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  1. Has anybody tried this coffee roaster? I fancy having a go, so want to do it as cheap as possible within reason. This seems from the point of view of a roasting newbie to be a good starter. Any thoughts / experience with this?
  2. These are lovely cups, but like most of us I now have far too many! I'm looking for £30 collected from near Bicester or £35 posted. Cheers
  3. Yeah. My old classic wasn't magnetic. Depends on the way stainless steel is made.
  4. I've produced utter rubbish recently. This is the best in a while!
  5. Is there a notable difference in consistency between the constant pressure from a rotary and the up and down pressure from a vibe?
  6. So true. I live around Bicester and Buckingham and I've only found two decent coffee shops. The indi's are pretty rubbish, if I'm in town I generally resort to costa as it's the best available. There is one decent one in Buckingham and a really good one in Stratton Audley that I go regularly when time permits. They serve coffee from Pumphreys and all their staff have been to Blaydon for training. It does really show in the quality they serve.
  7. The other point is what benchmark you are setting against given your experience. If I had only ever drank coffee at costa I would have been happy with what I was producing a long time ago. If I had only drank coffee at one of the few terrible independents I've been too I would be happy with a cup of Kenco!
  8. Very happy (with espresso), but it's taken me years to get to that point and a lot of money on kit (although not close to what some people invest). Not to say it can't be done cheaper, but getting a decent grinder really changed things for me. For brewed coffee I am definitely nowhere near. As for being better than coffee shops. I'd say what I produce is better than 99% of what you would buy on the high street, however I have been to some decent independents that will produce some damn fine coffee. The other factor is personal taste. What I produce fits my personal taste, others may prefer coffee sweeter, more acidic, more bitterness etc.
  9. seeq

    Am I a heathen?

    I don't want to detract from it. I've been using the same bean for several weeks, I'm sure when I change them the scales will come back out. I have been thinking about it though and as I said in my last post, I just assumed it was EVERY time and actually at a point you have to start relying on taste and weighing may even hold you back. I'm by no means an expert, but I think even this little epiphany (as such) actually will help me progress and perhaps others too.
  10. seeq

    Am I a heathen?

    I'm thinking the variables are all very useful when you're not happy with what you are drinking, or when you want to experiment and see if you can improve what you do. I guess with day to day making of coffee that you are happy with you get to a point where you can do it by 'feel'. It's like chefs, they will never season a dish by weight, or time how long they pour in salt. But then there is a time to weigh everything out. I think when you're on here long enough you start believing everyone measures everything every time. And I guess that's not the case, particularly when you get to a point you know what you're doing.
  11. Mine are green. They came from Lakeland. But I can't imagine they are much different.
  12. Since upgrading my grinder (and finally getting it seasoned in) I'm getting pretty consistent results. When I dialled in my grinder I was weighing the grind, weighing the output and timing precisely to get the best shot i could. Same as I have been doing for years. Recently I've been getting a bit lazy. I'm not weighing the grind and I'm just doing it by look. If it looks to much I reduce the grind time, too little, increase it. I also get a good feel from the tamp as to whether it's half a gram under or over. Same with the output, not weighing it. Just tasting and adjusting the grind or shot time depending on taste. I've long been a believer of no fuss distribution. A couple of whacks and tamp, I believe is enough. The odd thing is since just ignoring all the things I've previously thought as necessary for consistency I've been getting some of my best coffee, consistently. Maybe it's just I'm finally getting a bit better at this, but do we sometime get so caught up on these weights and times we actually forget the most important thing, how it tastes?
  13. E-cloth stainless steel cleaning and polishing cloths. Excellent at keeping stainless.... stainless.
  14. I like it in both, but I think the matt black does look nice in the flesh. With the sage, the grey may not go as well with the silver, but the black may complement it?
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