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  1. The grinder is a Sage Smart Grinder Pro, retail around £200 but can be bought online from e.g. John Lewis around £150-160. I have one, it’s entry level although I quite like it, but the grinder is the thing you are most likely to upgrade and spend money on once you get the bug. £300 is considered the minimum for a decent low-end domestic grinder but many spend £500-1000 and more for commercial models. A new one coming out for domestic use called the Niche looks very interesting and in the £4-500 range - search the forums and google it for more info.
  2. Does it end this weekend? If so I have no chance to go
  3. Welcome! Plenty of Silvia owners on site to help you, good luck
  4. Welcome! Yeah I like Home Barista too, found it before I found Coffee Forums actually
  5. And if you believe this you’ll believe anything
  6. If I may take a second bite of the cherry... Agree with these two which I thought about including: A Kick Inside - Kate Bush : quite extraordinary and still is, and offered a first fascinating insight into the mysteries of the female mind to us confused male teenagers Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel : first solo album after leaving Genesis so wasn’t sure it counted as a debut, but every track on here is a gem in my opinion One more slightly contentious one: Never Mind The Bollocks - The Sex Pistols : certainly had an impact, but behind the shock value Nick Lowe’s production is quite outstanding
  7. As a kid was mostly exposed to pop music but in early teens moved to Canada where, curiously, I was exposed to a ton of British rock music I never heard on the UK radio stations, became a fan of Led Zep, Genesis, Tull and all that lot. But I discovered them going backwards e.g. first Zep album was Physical Graffiti and this is about debut albums so here’s a few since then: Van Halen - Van Halen : memories of being a late teenager cruising around Montreal, where I partly grew up, with me noisy rock-lovin Canuck mates. Couldn’t believe Eddie VH’s guitar technique, Eruption still blows me away 40 years later The Cars - The Cars : another brilliant debut from a band that stood the test of time, more memories of looking for girls in downtown Montreal, we usually had The Cars and VH on while we were driving around One Step Beyond - Madness : from Montreal to Manchester for uni and dropped into the whole UK post-punk scene, which was incredible, lots of bleary, boozy nights some of which I can’t quite remember. The start of the broadening of my musical horizons The Specials - The Specials : awesome UK ska revival period, loved all the two-tone stuff and still do Chic - Chic : hated Chic when I first heard them at Uni, but then developed into a lifelong appreciation and deep respect for Nile and Bernard and everything funk, eye-opening for a young bass player Probably loads more but these had the most impact in my formative teenage years, now I love all sorts, folk, jazz, classical.
  8. Hello and welcome. We like Exe Coffee Roasters but will be giving Crankhouse a try soon too. Quite a choice of roasters in Devon and Somerset
  9. Hello and welcome Yankee Transplant Brit here but also used to live on US east coast, mid-Atlantic NJ and Chesapeake, but wandered all up and down from Maine to Virginia in a boat for a while.
  10. Props. Hope the spanner’s get pride of place on the wall too
  11. Been on an overseas biz trip to exotic climes, so off-forum for nearly two weeks, now catching up. Good to read this, although worried at one point that Ian’s Brain Was Missing (anyone remember Spitting Image?). Good luck with recovery
  12. Nudged mine up to 94deg just to try it and put steam temp up 5deg to 140 per dfk41’s info - does the milk a bit faster but not noticed any other difference yet. I feel (subjectively) I’ve had slightly better results using a manual pour, pressing and holding the Manual to keep the pre-infusion going for 15secs or so and then running to 30 or sometimes 35 secs. Might just be psychological, the illusion of being in control. Generally getting 8-9 bar, dfk41 reckons turn it down to 6bar but haven’t tried that yet - still grappling with the basics
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