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  1. NickR

    Saint Greta

    I fundamentally disagree. If someone tells you that your house is burning down, do you question their financial motives? In any case what questions need to be answered ?- there is nothing very murky about Greta Thunberg, even Rebel News has failed to raise any substantial questions. The oil industries support of Trump and other politicians throughout the world on the other hand seems worthy of investigation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fossil_fuels_lobby https://www.ft.com/content/5cec65d8-a481-31bb-972b-291e1704d588 I would not be surprised in the least to learn that Rebel News receives money from the fossil fuels lobby, hence the video trying to rubbish Greta.
  2. NickR

    Saint Greta

    It is a fact that General motors withdraw advertising from the site because of its extremist links. Would Donald Trump answer questions from an Extinction rebellion reporter? The video raised the question of who funds her security team.This can only be a matter of a couple of million a year at most. Probably provided by some philanthropist like Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. The sum is tiny compared to the combined profits of the vested interests of the oil, airline, coal industries. She got a platform at the UN and at Davos. She is not becoming a multi millionaire. Do you think nobody thought to check her background before allowing her to speak?
  3. NickR

    Saint Greta

    Rebel “News” is an extreme far right organisation. It is not an accredited news operation. Indeed the UN denied it access in 2016. No wonder Greta''s minders kept them away. I would not trust anything they say or imply. Even general motors pulled their ads from its site. https://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/ezra-levant-rebel-media-denied-un-media/ https://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/industry-news/marketing/advertisers-bow-to-pressure-to-pull-ads-from-the-rebel/article35181695/
  4. NickR

    Vegan Milk

    I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 30 years, but with the recent rise of veganism, I’ve started to realise that the dairy industry is probably worse than the meat industry in terms of cruelty, and that vegetarianism is not going to achieve anything in reducing this. I’ve tried Alpro Almond Milk and Oatly Barista Edition and prefer the latter. It masked the flavour of an espresso less than Cravendale and makes quite decent micro foam. However, it does taste a bit oaty. Anyone got any better suggestions?
  5. As a long time L1 user I'm sure you know this. I have found that running some steam to get the element on and the boiler up to max pressure before pulling the shot, lowers the bite point considerably.
  6. If you make another batch, please put me on the list.
  7. The seals fitted to my machine from new were never much good. and I replaced them after about a year. The Londinium seals transformed the machine and lasted for about 5 years. The bite point was still good at the end of this time, but they were leaking. I replaced these with Londinium "precision" seals about six months ago. The bite point has never been lower. I've not measured the absolute max shot volume, but the average must be around 40g. I've got some Cafelat ones ready for next time, but I'm hoping that the present ones will keep going as long as the first replacements did.
  8. Good point - but I can't do it either.
  9. I think one of the best things about the L1 is the simplicity. If I owned a more complex machine, after 5 or 6 years I would be getting nervous and would probably be looking to buy a replacement. My L1 is 7 years old and solid as a rock. An L1 isn't just a coffee machine its an heir loom I do occasionally think about replacing it, but realistically, I have a rubbish pallet. Plus or minus 2deg C in brew temp and I won't notice, or at least wouldn't know which was better, so a dual boiler PID would be wasted on me. I hate light roasts, so don't need higher pressure PI The one thing I hate is the vibe pump, so one day I will get an LR ....but the complexity puts me off
  10. I had this exact problem about 6 months ago. Which if I've understood correctly, the group does not heat up to full temperature without a flush. Thereafter, it stays hot. The solution was not obvious. It was not the anti vac valve or anything electrical. It was the group seals, even though they were working fine with regards to pulling a shot. When the machine was left to cool the seals allowed air to enter into the thermosiphon circuit. Replacing the seals cured the problem completely.
  11. Thanks Norvin. I changed my seals about a month ago, using the recommended technique of 2 allen keys. It was a struggle. It occurred to me afterwards that wrapping some thin metal around the piston to stop the seals falling into the grooves, would have made the job alot easier. I was thinking along the lines of some metal from a baked bean can, but your solution is alot better. Next time...
  12. I have a 2nd gen L1 and love it. However the old L1 has a vib pump whereas the LR has a rotary. The L1 sounds like someone shaking a biscuit tin with nails in it whereas the LR sounds like a lift. In terms of coffee, I don't need a better machine, but I'd love a quieter machine.
  13. An incredibly cost effective and very modern setup. Looks terrific.
  14. You could go for an older L1 it gets up to temperature within about 15 minutes. They have the added advantage of only being available secondhand for about 1500 pounds.
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