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  1. I hear ya. Might pickup a bag for myself. [emoji16]
  2. That’s my local! Lovely bunch of folks they are, too. But why can’t you mention a roasters name on a coffee forum?! I can’t even
  3. Cool, that’s fine. If you tell me it’s nothing but morbid curiosity only then I’ll take your word for what it is. The reason why I queried it was due to the oddly specific nature of the questions, rather than a broad strokes kinda question, you see?
  4. Yes, I did, because it’s impossible for me to know if you actually do or don’t. I have zero way of knowing what you write is impartial or not, I presume you have inherent bias towards particular things you’ve worked on, say. That’s pretty typical human behaviour, right? Not sure why you’re being so defensive about it, was merely asking a pretty straightforward question. So, if I were to post a topic like this and my background were in coffee related production, I’d make it quite clear from the offset that what I was saying has pure self interest and nothing more. If it were me. I can’t spea
  5. Not accusing you of anything, merely stating my feelings when I read your post: that it made me wary in replying. You work with companies testing and developing coffee machines and grinders and so forth, if I’m not mistaken? I’ve seen numerous threads and videos of you doing so. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong or have gotten the wrong end of the stick here, but your original question and background is what concerned me. Simple.
  6. Just going by your background and vested interests in number of products and companies? That’s all, really. It’s just how it comes across to me. Seemed an odd way of asking those particular questions!
  7. Why do I feel this topic reads as an ad? Is my input here being used for company research? Genuine question, cause the line seems awfully blurred. Or is that just me? PS: I pick up coffee related stickers from the world over, never put them on my Oscar though.
  8. They went back on sale 2 days ago, which is when I put my order in. Have they gone OOS now, I take it?
  9. Ah, that’s a shame. I’m not shocked on the Italian stuff (I’ve been trying to buy some French pans recently: it’s impossible) but I figured as Timemore is from the Far East it wouldn’t be quite as affected! I know shipping rates have gone up massively lately, so maybe it’s that. I’ve placed an order though - looking forward to it!
  10. Oh, huzzah! Guess I'll pop my order in then, haha. Appreciate the prompt reply!
  11. Ah, appear to have missed this! Do you have any idea when these might come back into stock?
  12. Open to offers on the Handpresso. [emoji846]
  13. Moved to PM. Intense portafilter now SOLD.
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