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  1. Hi, willing to offer £70 if you can drop it off in East London.
  2. Favourites in london: Jacob the angel, Rosslyn, Formative, Grind (soho)
  3. Sold! Please close this thread.
  4. Thanks for the heads up @facboy. @profesor_historia, I wasn't sure of the model as I picked it up ages ago, but if this is the same one as BB then it's aluminium. Will reduce the ask to £7 as I'd just like to see it being utilised rather than sitting in a box.
  5. Hi all, Moving houses and have an extra made in Italy Motta tamper (58mm) for sale. Not sure what model this is but it is entirely made of metal. Condition is used and has scratches and some minor stains at the bottom, though the functionality is not affected whatsoever. Looking for £10, ideally collected from London (Victoria), but could also post if necessary. Cheers!
  6. Hi! May I know what's still available among the rhinoware stuff?
  7. Alright, happy to do £150 if you could drive it down to Edinburgh. If that’s fine with you, we could deal tomorrow? Cheers!
  8. Could you provide further details regarding the condition of the potafilter seal and group head? Also, am I correct to think that this a v3?
  9. You seem to have looked after it really well and I'm keen to give it a new home. I'm based in Edinburgh so if you are happy to take £140 for the lot and the tamper we could get this sorted out by this weekend? Let me know if that's acceptable and we can quickly move to arrange the logistics.
  10. Hi, I'm interested! Does it come with single/double baskets or any other accessories? Cheers
  11. Hi, I'm interested in the Rocket tamper! How's the condition?
  12. Ah interesting. I've often heard of people moving the other way around instead due to the Kalita being more forgiving
  13. Aeropress and friends isn't a very good idea. In fact, a large v60 is probably much more efficient for batch brewing. If you're afraid of breaking it, get a plastic one!
  14. Any point owning both a kalita and a v60? Or are there too much similarities between he two?
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