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  1. Sorry if this has been done to death before, but my other half and I were discussing caffine content and daily recommended amounts etc. Most sites quote 'an 8oz cup' of coffee having about 100 milligrams which seems a bit meaningless. Give that growing altitude, roasting time, brewing method and acutal amount of beans all make a difference, I don't see how an 8oz cup can mean anything. I did read that 100 grams of beans (roasted) has about 850 milligrams of caffine. So 120 milligrams in a 14 gram double shot measure. Does anyone know how much, approximately, makes it into y
  2. I am using a Pavoni Europiccola, I stretch for maybe 5 seconds, possibly less, spin until 70 C, usually about a minute but never timed it! I do a high pour in first with the bulk of the milk then use the remaining to do my Cactus/Rooster. The brown crema foam just seems very solid...
  3. So today I progressed from 'The Cactus' to 'The Rooster'.... Now you've all stopped laughing, my crema foam seems to be quite rigid and resists the spread of the milk foam, even when poured quite fast, only a small area forms. Sometimes the milk foam just pours straight through and refuses to float at all. Is that due to cheap semi milk or something else?
  4. My 'art' is at the cactus stage! Still it's a lot better than when my foam just sank to the bottom all the time... Will post a pic tomorrow. I did wonder if the spout of the jug makes any difference as mine are quite narrow.
  5. OK, let me know when you are ready. Cheers.
  6. Would you be interested in meeting half way at Exeter, £600 for the Alex Duetto?
  7. Here's mine and my octopus ball funnel modded mazzer Working on an analogue looking electronic group temp gauge instead of the thermocouple. Getting the group cooled down is the tricky part of running one of these machines. After a couple of shots it will be heading above 90 degrees C and you want it at no more than 80. Not sure if adding a finned heatsink will dissipate enough heat. I run cold water over the outside into a jug underneath.
  8. That is a great idea! "To the man cave Batman! Power up the lathe..." Seriously though, the drop out filter is a right PITA. I can't use my knock box. I might well do this mod. Thanks for showing it.
  9. Thanks, it was quite tricky to make. Once you get a feel for lever force vs pressure, it becomes a little redundant, but it shows pre-infusion pressure and also prevents portafilter sneezes! It helped me a lot with learning the machine.
  10. It's a pressure gauge on the piston rod. Currently I use a thermocouple on the group, but I want an analogue temp gauge instead, as it will look nicer! Trouble is analogue temp gauges are slow to react, so I will be trying to make a hybrid...
  11. Home made drip tray and gauge adaptors! To Do: Fix wonky handle. Group temp gauge that looks analogue but reacts as fast as electronic. (pipe temp gauge was too slow...) Cut bottom out of spare portafilter.
  12. I even managed to create this today! Small amounts of milk are foam-able as is own brand semi milk. The Yeo Valley Organic full cream does taste nicer though...
  13. Does brew pressure effect crema colour, or is the colour just down to the coffee bean? Since fitting a pull pressure gauge to my La Pavoni, I have been experimenting with different pressures. I noticed that my crema is coming out more brown than light sand colour and I wondered if this is a function of pressure during the pull or bean roast/type? I think that less pressure (
  14. Problem solved! The single hole tip on my La Pav was too big. (2mm) I put a 1mm hole tip on so I get better swirl and longer to build up a good foam without overheating the milk. I assume that the smaller hole gives higher velocity steam and less heating effect. It now takes twice as long to get to 70C as before but the milk volume increases a lot more than before. I'm getting slightly too foamy foam at the moment (instead of none and froth), but I just need to let a little less air in.
  15. Just need practice I guess. I've watched a lot of vids! I see that you need a good strong whirlpool of milk, to get this, I guess the position of the wand tip is critical. I'm using a small measure of milk in a 300ml jug, probably 75ml. Should I be hearing a change in sound as the milk gets hotter? (with the tip under the surface) Maybe I need to video it and you can all tell what I'm doing wrong!
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