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  1. Transferwise is very good. Use them to send cash to my son in Australia & always best value. They even have a comparison tool to check other forex companies rates
  2. Niche grinder works a charm with my Vesuvius!
  3. New bar towels arrived today. Super quality, lovely packaging & 'gift' card. Speedy turnaround. Thanks M!
  4. New bar towels received today from M. Lovely work! Fast service too.
  5. Thanks Dave. Always enjoy your videos & reviews, even though they end up costing me a fortune So far, a Vesuvius, a Niche grinder and, soon no doubt, an Osmio. Can't blame you for the recent purchase of a set of second-hand Acaia Lunar scales however. Good luck with your wife's car and stay well.
  6. I'm presuming that filling the coffee machine water tank is simply done by drawing cold water from the Osmio into a jug & then filling coffee machine water tank from the jug? Looks very neat. I have my water (Waitrose Essentials) delivered as my nearest Waitrose is several miles away. Means that my garage often has a stack of 4-pack water bottles precariously balanced
  7. Offer to pay it back at £1 a week due to financial hardship. Like most debt repayment they can't refuse reasonable repayment offer.
  8. What's the diameter on these please? Is it 58mm or slightly bigger?
  9. This is a fantastic deal - £400 less than mine ordered in August this year. Wonderful machines!
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iQV2qDz4BcJuPZEzDWrPaPedMxOJA6aKow/view New white Niche grinder arrived today & looks great next to the Vesuvius!
  11. RoA19

    "Flat Mocha"

    It's not bad actually, the Costa Flat Mocha. Incentivised me to buy some Green & Blacks to try it at home occasionally.
  12. RoA19


    Paper clip with one end straightened for me - can use the looped end to stir or the single straight end bit
  13. RoA19

    A Question

    I enjoy your You Tube videos Dave. Informative & erudite with a great voice for radio (see I didn't say face for radio there! )
  14. I'm certainly willing to discuss an offer. When my Niche grinder arrives I'll be selling my Mazzer Super Jolly too. Would you be interested in that? If so I can take some photos - have just given it a thorough clean! Thinking I could just buy pre-ground coffee for a month or so perhaps
  15. Still available. Will probably post on ebay next time they have a fee-free selling promotion
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