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  1. Hi all, I would appreciate the discount code too if and when you get a moment. Thanks in advance!
  2. Just to note Jon, I'm not the one selling the grinder, just giving my opinion. Does a man driving a dirty car not brush his teeth? That's my last comment on this thread as I seem to be upsetting certain folk
  3. I do understand what is being said just surprised by how many people need to say the same thing. A grinder with only 10kg gone through it has barely been used, and I would think people could see past a lack of spit and polish. Comments about cleaning steam wands and dirty electrical sockets seem, in my opinion, a little petty and unrelated that's all
  4. I'm a little surprised by the number of people saying the same thing to be honest! Sure it could do with a wipe down and might be nicer shot away from the clutter of everything else but the benefit of a dozen people saying the same thing? A nearly new mignon with only 10kg through it is surely worth some interest. I'd have thought more questions about the grinder not going all 'Trinny and Susannah' would have been of more benefit to the the seller.
  5. @jj-x-ray have you received your new mignon yet? I'm itching to hear what you think of it as there is a dearth of user information to be found on the new range
  6. Would someone please send me the CC discount code if not too much trouble. About to stock up on some new beans and fancy a change from my regular Rave purchase
  7. I've modded the bodum grinder with a 3d printed burr holder from shapeways that allows me to grind much finer and I can now over extract and/or choke the DTP if I so wish!. This means I have much more control over my pours but this won't stop me upgrading to a Mignon as soon as my finances allow
  8. Bodum bistro burr grinder is a decent little grinder that's served me well with my Sage DTP for a couple of years now. This can be had new for under £100. Slight limitation is that it will only just about grind fine enough for a unpressurized basket but with pressurised baskets it will be perfectly sufficient.
  9. Please let us know how you find it once you've got to grips with the mignon. I'm eager to read reviews on these new mignons but as they're still so new to market it'd be great to hear your opinion
  10. That's a great price for a new DTP. I paid £270 for mine a couple of years ago and was well worth the money. Good find!
  11. I'm sure I've read different somewhere. I'd be surprised if the top line Mignon has smaller burrs that the mid tier but we will see! Looking forward to user reviews on these new models
  12. Looking at these again, the Perfetto does have a larger diameter dial than previous. I think RossP should be having words with Eureka as they copied his XL mod!
  13. Both the Specialita and the Perfecto have 55mm burrs. The only difference on the Perfetto that I can see is the 'easy setting' wheel which, to me, looks like the addition of a colourful sticker sticker with more numbers. The Silenzio has the smaller 50mm burrs and analogue timer setting as opposed to the touchscreen on the more expensive models.
  14. I've given this mod for the Bodum Bistro grinder a go. Ordered yesterday so will update the improvements (or not!) once received.
  15. Thanks ashcroc. Wouldn't have thought of making mods to the grinder but found this https://www.shapeways.com/product/GB9H9Y8GY/bodum-bistro-burr-holder-0-8mm-finer-grind Might give it a go for a tenner!
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