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  1. For anyone who may come across this in the future, hasbean actually have their recipes in the 'cupping information' for their beans....
  2. @MildredM Are you a regular Hasbeaner?
  3. Although this thread is 3 weeks old.... Here is my take.... Get a 15% new customer discount for Rave and buy a few kilos of their Signature Blend. Their signature blends is a dead basic middle of the road coffee... Super smooth in milk and pretty forgiving IMO. Pull it at 1:2 in around the 30 second mark and you can't go far wrong. If you want to experiment with it then you can play around with the ratio but if I were you I'd simply stick at 1:2 (or maybe just a little more) with it and play with you grind and decide if you prefer pulling it faster or slower.
  4. Could anyone who is familiar with Hasbean coffees please give me a heads up on any brew ratios they find favourable for there Blake, Jailbreak and Jabberwocky blends. I have just received a starter pack from them after enjoying a blend they produced for a coffee shop I visit occasionally. I have a general starting point for everything that I buy but because I only have 250g of each blend I figured it would be good to ask if there are any opinions out there.
  5. This is a great deal. I am currently working my way through sweet bourbon, Jampit hit & med mocha... OP if I were you I would get this offering but just a get one type so you get a full 1.5kg to dial in with. As far as single dosing....hmmmm. Well you need to try and get a weight on the beans as they grind. Not sure how practical that is for you. What is the retention on the atom? My take, just put up with the retention. The quality will be better and you will for sure get a tighter particle distribution across the ground dose. If you are single dosing it’s probably worth mixing the dose in a cup before putting it in the basket too.
  6. For those of you with a significant other who does not appreciate coffee grounds over the counter.... This is a pizza tray from the pound shop. Works well... a bit large but tbh grounds seem to get everywhere so maybe bigger is better here! Happy wife, happy life... & all that jazz!
  7. 4 hours to kill... they have 4 grinders running different beans, one drink per hour? Take a good book!
  8. Perfect! I don’t know about parking but I do know there is a big Tesco’s right there so you could kill 3 birds with one stone. Service the sewing machine, coffee & a quick shop! Make sure to grab a bag of their house blend... Super sweet & smooth. Not my usual drink but really enjoying it. Too much coffee today! A latte for breakfast, follows by a flat white 15 mins later (couldn’t help myself) then a cap at lunch at this place & then another cap when I got the beans home to try out then a split shot drink to round the day off with the wife! Dosed 21g in > 46g (2.2 ratio) out in 40 seconds was great! These beans for sure sit low in the basket... That’s a 20g VST & I think I could quite easily fit another gram or two in to take me up to my usual ‘fill level’... Medium roast so a little more dense than the darker stuff I have been having from coffeecompass.
  9. Was working in Beeston today in Nottingham & decided to pop into Greenhood coffee shop. Had a Cap with their house blend & it was great. Decided to pop back in to speak to the owner Rory & see if they sold their own blend, which they do. Their house blend for milk drinks is roasted by Hasbean. I have picked up a bag to have a play with. Really nice place. Rory seems like a nice guy. I asked him how to pull it he said 18in 40out in 30+ seconds. 3 x mythos,1 x ek43 in the shop. No messing! It has been mentioned before but IMO worth the should out again. Check it out if you’re in the area!
  10. If actually go so far to say if your not a dark roast kind of person to actually keep the H&V just to play around with it as something different. The mahogany Jampit hit (not your version) is a very dark & oily offering from coffee compass & I love it. To begin with I wasn’t treating it rite & the results were not so good. I went through most of a kilo grinding & pulling it the wrong way. The H&V is a mahogany roast. I have not tried it but I probably will on my next order & will treat it like the Jampit to begin with. Grind it fine & pull it short & slow. A ratio between 1:1 & 1:1.5 in 35-45 seconds.... gloopy goodness in milk. You can break ‘the rules’ a bit with these darker roasts IMO.
  11. U sure u just haven’t played about enough & found the best way to pull it?
  12. Out of interest why are you giving two away? & by giving them away do you mean selling them on... If so & you do decide to get rid of the H&V I’d be interested.
  13. Well whatever you do don’t give that Jampit away. I’m sure @dfk41 can explain why!
  14. I had the barista express (pretty much the same grinder as the one we’re talking about) & now have a mignon specialita & a Mazzer Mini e. Although the barista express served me well & the grinder was fine for what it was I don’t think I would choose to buy that grinder outside of the barista express body... hope that makes sense. Mazzers are floating around all over the place and if you can keep your cool & hang out for a bit you will find one at a good price. & I mean a bargain if you can wait for the rite one. There are less minis about & they tend to go for more money so if you want a bargain look for a super jolly. Grind retention is a bit higher on the un-modified mazzers & people mess about with them a lot to find ways around this. I played around & spent (wasted) a lot of time & have now just accepted that the Mazzers are a bargain & purging 10p of grinds if I really want to is not exactly a big deal. The lens hood mod is great for single if you want to go that way.
  15. Does anyone know if it is possible (without too much faffing about) to add the ‘portafilter dosing switch’ to a mazzer e type grinder (mini a)? I am referring to the push button that you hold in with the portafilter to engage the motor. The type that is on the mazze lux d grinders made for La Marzocco. I figure the hole is there ready for the button... could it work in conjunction with the current electrical dosing set up? @coffeechap @jimbojohn55
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