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    @dfk41 Thanks I'll give them I try. I did think that the majority of decaf are dark beans?? Which I've not been used to before
  2. adam85


    Which decafs would you recommend? I'm in a situation where I am trying to find a decaf alternative to a very nice blend I normally have
  3. Parcel came today. Got use for them for my bean dose storage, and some to store the dog’s treats in for walks. Thanks again.
  4. Okay - thanks @DavecUK, I'll have a read. It may answer on those pages... but in the end I could reply to that page 👍
  5. Lol .... it shows now. Strange. Anyway, thanks @Ando for the great offer.
  6. I'm guessing this is the same for the "Pay it forward" section?? I can reply to other parts of the forum with my comments (like this), but 5 minutes ago tried to reply to a gift offer on the Pay it forward section, and no text box for me to reply. I'll have a ready of the 'rules' if there are any.
  7. These are exactly what my 'always cold' Mrs would actually love! ... Even when the house is above 20c 😄
  8. These different bottles of quality flavouring ...... I drink long blacks, or black V60's only 😄
  9. adam85

    WDT Tool

    Oooh yes, I get to share this again 🤣
  10. adam85

    Dog lovers

    Well, it progressed fast -- but sensibly.... we are to pick up an 8 week Jack Russell tonight; from a brilliant owner in Boston, Lincolnshire (a fair drive away from our East Yorkshire village). We've been speaking to her (and the dog?😅) safely over FaceTime, on many occasions, and have sought long-time advice from her & our local families. We've also both been part of families with dogs, when growing up, which helps. Safe to say Mrs & I are very much looking forward to picking him up, loving & training him -- albeit nothing is a smooth ride!
  11. adam85

    Dog lovers

    This forum has popped up on here, the day my Mrs tells me she wanting us to get our first dog together (she would like a Jack Russell). You all have such amazing dogs 👍 I do miss the day's as a child, with my parents spaniel / collie cross. Great photos!
  12. Ha, that looks a lot 'cool-er' than the kettle I've just bought (above). Agree that they are much better to use on things like a V60. Makes the recommended pouring method easier.
  13. ...oh and this turned up too, for my new Hario etc methods 😄 Won on eBay from Coffee-Hit for a very good price!
  14. Well, my good lady has secretly ordered these for me (us?) from local company Blending Room, here in East Yorkshire. Just been delivered! Not using my machine has much now for my black Americano love -- so using all new beans via my reverted V60 / poor-over passion! 😄 #jonesaddict Have a good weekend all.
  15. Apologies again - just read this!! Have received one of these all-in-one now; but again thank you for the replies Elvan & yourself. Can be closed now. 👍🏻
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