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  1. Thanks Norvin. I changed my seals about a month ago, using the recommended technique of 2 allen keys. It was a struggle. It occurred to me afterwards that wrapping some thin metal around the piston to stop the seals falling into the grooves, would have made the job alot easier. I was thinking along the lines of some metal from a baked bean can, but your solution is alot better. Next time...
  2. I have a 2nd gen L1 and love it. However the old L1 has a vib pump whereas the LR has a rotary. The L1 sounds like someone shaking a biscuit tin with nails in it whereas the LR sounds like a lift. In terms of coffee, I don't need a better machine, but I'd love a quieter machine.
  3. An incredibly cost effective and very modern setup. Looks terrific.
  4. You could go for an older L1 it gets up to temperature within about 15 minutes. They have the added advantage of only being available secondhand for about 1500 pounds.
  5. Not your fault at all. Its this crazy forum with its crazy threads.
  6. I'm really glad the Algerian Coffee Stores is still going, it's a Soho institution. I used to buy coffee from them in the 80s. The thing is, if the roasting is still the same, they are literary in the dark ages. The beans I used to buy were very dark, with some oil evident. I loved them back then, but nowadays they would be far too dark, even for me. I roast my own beans so can't recommend a good roaster, but I'm sure someone else on this site can. Be aware though, the trend now is for much lighter roasts, you my find them some of them equally unpalatable.
  7. I am the shallowest person I know, and therefore very qualified to judge these machines. I am so shallow that the aesthetics of the Niche preclude it’s entry to my coffee corner. Normally I hate the look of the Vesuvius with its horrible digital display, but your photo’s make it look cool, in fact your pictures make it look highly desirable. From the aesthetics point of view the Vesuvius is an honest machine, form follows function, it’s a very pure machine. The LM is the opposite, the fussy shape, the pretend paddle. Surely the knowledge that this paddle is merely operating a switch would drive you nuts after a while? Then there is the noise when pulling a shot – no competition, the Vesuvius surely wins this one?
  8. £60!!! That has to be the most cost effective upgrade, ever.
  9. Could anyone seriously walk away with an LR? far too heavy for me, I wouldn't get very far.
  10. The Arse mod really does tame the E37. It gives me joy everytime I use it to see the coffee smoothly coming down the shoot, no drama, no clumps, no waste. Thankyou Beanosaurus.
  11. I don't think you have mentioned what type of milk you are using. I find Cravendale full fat milk to be the easiest milk to texture properly - some milk will just not work at all.
  12. OK, OK I admit it, I was wrong. 9 bar would be a ridiculous pressure after half of the levers travel. I should have put something in the region of 7-8, because I was wrongly assuming that the pressure would fall logarithmically. The truth is that the pressure profile of a spring lever machine is linear, meaning half way through the levers travel the pressure will be about 4-5 bar. Pure Hooke's law, nothing complicated, but news to me. [video=youtube_share;PT9cMqsfYN4]
  13. Actually I started this thread, whist idly drinking a cup of coffee whilst contemplating a new machine. My thoughts concerning the pressure profile of the LR occured whilst watching Mildred's video [video=youtube_share;W5GB3KgjV1w] The shot is terminated even before the lever reaches vertical, I just wondered where on the pressure profile had the shot been terminated. These were just idle thoughts not intended to "tug" or antagonise anyone. Have to say I have been disappointed by the aggression and rudeness of some of the responses.
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