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  1. I say fair play to him. Joe Wicks has built his business and brand from nothing and I think guys like him deserve all the recognition and money they get. He built himself up on a very competitive platform (Instagram) and is now a millionaire many times over I am sure. Although his methods are basic and nothing ground breaking ie. Cook nice food at home, manage portion sizes and do basic exercise multiple times per week his approach and the way he has managed to deliver and engage people is ground breaking. Joe Wicks is doing in general exercise what Jamie Oliver did for school dinners. You may dislike him Dave, I personally don't have an opinion TBH but I would say that this time he isn't in it for the money (he doesn't need to build a bigger brand through this).... I'd bet he just thinks he can help by doing what he was already doing. If I had that platform I'd do the same. No one has a platform quite like JW for delivering this, he has basically being doing this already but it is only because the media have decided to jump on it to help spread his reach even further that it has become bigger than ever. I am a 'key worker', my wife is a teacher on a 1 in 14 rota so she is stuck at home on her own with two under 3's every day pretty much (hard f'ing work right now) ... She does the PE lesson every day with the kids and they love it. Routine is great for the kids and in times like this it is even more important. Do the PE class tomorrow at 9am Dave, you never know, you may enjoy it!
  2. I have just ordered some mystery 12 along with malabar hit and the Inuza Cauca. I am only just realising how great mystery 11 is, I have been pulling it out the freezer for a week or so and really love it, more so than my original tasting. Unfortunately I only have about 500g left now. Richard said 12 is completly different so we will see.
  3. I will bear you in mind but for now it's not going this low.
  4. @mwjb completly agree.... As we have discussed water a little I was looking forward to this review. Expecting him to say the best option was to go for the zero and then make up a simple concentrate for hardness/alkalinity or add tap back in (which is basically what the peak does)... Disappointing I suppose.... I think I am at the end of my tether with limiting my HX flushing because I am conscious of wasting bottle water.... I think I am going to end up getting a zero and making a concentrate of bicarb/mg.
  5. 20g ridgeless fits in my rocket double PF. I'm sure that at the time of searching around BB told me the 22 also fitted. I'd double check though. What size do you want to put in? I have a 20 but use a 15 now mostly. Unless you really want to pull massive shots, large ristrettos or want to split shots into 2 drinks with a larger shot in each cup you will be fine with a 15/18/20 take your pick.... What size are your cups? Are we talking straight espresso or milk based drinks?
  6. Sorry the app doesn't notify me when people reply... For not this is a no.
  7. If it was faculty I have had good drinks there but the last time I went and ordered a cappuccino it was pure sour... Not fruity but sour... Like so bad I would sink it at home for sure and make another (which is rare). To cafe was busy too so a lot of people were getting served this.
  8. Yeh that's fine. Maybe you are not willing to pay as much as others, who knows. Considering the old mignons which in comparison are crap sell around the £200 mark I feel this isn't priced too far out of reality. Well looked after, all original packaging, transferable warranty, desirable colour etc... Anyway, thanks for the BUMP
  9. You're welcome to make an offer....
  10. I am aware of the price of these. FYI the price from Machina Coffee is £355 when you go to checkout. I am offering this for £290 delivered now so that is almost 20% off the machina coffee price which I don't think is unreasonable (maybe I am wayy off the mark) would be £280 if collected from North Birmingham.
  11. Dropping this to £290 for anyone interested
  12. Yeh of corse its a starting place. Although I still think it is valuable info. For example if hasbean reccomended to pull one blend at around 1:1.5 and another at 1:2.5 for example it gives you a good relative idea. I did find that I dialed the jailbreak in as per the recipe and as soon as I 'hit the numbers' the drink became super smooth and milk chocolate just poured through in milk. So for me the jailbreak recipe worked well.
  13. 15g VST basket.... I hope your Puck prep is immaculate. This thing is for sure less forgiving than my 20g VST. Not a bad thig, it forces you to up your prep game!
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