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  1. Thanks all. El carajillo has been sending me advice and it appears the heating element is the problem as it is offering no resistance even though it should be.
  2. Borrowed a multimeter and I think tested the heating element which as I read it is OK. Not sure where to next.
  3. No obvious water inside or wires touching the case. I guess I need to find a testing meter next. A photo in case this triggers anything.
  4. Fantastic stuff, thank you, time to open it up and see if any of these things show up then borrow a test meter if I can.
  5. Right here goes... I have zero experience taking apart my rancilio but think I am going to need to. I turned it on yesterday morning and immediately it flipped the breakers for the socket. I changed fuse on the plug and gave it another go. Same result. There was nothing different to normal about yesterday and I hadn't even had the machine on for a period of time to warm up. It is a standard machine with no mods. I bought it second hand 2 years ago and it had very little use when I received it. I use it mainly at weekends, I regularly descale it and use filtered tap water. Any ideas on where to begin would be great. I have standard tools but no electronic specific ones. Cheers Joel
  6. @russe11 are you selling this or is it @IanP ? I understood that IanP's one is sold
  7. Hello I am looking to upgrade from my Rancilio Silvia to something a bit more special. I am ideally after a well looked after 2nd hand machine which has dual boilers and probably with an E61 group head. I am based in North Essex so can travel most places close to the M25 for pick up. Thanks Joel
  8. Hi Ian I could be interested as I want to upgrade to a dual boiler. Can I just confirm that this is all set up for tank rather than plumbed in and the accessories that you have in the picture. I am based in North Essex so pick up should work out ok. Thanks Joel
  9. too late for me? sorry no forum time. @DavidBondy let me know when you are ready to sell
  10. @coffeechap sorry I have taken a while to get back, I am still keen - any idea on postage?
  11. I am definitely interested in this, is everything that is required there?
  12. I have just returned from 5 years living there and I agree completely with your assessment of their flat whites!
  13. Took some inspiration from kiwi coffee shops we used to frequent! Still some work to do on the right extras for proper coffee but slowly getting there
  14. That is a shame, did you end up with another PID?
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