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  1. Thanks for the advice @Tsangpa. Prices now updated.
  2. Hi guys. I'm doing a clear out as I've realised I'm not using a lot of my stuff due to a severe lack of time so putting it up for sale. First up is my beloved Fuji kit. Fuji Xt2 with Grip and 3 batteries, fuji deep eye cup in addition to the original, 16gb and 32gb lexar uhs 2 sd card 1000x - £700 Bought a year and a half ago, pristine condition, one original Fuji battery and 2 Expro batteries. Less than 500 actuations (estimated as I can't find a way to check shutter count for fujis). Not a single scratch or scuff mark on it. In original box. Comes with original camera strap still wrapped. I've barely had a chance to use this beauty of a camera. Can't justify keeping it unused and packed anymore. Fuji 35mm F1.4 £275 Beautiful lens. Metal hood. Slight scuff marks on edge of metal hood. Fuji 56mm f1.2R £650 Slight scuff marks on hood. Lens pristine. Spectacular portrait lens. Fuji 16mm f1.4 R WR £680 Gorgeous lens. Comes in original box. Samyang 12mm f2 £200 Almost new. Used a handful of times. Great for astrophotography and landscapes. I am away for a couple of days but will upload images of everything soon as I get back home.
  3. You'll not be disappointed. Bought my ek43 from @coffeechap. He gave me great advice and support.
  4. Thanks for the offer @Quenteagle. Unfortunately I cannot accept it. I emailed James again to ask if they would be willing to help the new owner if anything major went wrong with the machine and this is his reply: Hi Sanad, Not a problem. And yes definitely we will always be happy to help with any problems that are going on. Please let your buyer know to get in touch if they have any questions as well! Best regards, James Therefore I will keep the price where it is at the moment.
  5. Here's the very swift reply from Niche on this issue. Hi Sanad, Our warranty is not transferable is only valid for the first owner. However, ahould your buyer have any problems we will be happy to do everything we can to help.* Hope this helps. Best regards, James from Niche.
  6. Let me verify that. I think I read it in the manual but may have been mistaken. I'll drop the price if that isnt the case.
  7. Afraid not Nick. This is like new with a transferable warranty. If I had used it more, I'd drop the price.
  8. Fantastic piece of kit. I'm sorry you have to sell @Rom. I have the vesuvius with an EK43 and I'm having loads of fun with it. Whoever goes for it is in for a treat. Good luck with the sale!
  9. Much appreciated @coffeechap. It was a pleasure dealing with you as well!
  10. Sheffield. I can also drop this at Coventry if that's nearer.
  11. Niche Zero, barely used (one 250g bag of foundry beans), selling as I have upgraded to an ek43. Wasnt for me I guess. I'll try linking the photos below. Hopefully they come out ok. New ones are going for £499, I'll put this up for £460 collection only. 2010 sti 0 60
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