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  1. I never tried cuban coffee but would love to do so in the neeear future...
  2. I have tried an aeropress about 10g for making gellatto before and it works fine.I still achieved the taste I like.
  3. well I like the nano grinder,you can take it anywhere...
  4. the third photo is the same as mine.
  5. mine are chilli,moringga and soursop fruit.
  6. i think it vary on the beans,tr to find the beans that has roasted a bit darker to achiveed the right taste for a cappuccino.
  7. I also received an email from google informing me bout this GDPR law that will take effect this may 25, In my opinion it will affect those site that are collecting personal emails,Ips, it means forums and any other websites are not allowed to collect any personal informations of a persons living from any part of europe.
  8. I agree on this, this is the right attitude if you aim to have a great results, patience is also required though.
  9. we used filtered water at home for brewing coffee.
  10. I go for b,buying my usual beans and grinding it is what I usually does whenever I will be out of town for a weeks or so.
  11. hi there,you can visit my site https://bonnen.dk/ ,i hope we have what you need.
  12. hello and welcome here...
  13. I heard it from a friend that want's her husband to undergo with this,because she wanted to stop getting pregnant after having 6 children.
  14. who is can be help you know to whom the website is registered and the expiration,but for you to get the website updated,you should be the website administrator,if not you just need to wait for the domain to expired and registered it again under your name.that's the least you can do if you never get the chance to have contacts with the web developer.
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