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  1. Thanks Planter! Right in London myself though To be honest having hobbled by with a Brewtus that has been trying to die for a long time, I'm sure a LR will blow me away anyway Niche grinder is a new name on the market though and I will eventually need an upgrade to the Vario, so I might pick your brains over how that's working out for you at some point
  2. Thanks for all the input guys. Must say, it doesn't sound like there is much of a compelling reason for me to not go ahead.... I have another outgoing to take care of soon, but should be able to order in a month or two! How exciting. Regards to plumbing in, I cannot do that due to location of the machine. Regards to heat up time, I always have mine on a digital timer socket anyway, so it comes on nice and early in the morning. I hope that by the time I order, the wireless module is already installed etc :D
  3. Hello! I used to frequent these grounds, but dropped off of heavy interest after years of not having my machine available. I've been running my old brewtus ii (2006 model) for the last couple of years and done a few repairs/servicing. However, I've not been that good to it and it's finally giving up the ghost. It's time for a new machine, and for years I have dreamt of the Londinium I, then R. Since I'm thrust into a position of needing to do something soon, but have been out of the loop for some time, I'm being a bit lazy and asking if this is still a solid move many years on. I'm
  4. Just for anyone who finds this through Google one day, symptoms were: Inconsistent motor speed Inability to get through a whole dose Smoking and burning electric smell Sparking at the base of the motor. Cause: Brushes on motor were worn. Solutions: If confident and handy, repair motor with new brushes Or If, like me, not confident with electricals, replace motor entirely. Grinder back in action
  5. Eep! Hope I don't have the same issue. Don't suppose you resolved it? Has occurred to me that the circuit board could be done, but the motor brushes were sparking a lot so I'm hoping motor is a safe bet.
  6. Hey! Thanks - didn't think there would be a second hand market in grinder motors. Would have been happy to buy, but I ordered one from coffeehit yesterday. Thanks though!
  7. Hi, thanks for that. Looks like they're a bit different on the inside but I'm ok dismantling it. I've taken the pulley and belt out and neither look worn. If I can find the replacement with metal pulley I'll replace it though. I tried running the motor without the belt attached and it still did this inconsistent power thing. It cannot spin at a constant speed. So I think it's the motor, which I can replace. I'm hoping there's nothing else circuit board related that would be causing it. I'll order the motor and see what comes of it.
  8. Hi all, I used to frequent these parts but had to give up my machines in storage for a few years as where I was living wasn't suitable. I recently services my Brewtus ii and got the grinder out. Initially the motor didn't sound right on the Vario. It stalled but got through the dose. However, this morning it stalled and wouldn't grind any further. The motor kept going and I cut it after the smell of electrical burning. Of course, a small amount of smoke then followed. I've taken it apart and the circuitry casing was covered in old coffee grinds. Not sure how, but it's obviously bu
  9. I got my brewtus for £300 because an eBay seller didn't know what they had and therefore misadvertised it (it's a rebadged version which helped). If that were to have been spotted and raised on the forum, the price would have gone too high for me. I think we should avoid posting those links in case you destroy someone else's bargain.
  10. Made a fantastic chemex this afternoon. Set grinder to 3 full turns for a brew in 3 minutes. Very well balanced with zero bitterness. I'm very impressed with this. Pretty sure this produces a better quality grind at coarse than my vario. Very pleased I have a more viable brew grinder now, since my vario is set to not go that coarse any more..
  11. My o rings are good, I have one that is about right. SLIGHTLY loose, but it's not going to accidentally come off. Just made my first chemex. Took 5 minutes, so a bit long. That was at 2.6. Will try 3 next. That said, I was expecting bitterness for a brew that took too long, but it's not bitter. The brighter notes aren't shining through (should get a citrus overtone on this one) but rather than bitterness I'm just getting stronger notes of biscuity nuttiness. Still enjoyable. If I'd brewed that long with porlex, I'm fairly sure there would be an unpleasant bitterness, presumably because o
  12. K010 batch 1 walnut: Lookseehear K021 batch 1(.5?), walnut: coffeechops K021 batch 2, walnut: Kikapu[/color][/color][/color] K023 batch 2, walnut: Lewis K025 batch 2, walnut: Drc K027 batch 2, walnut: CallumT K028 batch 2, walnut: rmcgandara K029 batch 2, walnut: Neill KO43 batch 2, walnut: Monkey_Devil K041 batch 2, walnut: SamW K045 batch 2, walnut: Working dog K048 batch 2, walnut: Saftlad K057 batch 2, walnut: andyt23
  13. Got mine today, it's gorgeous Only one thing which is a shame, in that once it's set up you don't really want to be removing the handle, which isn't so great for taking it places. Obviously I know this wasn't as much designed for being portable though. Just a shame I can't use the lovely presentation box to store it. I'm off to play with it
  14. Got my email today saying it will arrive tomorrow can't wait!
  15. It is frustrating. I've defended him before here, but it is starting to bug me, mainly because he could do a better job managing our expectations. He's clearly not a businessman, rather a hobbyist who's hit on something good that he can make money on (a wonderfu thing). On the one hand that usually means a higher quality product, hence I haven't minded waiting. That said, I've had an extra payday since I forked out for this. I really hope that soon he gets it together a bit. I really want to see his business hold together and continue providing high quality products in an underserved Brit
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