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  1. Yes please. That'd be great - thank you. All the better I am now using more pour over techniques.
  2. Sorry for not replying -- the website usually tells me when there's been a reply via email etc. Thank you for the reply though @elvanbrugen; not pointless at all.
  3. adam85

    Itunes ahhhh

    All new Apple products coming out today 😆 #applefan (Joking aside - never had problems with my Apple products, and what I need them to do)
  4. Evening All. As per title, looking for a HARIO V60 All in One Drip Kit, if anyone has one for sale? That or maybe some V60 (size 2?) kit, so that myself & partner can make use for morning drinks. Thanks in advance if anyone has these for sale.
  5. Too quick for me, who needs one also 😂
  6. My Auntie very very happy to receive her gift today....thank you @MildredM (Not quite a coffee 'addict' like we are on this forum -- instant for her -- but still likes a drink or two)
  7. adam85

    coffee sack

    Fellow Yorkshireman here .... once you chaps have found what you'd like - bag wise ..... if anyone had any other spares, I'd be interested. Only really after 1 (maybe 2)... to cover part of the desk in the garage I'll keep my coffee stuff. Unfortunately due to lock down, can't really go to the local roaster to get one!
  8. A local company is providing the ‘elderly’ with meat from their business. Our neighbour, who lives alone and is in his mid-50’s(?), was visited by them - and left him a large box of mixed meats. Over our garden fence, he caught our attention to explain that he’s not going to want ‘ all of this ‘, and passed us a pork joint he was given. The rest, as they say, is history .... yum.
  9. Morning All, Hope everyone is keeping well (as possible) during these 'crazy' times. I'm looking for advice / help regarding indoor turbo trainer cycling please --- more specifically the software people are using. Over the past month a good friend of mine has lent me his Tacx Flow Smart trainer; something which I had never used before --- and really love it, given I'm a cycling novice! Took advantage of Tacx's cycling app on my MacBook Pro, and have been cycling on it in the garage ever since. I've used some of the app's 3D / Video modes, but to be honest I'v
  10. ...Another excuse for me to show what I made at Christmas 😅😁 In my opinion, works well --- and in this time of lockdown, you've every right to make use of a bottled drink that has a cork to use 🙃 Nice advice chaps!
  11. Some NYC photos we took almost 2.5 years ago. She wanted to change what we had up in the living room, for these we had taken:
  12. Not sure, but given the advice (well, at least image above from the manual) to have the steam arm in that position; you'd be walking around the machine to its side to hold it at 9 o'clock surely? That, or mighty flexible wrists.
  13. Took pictures of the moon ? a few nights before that too. Like I say. Just trying to get back into the camera... make use of my isolated home!!
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