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  1. Whats happening at Delonghi? Costco have replaced 2 machines. The first would not go past the Language set-up. The second poured coffee everywhere except the dispenser, and now the third machine has an intermittent fault on the steam wand, which cuts out after 2 or 3 steamings. Has Anyone had any problems with their new Eletta [ECAM45.76] Costco will be getting another call shortly! I should say that Costco have been excellent with their customer service. No quibble exchange.
  2. A retired Royal Air Force Chef, plus 20 years college lecturer. now on my third coffee machine, last two Delonghi bean to cup
  3. Problem solved with a short loop of fishing line to hold the spring/latch in an open position until the inner door cover was back in place. I only have to test for effectiveness of the action.
  4. my bean to cup machine door pops open at odd times. i saw on a previous post that removing the inner panel and giving it a clean would resolve the problem. having done this i can not get the panel back on as the spring attached to the catch keeps popping out of its mount as the panel is positioned. can anyone advise how to keep the sprung catch in place long enough to replace the panel.
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