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  1. Good to see your mara responds in a similar way to the appartamento (based on the readings)... I think this comes down to basic physics really. E61's all weigh about the same, boiler temps are about the same, flow rate is about the same. YMMV but the overall concept is the same for e61 HX machines.
  2. Ok, so this is a long shot.... but.... Do you stir your crema into your espresso when you drink it straight up? Do you stir your crema into your espresso when you make a milk drink? I ask because the though popped into my head of how my wife drinks a coffee which I find somewhat frustrating (even though it is none of my buisness, I suppose marriage will do that to you)... Whenever my wife drinks a coffee, latte for example, she will slurp the 'foam' off the top almost immediately. Before 1/4 of the drink is gone all the foam will be gone. I will have an ident
  3. Can any SDB owners comment on the consistency of the volumetrics of the machine when in volume mode rather than time. How consistent is the shot volume once you have set it up? Has anyone done any testing?
  4. You can do the same thing with flushing. The flush and wait method will be the most accurate but it will use a lot if water (on my machine that could be over 200ml of water). To me this is more ludicrous. Fyi I just have a small rechargeable fan, sit it on top of the machine and it blows over the group. I then remove it. Nothing is attached. Another way to cool the group could be to insert a cold portafilter with a bit of cold water in a blind basket and perform a couple of back flushes.
  5. The e61 HX machine is fairly old technology and considering its age it does a really good job of getting you into the ballpark for espresso. Remember when the e61 was first made and for a long time it was probably being used in commercial machines where shots were being pulled back to back. This creates a routine and the machines settle into a consistent temperature when used like this. Being left for 30-60 mins and only putting one shot or maybe pulling one and then another just after doesn't create this consistency hence the need for a group head thermometer. My routi
  6. This is a good point and this is basically what the mara x is doing but just in an automated process.
  7. So your DB e61 machine would likely be easier to create a consistent routine with as there are less variables. I good warming flush prior to your first shot may help to make the machine as consistent as it can be. An e61 HX requires the opposite, it would need to be cooled down. If by 'maintain temps' you mean from shot to shot that will depend on target brew temp, boiler pressure, ambient temp and time between shots. All of these this influence a DB e61 but these factors will be less influential as the DB creates a more stable starting point to being with.
  8. Just to be clear. I am not saying you cannot have control over brew temps on any e61. PID or PSTA you can have great control... The PIDis just a means to controll the boiler temp. You could do the same with a PSTAT. If you matched boiler temp on identically plumbed PID and PSTAT machines I'd bet your testing would produce almost identical results. This is where a PID makes things more convenient.
  9. Can you just clarify what you are asking exactly. I will do my best to share my experience in my machine.
  10. Based on the testing that I have done I would disagree that a PID will enable you to "get different temperatures easily". A PID will allow you to conveniently adjust boiler temp, which is more convenient than using a PSTAT but both are achieving the same thing, changing the boiler temp/pressure. Any claims from manufacturers that a PID somehow makes an e61 HX able to produce more accurate brew temps or somehow eliminated the need for some kind of cooling flush or group head calling is just not true. If a manufacturer adds a PID and changes the plumbing to a machine
  11. Yeh, that is what I am referring to when talking about a group head thermometer.
  12. Without a group head thermometer on an e61 HX machine your stabbing in the dark as far as temperature management is concerned. If you want to be able to get accurate and consistent temperatures out of a machine and dont want to fit a group head thermometer to an e61 HX machine I would avoid an e61 HX machine unless you go for the Mara X which will sort of do this for you.
  13. Hi, only discovered this thread today and read through it. Is this really the extent you have to go to with a HX machine? Well this was the extent that I decided to go to since I was frustrated with not knowing what was going on. You wouldn't need to go to this extent now, just read this thread. Having just sold my dual boiler I’ve been considering a HX machine as I’ve never had one. I figured I had to make sure to give it at least 30mins to heat up, pull a shot and then flush for 4-5 seconds if I wanted to pull another shot. Is this not the case? That's not a simple question t
  14. To get accurate and consistent brew temps on an e61 HX machine you will need some method of monitoring the temperature of the group head. A group head thermometer is easy to buy and install and I wouldn't reccomend a e61 HX machine without one unless your happy to guess shot temps and have large swings. Do all HX machines need a cooling flush?..... That's going to depend. If you do not plan to use the steam you could certainly tune a HX machine to not require a flush by dropping the boiler pressure to a point that will put the group head where it needs to be. Bear in mind the recov
  15. Really late reply, not been here for ages... Your results are almost exactly what I would expect based on my own testing. Your machine being set to 1 bar enables it to brew a 'flatter' profile at 91c because the initial rush of water at the start of the shot it cooler in comparison to say water from a 1.3 bar boiler. The HX hump is affected by the HX water temp, average brew temp is determined by group head temp with this method. If you're happy at 1 bar keep it there. You will get flatter temperature profiles, but you will also have less steam power & slower recovery times. Set
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