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  1. As @El carajillo mentioned, the larger adaptors were extremely tightly screwed, but in the end I managed to remove them and install both joysticks: For those wanting to proceed with something like this, as @RikA mentioned, you will also need the conversion kit. https://www.drtradingshop.nl/a-59807670/onderdelen-expobar/stoom-waterkraan-met-push-bediening/#description https://www.drtradingshop.nl/a-59807930/onderdelen-stoomkraan/ombouwkit-stoomkraan-met-push-bediening/#description You will also need in addition to adjustable wrench, the following wrenches:
  2. (I'm a rookie) So I have been trying to unscrew 1 but is like almost impossible... And I do no want to damage the chrome. I guess I need to figure out a way to unscrew it as I was not sure if it was meant to unscrew... Thanks!
  3. I just got the joysticks from DR Trading but I am at a loss, does 1 come out and 2 goes in? With 1 in it does not fit through the front of the case hole or connect to the copper piping. I think I am doing something very wrong or the wrong parts have been delivered as I have been unable to unscrew 1...
  4. I sent this recording to the shop - https://youtu.be/3aiXePUlA0o - (which is near the end) of the tank filling up the first time since getting back from them. I was told that as the machine was completely drained, the pump had to work extra hard to get water in the tanks as it had air in etc. The video I posted in the previous post, that's after I filled the boiler, then emptied it, turned it back on and allowed it to fill up. Though it doesn't sound any weird when pulling shots or when the pump is running now that it has been filled. I guess that's the way it is!
  5. Hi @DavecUK thank you very much for the prompt reply and putting my mind at ease! My only experience so far with espresso machine has been with a Magimix L'Espresso & De'Longhi Dedica EC680 at home, then over the last 2 years a Vibiemme Mercury 2 at work so as you can imagine when moving to the prosumer market all of these things are new to me and not having a baseline for reference what is normal and what isn't, is difficult. I do understand that the Crem do not have the best high quality finishing touches on their machines which is reflected in the price of course (compared to Rock
  6. So I received the machine back and maybe is just me but it doesn't sound when first turned on and the pump is working. I know that a vibration pump is loud and all compared to a rotary one, but surely I don't remember it being this bad?! When pulling a shot it sounds fine... [video=youtube_share;Mh5KJnr-vfQ]https://youtu.be/Mh5KJnr-vfQ Is it also normal for the pressure adjustment valve to "move around" after a service - before (https://i.imgur.com/8dEMm3w.png) and after (https://i.imgur.com/CBAvn72.png) ...Though it could all just be me. I am just seeking second opinions
  7. Great insight. As of 2 weeks ago, this is my exact setup (though had to send the Brewtus back due to leakage - https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?42543-Will-Opening-Void-Warranty). Can you please share your thoughts/findings with the Vario & Brewtus? I am having some difficulties getting the Vario dialled in just right. What setting range have you found to work best for espresso?
  8. Was my generic "Thank you very much for the input" not good/specific enough for your liking? Anyhow, thanks all for your advice.
  9. Thank you very much for the input. For what is worth Crem international support have been great with offering advice and troubleshooting so I cannot fault them there. I asked the supplier to collect it and repair it. Fingers crossed!
  10. Some background: I only use the machine in the weekend (Saturday & Sunday) for only 2 lattes in the morning and 2-3 espressos in the afternoon, after which it is turned off For the second time, I noticed water under the machine on Sunday late afternoon - albeit this time was just a few drops Machine was turned on all day from 8AM until 5PM Steam boiler was turned on between 8AM and 1PM, after which I turned it off I am not sure if the water is related to the steam boiler being turned off. @espressotechno I shall try that ASAP and report back. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the input! I reached out to the manufacturer (Crem) with the inside photos and I will be waiting for them to see what they come back with. I also sent out to the distributor/seller the first photo when it first happened before I opened it up, who promptly informed me with "I think the drops water are from the vacuum valve and it's normal." Hence my confusion and sanity check requirement...
  12. Will the warranty be void on a Expobar Brewtus IV if I take the case off to see if I have a leak? I am a bit worried that as I took the casing off to take some photos I inadvertently voided the warranty. I received the machine 2 weeks ago and used it a few times (weekends), and twice now I have noticed a little bit of water under the machine at the back. After the first time, I emailed Crem and they said it could be leak or something else but they couldn't say anything more from the photo I sent them of under the machine. When it happened again I immediately took the case off and n
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