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  1. I've now tried pulling the shot aiming for slightly over a 1:2 brew ratio, coming in at around 35 secs total time. The taste when in a milk based drink is better with no sourness. Given that my previous shots were pretty much bang on 1:2 at around 30 secs with a sourness I could detect with milk, does this indicate it being "under extracted"? Is the fact the shot is running for longer with more water balancing out the taste as it's hard to get my head around there now being more overall coffee vs milk in the drink, yet the taste seeming more balanced. Hope that makes sense!
  2. I'd say there's a sourness there. Tasting both on its own, then with milk. Naturally with milk it's more palatable but still sour undertones. I know this usually indicates this is under-extracted... so grind finer and keep same 1:2 ratio which I guess will mean time being more than 30 secs total?
  3. Thank you all for the replies. I'm guessing then in order to get the pre-infusion time down, keep a consistent tamp but perhaps grind a bit coarser? At the moment I'm getting the 36g in roughly 30 secs including pre-infusion but taste does seem a bit off. Not sure if this makes a difference but I always pull the shot, then steam the milk afterwards...
  4. Afternoon all, A quick question - I'm using a Mazzer Super Jolly grinder and Rave Signature Blend beans. My target brew ratio is 1:2 and I dose 18g. Is there any consensus over how long the "optimal" shot should take to get 36g out, including the pre-infusion time (which for me is 12-13 seconds...is that normal?) ? Thanks
  5. Thanks Banjoman, really appreciate the help. I'll try that and see how I go. We have the exact same set up right down to the Motta Tamper! Out of interest, when you're steaming milk with your DTP, how long do you usually add air at the start before swirling? I'm guessing it will need longer than some of the more powerful machines that are used in tutorials on youtube!?
  6. Sorry for the delay - have been away for a few days. Machine is a Sage Due Temp Pro. I'll usually fill the basket with a ground weight of around 17g then look for around 34g in the cup which takes a total of about 36 seconds at the moment. It takes around 10-15 seconds for the espresso to start coming out (which I include in the total 36 seconds). The actual espresso in the cup looks good with the crema etc but think there needs to be some refinement somewhere!
  7. Yes I think it may well be sourness but my palate is by no means expert! I'm now getting around double the weight out in the cup between 30 and 40 seconds but still tasting pretty nasty on it's own! Would you say it may be worth shooting for a longer shot in that same period of time which might get it less sour?
  8. I'm going through this process at the moment trying to find the right grind setting for my beans. I'm using Rave Signature Blend (roasted on 5th Feb). After finding the zero point have back it off somewhat and them tried a few grinds. Am I right in thinking I need to go finer as I'm getting double the weight of the espresso I've put in, coming out, but it's doing it in about 23 seconds (including pre-infusion time) and tastes very very bitter!? Any suggestions? CHeers!
  9. Have checked the burrs and don't think they are original mazzer as no engraving. They do feel ok, but to be honest I don't really know what OK is in this context! I'm probably going to order some genuine replacements - have seen them on ebay for £20 or so. I'm guessing I'll need to look up about "seasoning" the burrs now!
  10. RSRoss

    New DTP Owner

    Thanks for the responses all. I've spent the past couple of days (whilst waiting for my Rave beans to rest and cleaning my Mazzer SJ) having a practice with the DTP using some pre ground beans. From what I've read so far, most would recommend using the unpressurized double shot basket regardless of whether they are making a drink using one shot or two. If I want to make two single shot drinks and using two shot glasses under the PF should the flow be fairly even between the two? If it's not I'm guessing my tamping needs some attention? I did notice when running water through the group head without the filter that there's a lot more falling from the right hand side. Also am I right in thinking around 18g in the double basket and aim for 36g out?
  11. ha good recommendation, i've seen this mentioned before. Will see if the mrs has an unflavoured one!
  12. Yep I plan on cleaning out the doser, chute and burrs (cocktail sticks and vacuum cleaner!) and also adding the "camera lens mod" in place of the hopper. Have also stuck an m5 bolt in the adjustment collar to aid with moving it. Will look at the other mods too but just want to get it in a useable condition ready for when my beans have been rested sufficiently! Not sure if I'll need to replace the burrs or not, but unsure how to test this without actually grinding beans through! In terms of greasing threads, I'm guessing we're talking where the adjustment collar screws down, and also the threads of the screws in to the burrs, anything i take off in the doser etc but is there anywhere else? I wasn;t planning on mucking around with the bearings or anything at this stage.
  13. It's an 03 I believe - based on the first 2 digits on the serial number from what I've read...is that right?
  14. Some pictures below. The odd chip in paintwork here and there but pretty pleased with it.
  15. Evening all, I picked up a Super Jolly (manual) today...very pleased as it looks in fairly good condition and got it at a decent price Pics to follow tomorrow! My first job will be to give it a clean as it's got a fair amount of old coffee in the doser/chute - will I need to take it apart to do this or is there a quicker way? Also, is there anything else that would be wise to do to get the most out of it (replacing burrs etc) although ideally I'd like to get using it asap! Cheers
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