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  1. Thanks for bumping this thread. I bought a Motta levelling tool just over a week ago and had been meaning to post about it. I love it so far and it has improved things for me no end. One of my problems was uneven tamping and I was struggling to get it right so I suppose I'm using the levelling tool as a tamper and managing to keep things level by just letting it sit on the coffee and then turning it a few times clockwise. Since I've had it I've had much more consistency. I am not tamping afterwards. The coffee seems to be compressed to the same degree as when I tamp so I think I will get more consistency by just letting the weight of the tool do the job for me. I can't work out how on earth you adjust it though. I can unscrew the top but can't see how to adjust anything. Not that I particularly want to at the moment but I may when I change beans.
  2. It's clearly Dog and Hat day today. I wish I'd ordered some Cat and Cloud. Just because of the name
  3. Received now thanks . Coffee always tests best out of a new cup.
  4. Looks like the d'ancap espresso cups are still available? I'll take those please.
  5. Same here. I had forgotten I had these in the freezer but pulled them out and started them this morning. First shot was a bit quick but cherry, cherry and more cherry which is fine by me. Will try for a bit more chocolate and caramel next time.
  6. Not personally but there are multiple paws in this household. I bear the scars - does that count?
  7. Might have to have one of these.. I have a Motta tamper
  8. Looks promising,. I can't see any thread duplication but that may be because there has been only one reply to threads shown. thanks for this.
  9. Kitkat

    Data Removal

    Well if all else fails we can just turn it into a cat forum
  10. Thanks but what do thei different emojis do? They all just say you reacted to this post? In what way am I reacting?!
  11. I'd have liked this post if I knew how to like it....... This is how I used to view the forum and I can't find a way of doing that now. I don't post much but I read a lot and like to see what's new but don't want to see endless posts in topics that hold no interest.
  12. Ah, the decorative but not always helpful computer accessory. I have been using the same accessory today whilst working from home and it did not help my productivity Although this was mitigated by the stress relieving properties of said accessory (at times) plus easy access to good coffee.
  13. I may need to commission some more towels to use as cat beds......
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