every single bean down and then end up using a toothpick to get the rest of the grinds out of the chute.
  9. Currently got an Iberital MC2 (Espresso) and a Cuisinart (brewed) grinder but looking to upgrade. I know this topic has probably been done to death but views on the Baratza Vario vs. Virtuoso Preciso? Also, looking at the Esatto as a weighing device. Trying to make it all as easy as possible to make it more friendly for my girlfriend and "stop the clutter" as she puts it lol.
  10. Been out of the scene for a good couple of months due to the kitchen being chaotic and no room. Hopefully will come to an end in a few months once the kitchen has been renovated and I have my own coffee corner! Does anybody know the diameter of the following brewing accessories: V60 CleverDripper AeroPress Also, could you provide the diameter of the lip that sits on the brew station or cup so I can factor them in as well. I'm looking at creating my own brew station but I need the dimensions so that I can get a good fit for all three techniques. If anybody also has any ideas of where to get a good starting block for the brew station would be useful too (an ikea box, etc). Then all it need be is drill a couple of holes out
  11. By the way... went again today when I wasn't in a rush getting to work. Can highly recommend the food as well as the coffee and service. Great gluten free bread!
  12. Went there for the first time today (finally!). Very welcoming, helpful and friendly. Great range of drinks available. Will be going more often now I've found a slight detour route on the way to and from work Highly recommended!
  13. Long time no speak! Been well busy adjusting to shifts and the like! Stafford for HasBean sounds great to me! Much closer than Bristol and more likely to get a pass off the Mrs!
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