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  1. Thanks guys . I fully understand now.. So glad I asked.
  2. I used my new 18g VST basket for the first time this morning and couldnt' beleive the improvement in flavour. I did dose more than when using my other basket (18g as opposed to 16g) so not comparing like with like, but still... Wasn't expecting that. Or for the first one to be so spot on. Does the VST basket make that much difference? Or is it as likely to be down to using more coffee (and more output to keep the same ratio)?
  3. A bumper day today looking forward to trying out the new basket. The last one wasn't technically the postie - bought from a local coffee shop
  4. I went on a basic half day course at North Star coffee in Leeds and it was very good. Sounds nothing like the one described. We did cupping and the person taking the course seemed knowledgeable. My only complaint would have been I'd have liked more time actually making coffee, but on a half day course I think that was inevitable.
  5. It's not me catching the virus that is worrying, but this could be...! https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/greater-manchester-royal-mail-worker-17881918 very close to me. What if they can't deliver my beans because all the posties are in self isolation . That wouldn't do at all
  6. Kitkat

    Scales for espresso

    Thanks. That seems a good price so will probably order those.
  7. My advice would be to not overthink it. Look online or visit local roasters and just buy things that have tasting notes which appeal. Don't be afraid to try things outside your comfort zone. If you don't like something, then you knew for next time. If you do, you can look for other beans with similar tasting notes. You won't love everything you buy, but this is supposed to be fun and enjoyable so don't' get too worried about finding the perfect bean right away. Enjoy the journey. Buying a subscription is a good way to try different beans, especially if the beans are from different roasters. I have a sub with Dog and Hat and enjoy trying beans from different roasters that I may not have chosen myself.
  8. Kitkat

    Scales for espresso

    It’s the joe Frex ones I tried to buy from BB but are out of stock. They did recommend the cheaper ones with timer that they sell but those are a bit too big.
  9. I've been after some scales with timer for a while but now that I've dropped my old scales on the floor it's become a bit more urgent. It's doing my head in finding the right ones though and every time I think I've found something they are out of stock. I've got as far as ordering some from bella Bariasta but had an email this morning to say they are out of stock. So putting it out here just in case anyone has any they want to sell. Requirements: Suitable for espresso timer but don't need lots of menus or settings, happy to just start the time manually, slim (to sit on drip tray of Gaggia Classic) - ideally not more than 2cm thick splash proof would be nice but not a deal breaker looking to pay up to £35 - £40 but ideally less Thanks
  10. New toy would have been nice if Redber had thrown in a free bag of beans to make up for their cock up, but I'll get over my disappointment! (They initially sent me a tamper mat by mistake instead of the tamper so now I have to package that and take it to the post office to send it back)
  11. Plot Sweet Jesus at a local coffee shop. Fantastic. The sweetest coffee I've ever tasted.
  12. Kitkat

    Christmas blends

    Thank you. Still not overly enthusiastic about coffee but at least the thought no longer makes me feel nauseous.
  13. Kitkat

    Christmas blends

    I've bought some of the kiss the hippo Christmas blend as liked the sound of that one. Somehow a couple of extra bags of beans appeared in my basket ;) Will report back when I've tried it. Shame there doesn't appear to be a Santa Claude this year. Mind you, I'm drowning in coffee at the moment. I've been ill this week and have gone completely off coffee. Forced myself to have one this morning after a 5 day abstinence. I'm defrosting the freezer due to a new fridge freezer arriving on Thursday so have had to empty that of beans. Still, what better to fill a new freezer with than coffee beans? Sod the turkey.
  14. I choose new beans to try primarily by tasting notes but also allow someone else to pick beans for me via a subscription which can result in finding something wonderful and sampling beans I wouldn't normally go for. Come to think of it, some of my favourite beans have been those that didn't sound like something I'd love. Take North Star Ethiopian. When looking at their website I made a mental note of the beans I wanted to try, based on the tasting notes. Then I visited their shop and tried the Ethipian that was being served in the cafe. This was not on my list of beans to try. But I loved it and it has become a favourite. My advice is to be adventurous and see it as a journey not a destination. You wouldn't eat the same meal every day so why drink the same bean every day? Try something outside of your comfort zone - you might find you love it.
  15. Kitkat

    Christmas blends

    I loved Round Hill's Santa Claude last year. No specifically Christmas notes but peach and frangipane. It was the one that made me realise I liked peach as a tasting note. It's a candidate for best coffee I've ever had. A bit darker than I tend to go for now but I like the sound of Darkwoods Christmas blend - dried cherry sweetness, smooth chestnut flavour, dark chocolate overtones - sounds Christmassy.
  16. Will try finer in the morning . Definitely nothing to lose.
  17. The Nicaraguan from Neighbourhood that was in Dog and Hat's November offering. Really struggling with this one. Not getting any of the tasting notes. Yesterday's was undrinkable. Think I need to go finer. I usually start off aiming for 16g in and 32g out in about 25 seconds and go finer or longer if not to my taste. However it tastes over extracted which makes me hesitant to go finer.
  18. It is working normally this morning. Guess that suggests a loose wire or something that is causing an intermittent problem. I'm really busy this weekend so will leave opening it up to have a look as long as it's working ok. I still could do with someone doing a service and OPV mod although not as urgent now. Does anyone know of someone in Manchester who would come to my house to do this? I could take it somewhere but it's heavy for me to carry. Posting it anywhere is last resort.
  19. I don't think it can be a coincidence that this has happened after I've been messing about with it and tipping it upside down. So hopefully it's just a loose wire. Especially if it seems to be working intermittently. Messing about with the insides of the machine is not really my forte (numb, arthritic fingers and wrists) but when I have time I will have a look and see whether I can see anything obvious that has come loose.
  20. Well this is the state of play: switch machine on and both on and brew lights come on. Machine does not heat up. Water comes out of group ok it's just cold. Flick the steam switch on and it heats up. Switch that off and I have hot water. Random temperature of course but I can then get hot water coming through the group and can make something that passes for coffee. That was the situation up to about 15 minutes ago. So I switch the steam on to get hot water, switch it off when I think it's roughly right temperature and make a coffee. Then the brew light goes out. Then on again. As per normal.
  21. I’m Nero having a double macchiato. See what I’ve been reduced to?
  22. Thanks I'll bear that in mind if I can't find anyone nearer. I'll take a quick look inside tomorrow and see if I can see any obvious wire come loose but might not be easy with the brew thermostat being in a bit of an inaccessible place.
  23. It was working fine this morning. Thought I'd cracked it when it seemed to work earlier this evening. I'm in Manchester. If anyone in the north west could come and do a service that would be great as I don't fancy packing it up and taking it somewhere and definitely not happy to post it anywhere.
  24. That's beyond me. I'm going to have to pay someone to look at it. It needs a service anyway just a pain that I now need it in a hurry and dont' know where to take it. I guess a connection has come loose when I tipped it upside down? When I first switched it back on all seemed well. After a few minutes the brew light came on as it usually does but I always let it heat up for at least 20 minutes. After a good half hour or so I went to use it and found the portafilter didn't seem more than warm. I was able to touch the group and it was just lukewarm as was the water coming out. I was able to get the water a bit hotter by leaving the steam switch on for a while. Now, after being off for a couple of hours, I've just switched it on and the brew button lit up with the on switch right at the start. They come on and off together every time. What does this indicate?
  25. Too hasty. We have a problem. It's nit warming up. Brew light is on but after more than half an hour it's only slightly warm to the touch. Brew light doesn't seem to be going out so guess it's just getting colder and colder. I got some hot water out by using steam switch.
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