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  1. Just been offered £200 for this, seems a bit low. What do you guys think?
  2. Hi all, Any interest in this before it goes on fleabay? L
  3. Im no expert but I have to say I am not noticing a huge difference yet. The Faustino works better for me as its less messy, quieter, smaller. I wouldnt hesitate in recommending the Faustino. Obv if you had enough kitchen space the Mazzer would be perfect.
  4. I got upgradititits, or downgrade possibly due to size and small kitchen space I purchased a Rocket Faustino.
  5. Hi all, Selling my Mazzer Major Luigi - 2014 Ive had to for 2 years, previous owner was one of my companies restaurant/cafe it honestly had low use the restaurant closed after year. It had been sat in storage in our warehouse until I got my hands on it. As far as im aware it has the original burrs still i certainly haven’t changed them, its in extremely good condition. As mentioned ive had for two years and have roughly 2 shots mon - fri and 4 a weekends i can’t tell you exactly how much coffee has gone through it but for its age its not a lot. Happy to a
  6. Nice one thanks. Will advertise on for sale thread later.
  7. Hi B-Roadie I am ready to sell now, i'm not sure what these are selling at currently so happy for sensible offers? Thanks Lee
  8. Hi Rhys, Thanks for amending the title, The burrs are standard fit. Ta Lee
  9. Thanks, really happy with it I downgraded from a Mazzer Luigi to the Faustino im by no means an expert but have to say I’ve not noticed a huge difference. Someone will kill me for saying that I know.
  10. It’s been a slow journey, happy with my Rocket set up.
  11. As mentioned in another post, I’ve recently purchased a Rocket Faustino I would like to sell my Mazzer Luigi. I’ve had it for roughly 2 years and it previous to me owning it was in a shop had quite low use I can’t say how much coffee has gone through it sorry. I’ve used it once a day maybe twice at weekends It’s in very good condition, I have not changed the burrs. Not sure if I can add anything else to the description to help with valuation. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks. Lee
  12. I’m going to put my mazzer in the valuation section, and hopefully someone will buy it. I have to sell it before I change my mind and mod it haha
  13. Is it actually I wasn’t aware of that, all I can say is I’m very happy with it. I’m not going to look at the price difference as I’m sure I’ll be annoyed. 😂
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