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  1. On second thoughts, I'm going to pass. I really need to sort out a better grinder first. I did check your website and may come your way as I'm quite interested in a refund / uprated Classic when the time comes - unless you have any used grinders in my budget
  2. Hi there, may be interested as I’m starting to look for a good first proper espresso machine. Do have a few questions if that’s cool. Could you describe what benefits the upgrades give and what the included standard accessories are? Could the upgrades cause any issues with servicing in the future? And how much would postage be?
  3. I've been consistently having issued with my EC680 whereby it randomly doesn't pour and the grinds become like rock in the portafilter, I'm thinking its the pump on the way as its 2 years old and gets used a lot. I'm using a Delonghi KG79 grinder which isn't the best is a burr grinder. With your 680 what grind size did you find works? I'm at about 25% off the finest setting.
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    Already heading towards a used Gaggia Classic with a bit of a better burr grinder, there are a few independents out there though that seem to sell reconditioned ones with a few upgrades at good prices.
  5. randomandy


    New member, thought I'd say hello. Currently have a (faulty-ish) Delonghi EC680 with a Delonghi burr grinder, new kit time is coming around soon so thought I'd join to say hello and do some reading. Oh - also I use a V60 & Skerton grinder at work
  6. Hi there, whist saving for a Gaggia Classic my Delonghi EC680 has decided to play up. I've diagnosed it as the pump, it seems a common complaint on these, and have ordered a direct spare. Has any one played with upgrading the pumps on these? They seem a common sizing and use similar(ish) wattage.
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