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  1. I hate to think of an L1 left on for long periods. No insulation, just think what all that heat is doing to all the plastic inside the machine. The insulation of the wires, the plastic around the connectors, the Gicar box etc etc. I preheat mine for 45 mins, pull the my shot. Clean the machine, switch it off and drink my coffee. Its coming up for 8 years old and still looks immaculate inside.
  2. When trying an unknown bean I start with DaveC's (Thankyou Dave) basic roast profile. 180 from 0-4 mins(drying phase). 220 from 4-8mins(start of actual roast), 236 from 8- end of roast. Aim to get a good expansion of the bean and distinct 1st crack at about 12 - 13min. End roast about 30sec after 1st crack normally about 13'30". Roast should look even and chaff removed. The first roast of the day goes significantly slower than subsequent roasts.
  3. NickR

    Lever Tip

    If you are getting ugly uneven pours, or pours that just stay at one side of the basket, its probable that you have grease on the inside of your shower screen. I've got into the habit of bunging mine in the dishwasher once a week and whilst it is off, I give the piston a bit of a polish. On an L1 this is a really quick, easy and worthwhile chore.
  4. Thanks all for this thread. I now switch my grinder off when not in use.
  5. Grinders are like computers in that when you first get them, they are a real pain, but after a few months you love them. I imagine you may have started off with a coarse grind and then tightened it up. I used to do this and suffered as you have, clogged grinders. DaveC pointed out that you should start with a fine grind. A coarse grind means loads of beans fill the space between the burrs clogging it, and possibly stalling it. If you have done this you may have to take it apart and clean it up and start again. Rest assured - you have a wonderful grinder.
  6. Great thread, very entertaining - many thanks for taking the time to post
  7. You could consider a Londinium machine. These are made by Fracino. The new R24 is a lot more expensive than a ECM Mechanika but a second hand L1 should be within budget and should prove more reliable and easier to work on. Parts are also unlikely to present a problem.
  8. Another plus to Oatly Barista Edition. I don't miss dairy milk one bit.
  9. Thankyou for posing the question. It's something I've been thinking about for years, and something I can afford to do. My problem is that I'm totally happy with the coffee my L1 makes, but wonder if I would be even happier with a Decent. I take DaveC comments seriously and also wonder about its steaming ability. I've been following the development and watching the videos through the development of the Decent, and love the openness and attention to detail. In the past I've often posted my dislike of complex espresso machines, with a million parts to go wrong, what happens after say, 8 years when things start to fail, things like sensors, valves, connectors, SCR’s, motherboards etc. Will it have any 2nd hand value? If not, then it's a very expensive machine. However, I know I would enjoy using a Decent, so maybe I should just be prepared to write off the cost and buy a new one when the time came. Its a quandary.
  10. I dread the day when the element dies in my L1 - will I be able to get a new one in 30 years time?
  11. NickR


    I often find that without milk flavours are too strong, and like listening to music too loudly subtleties are lost.
  12. Yes I mean "piston seals". The fact that you have done this to no avail is odd, my machine has never had a re occurrence of the fault since replacing them over two years ago.
  13. Hello fellow Kingstonight! I love your modest Castle - you haven't wasted a load of money on a beans to cup machine, you are learning your art the correct and proper way.
  14. The central point of your initial post was regarding cost/taste - my post was an attempt to justify the cost to yourself.
  15. NickR

    Cycling forums

    I commute 8 miles to and from work by bike in London and have done for the past 8 years. If your seeing "10 instances a day where drivers purposefully cut me close or intentionally block my path dangerously", I think you prove my point. Cyclists are ridiculously self righteous. I see about 1 instance a month and then it may or may not be intentional.
  16. I've only recently heard of this place and yet its probably less than 2 miles from my door. They look like they have a serious roastery. They have an Alex lever machine and a 1KG roaster in the window at present. https://coffeebay.co.uk/
  17. How can you be a member of this forum and question if you actually like coffee? The very thought is totally alien to me. As I drink my flat white after a hard day at work, I generally wonder how "normal" people exist without a proper espresso machine. I've never been to a cafe that makes coffee that I like as much as that I can make at home. I love the machine, I love the grinder, I love the preparation and most of all I love the drink. Yes, the machines are expensive, but you use them twice everyday and they generally have a reasonable re sale value, so probably cheaper than a good bike, a camera, motorbike, phone etc. etc. plus the fact that I save money by only buying coffee out on very rare occasions
  18. I'm well known for my hatred of lighter roasting, but was pleasantly surprised by Kiss The Hippo. They do roast quite lightly, but it is done with knowledge and skill.
  19. Its a pity you have had problems with you Francino. However, if you spoke to an Engineer at BB, I'm sure you would find that there are occasional problems with ALL machines, even German ones. In the long-term, reliability is dependent on the number of components in the system, the quality of those components and the workmanship of the assembly. There are very few machines in the class of a Londinium that have fewer parts. Have a look at the components in a Londinium machine and you will see that they are in the main, top of the line commercial grade. I don’t know if Reiss has a special agreement with Francino, but the build quality of mine is beyond reproach. Coming from a (distant) background of Electronic Engineering, I also look at the wiring loom of any machine. The routing, the quality of the wire used and the connectors. It’s not often I say this, but British is best, or at least better than Italian/Spanish. The only problems I have had in 7/8 years of ownership were with seals and I'm pretty sure this has been resolved in the latest machines. Reiss, is always on hand on skype or facetime or simply on the Londinium forum. As I said above, ALL machines will break down at some point. However, ten years down the line, you stand a much better chance of being able to get parts for a Londinium, and fix it yourself than almost any other machine on the market.
  20. The problem is not the source of propulsion, it's the drivers themselves. We have a climate crisis, an air quality crisis, a congestion crisis and an obesity crisis yet over a third of car journeys in London ( and probably the same in most cities) are less than 2Km. About 25% of these will be made in giant, single occupancy SUV's. http://content.tfl.gov.uk/technical-note-14-who-travels-by-car-in-london.pdf
  21. NickR

    Cycling forums

    Agreed. Once a cyclist gets a camera they become (even more) self righteous. Jeremy Vine is a good example. What serious cyclist can be bothered to charge, attach and then review footage from two cameras?
  22. Go on - have a go! I honestly can see no logical, ethical or environmental defense for their existence, help me understand.
  23. I think that its indisputable that all SUV’s are ugly, very ugly. They are an eloquent symbol of man’s gullibility, stupidity, selfishness, and pride. Nothings says so blatantly “I am a climate change denier” and I don’t care a damn about other road users safety or the air they breath. Read this from the BMJ https://www.bmj.com/rapid-response/2011/10/31/psychology-suv-use
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