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  1. Cheers. Yes its quite incredible the difference.
  2. It transpires that where I bought the beans are not storing them well and not rotating stock!!!!! Lesson learnt
  3. Hi all Thanks for the help. Sorted it now! It was defo the beans. I bought the same beans but direct from the roasting house. I changed the burr settings back to mid range and the external LCD grind settings and the machine is purring like a kitty! Great double shot that tastes amazing and extraction time is 25 seconds with plenty of range on grind settings to tweak.
  4. It volumetric so pours to 60ml. I also measured by volume to be sure and it was 60ml each time, only it really extracts quickly so the shot is crap. I changed the internal burr settings to 1 (finest) and the dial level on the LCD monitor to 5 and it's now 17-18 seconds.. but still not right. Will try new beans tomorrow as those are 9 weeks old. If that's the case, then these commercial machines rule out your average Joe buying beans from a supermarket as they would surely be months old ??? Or perhaps those people just have under extracted sh*t coffee? It's very frustrating!
  5. I've measured it and it is 60ml each time. Its extracts in less than 15 seconds so the shot doesnt taste good and little crema too. I'll grab some fresher beans tomorrow and have another play about.
  6. Its pre set to 60ml of espresso which is what I like. I couldn't get any more than 18 grams into the basket and sage advise to use the trimming tool which gives me 17-18 grams of coffee. I could change the Internal burr setting down to 1/2 and then have it set at 5 or less but that seems extreme. The beans were roasted 24/10/19, I just looked. A touch old , but not ancient ??
  7. Hi, where did you get the funnel please ?
  8. Hi all I've just bought a Barista Pro and use beans from my local roasting house. The beans were roasted 4 weeks ago. When pouring a shot it is firing out really quick (14-15 secs including pre infusion). The internal burr grinder settings have been changed to 2/3 and the dial grind setting is on 1 so the beans are ground really fine. I've used a sage pro grinder before with the same beans and a different machine with great results so I'm at a loss on this one. I'm using the single wall double basket and have weighed the grounds (18grams) which seems to be the most you can
  9. Hi all I have a scultura espresso machine and get on fine with it. My only slight gripe is that the steam wand doesn't create the best micro foam for latte art and the like. Has anyone managed to upgrade their steam wand to a rancilio wand? I see advice for other models but nothing specific to the Scultura. Any help would be welcomed. Thanks
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