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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, interestingly their custom blend includes Kenyan.
  2. Does anyone have bean recommendations that accentuate the creaminess of a latte? I'm a fan of FIX COFFEE's (in London) latte if anyone's had experience reproducing this at home.
  3. Thanks for all the responses, I think I've come to my sense. I do have my heart set on a La Marzocca so I think the Mini is a solid choice - budget is around this price. Also got a few opinions from some electrician mates and running a old 3 phase La Marzocca Linea 2 GRP is non-trivial on domestic leccy.
  4. Good points; I'll think I'll keep looking, maybe the Linea Mini hmm
  5. Linea 2 GRPs are often for sale at reasonable prices second hand; I'm guessing the electric / space requirements make them a no go for home operation?
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