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  1. Now gone! A steal at the price like I said. Can now be moved to SOLD.
  2. Hi 

    Did you sell your grinder?

    im in North East looking at options


    Thanks Dean 

    1. skylark


      Hi, just been sold I'm glad to say. Being picked up by PF today. 24hrs earlier and it was yours!

    2. Dean4travel


      Typical, I just saw your post damn !

      hows the niche wanted one of those but sold out!

  3. £300 + p&p at cost is the price. Up to you how you want it shipped but Parcelforce is 'roughly' £15 ish depending on where you are. Let me have your postcode if you want me to arrange or I"ll give you mine if you want to arrange a courier yourself. There might be cheaper options out there if you look around. Myself, Parcelforce seems the most reliable. Up to you ...
  4. You're right BC ... this colour is hard to source at this time and should pay for itself if sold on. One final price reduction to £300 before I pack it away for longer term use. I've priced p&p using Parcel Force 48 and it's coming out at around £15 ish. A complete steal at this price but it's got to go, I've only used it for a week and its complete with the 2yrs of Bella Barista warranty. It's going into the loft soon and I"ll not be in a hurry to go up to retrieve it once the Xmas decs are out so if it's wanted this side of Xmas act now ... Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. Now £320. Priced online at £410, so a decent saving. Delivery can be arranged at cost (7kg) or arranged by the buyer. This grinder is a BB purchase and is warrantied for 2years (Sep 2022), warranty card will be included alongside the grinder.
  6. Still available. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  7. Either suits me ... Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  8. skylark

    Mara X

    'I am not trying to be critical of anyone on here but .... ' You were. Thanks to all who have given me their time and helped me get to where I am now. Obviously it's not good enough for some who seem to think I'm wasting everyone's time including my own. So, advice taken, I'm leaving. Cheers to the good guys, you know who you are 😏
  9. skylark

    Mara X

    Ouch 😳, There's a nice little Specialita grinder in the FS&W section 😏
  10. skylark

    Mara X

    And I'm back! © @DavecUK Just to thank @MediumRoastSteam for his assistance by ... 'Then you increase or decrease the time by changing the grind setting.' which is the contextual answer to the question I asked. Simple and straight to the point, appreciated!
  11. skylark

    Mara X

    As I said, the vast majority of members are v.heloful and do offer up answers for which I am genuinely grateful. What I do find a problem with are those condescending responses which offer no assistance whatsoever to the questions being put and are more aimed at belittling a questioner and raising profiles than offering constructive help 😏
  12. skylark

    Mara X

    Thanks. Marax doesn't preinfuse to my knowledge though? My grind setting achieves a 1:2 ratio within the recognised time. Shots taste terrible. But why? Surely something decent should come along every now and then irrespective of any other little glitches? Fresh beans, good RO water, niche zero and zilch. Thanks for your input. I'm calling an end to this discussion some of you will be pleased to hear. No further comments please. To those who have taken a genuine interest, thanks. I'm taking a break.
  13. skylark

    Mara X

    That 25-30secs window, from what I have read and o served, seems to be a universally accepted base for pulling a "decent' espresso at a 1:2 ratio. Is everyone wrong on this? I'm prepared to accept what you say but again that didn't address my original question. Maybe you thought you had an answer but it was too a question which I didn't raise. I agree, let's each move on ...
  14. skylark

    Mara X

    Can I just say that you are wrong on almost everything you say. I find most members to be constructive in their responses. I asked a specific question which you went out of your way to ignore, successfully I should say. But, heyho, let's move on and not bicker about it eh ...
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